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The impact of the foreclosure crisis has led Fannie Mae to the conclusion that it needs to have a presence on the front lines. The company will be opening offices in California and Florida to be close to the areas with large inventories of foreclosed properties. From the August 8, 2008 Fannie Mae...
When a person stops to look at the information you've posted on your window, you've piqued the interest of someone who wants to know more about real estate.  That person may end up being your next client.  So what are you posting on your office window to attract the potential buyer or seller? We'...
Excuse my rant, but what are the upper echelon at Harrah's thinking with this new format? "So when we're down to the final table, let's WAIT for months, document the lives of the players in the meantime, and THEN start up again. It's new. It's fresh. It's happening. The kids will love it!" Huh? W...
It might not be a new fashion trend, but Freddie Mac has issued a press release on August 11, 2008 stating: "in the second quarter of 2008, 97 percent of prime borrowers who originally had a 1-year conforming adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) chose a new conforming fixed-rate mortgage when they refi...
Okay, okay!  Maybe not the best news, but silver linings are surely everywhere since so many of us are hunting them down.  Here’s one that may be common sense to many, but is often overlooked. Current homeowners may be disappointed with declining home values in their areas, but they can take sola...
I’ve been working with a client who seemed adamant about owning a single family residence. As we went through his selection criteria, he was a bit hung up on avoiding a condominium. A lot of people do not want to consider the prospect of owning a condominium for a variety of reasons: HOA fees whi...
There can be nothing more satisfying than helping out a stranger in need. If you didn’t know it, there is a local Riverside chapter of Habitat for Humanity. According to the International foundation’s main website, “Habitat for Humanity International seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homeles...
I found this upcoming listing very newsworthy. The former home of the Hughes H-4 Hercules, best known as the “Spruce Goose,” is coming up for sale in the Playa Vista/Marina Del Rey area.  Reports say the price tag of the large hangar which is adjacent to the Playa Vista condominium development wi...
The 2008 Summer Olympic Games begin today.  Though there will be the non-stop coverage of the tiniest squabbles related to political differences, the spirit of the games will rise above philosophical differences so we can celebrate the world's top athletes competing for their countries. Southern ...
It goes without saying that we're all facing a number of challenges in the market right now.  Sellers think their homes are still worth prices paid in 2005 & 2006.  Buyers think home prices will keep dropping and, thus, make them more affordable. But one reaction to current market prices makes me...

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