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As somebody who is a regular user of spreadsheets, I like it when people discover new ways to use Excel.  Here is a simple chart with some nice features added to make it more attractive.I have been asked over and over again how I do my graphs in my market reports. It was too hard to type out inst...
Jack Solloway shares some important tips about managing Internet leads.  It looks like his experience will have a positive ending.  I think everybody is aware of his first rule.  But his second one can make a big difference in the outcome.Internet leads can be hazardous to your health. Between Ja...
Nothing to buy - no kits to distribute - no orders to take - no deliveries!  Just put out the word in your newsletter or normal means of communication with your members and supporters.  Read on... How about a simple fundraiser for a change? Are you ready for something different from the tired wor...
So just what is hyPRcast?  It has been described as a social network, but when you get beyond the surface it goes far beyond that.  It is like a Swiss Army Knife of free online tools (including a free WordPress website) that can help any business or organization get their message out. I have hear...
Do you have a hyPRcast account yet?  If not, why not?  It is powerful system to help build a business and the price is right (FREE!)  Even power users who would benefit by a PRO upgrade would find that it provides a ton of benefit at a low cost. Need some reasons to sign up?  Here are a few: Put ...
Kathy Streib likes to share some of the things she has recently learned here on Active Rain. This is a re-blog of the post she made today. It has a variety of topics. Feel free to go back to her original page to make any comments. I Learn Something New at ActiveRain Every Day and It's Time I Show...
Michael George has come up with an interesting article about the optimal reading level for content on the Internet.  If you have comments, please post them back on his original post.We all know that good content is crucial to SEO or search engine optimization.  Well, I recently ran into a very un...
hyPRcast has been identified as many things.  It has been called a hybrid between social media and a powerful array of online tools.  But one of the things that is included is a free website.  The website is WordPress-based so it can be used as a website and/or a blog.  And you can update your si...
What is hyPRcast? hyPRcast is a new online resource that is a hybrid between social media and an impressive array of free online tools to help businesses and organizations get their message out.  You will probably be hearing more and more about this resource as it grows. Imagine one site that ha...
The US National Debt is closing in on 16 trillion dollars.  For a person who was born in late 1980 (31.7 years ago) they have achieved the ripe old age of one billion seconds.  When comparing the national debt at that time to the current national debt, the increase has been about 15 trillion doll...

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