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Have you ever noticed how food affects people? A slice of Fresh Strawberry Pie with a layer of luscious cream cheese can bring a smile to the grumpiest person on a hot summer day. Or how about piping hot Fresh Apple Pie with a huge scoop of Dulce de Leche ice cream on the side? Did I make you smile? Manna from heaven! As we read in the book of Exodus, God supplied manna to His people as they traveled to the Promised Land. Today, God still provides for both our physical and spiritual needs. That leads to the reason for starting this blog, Sweetness from Heaven. It is a way to combining my two passions: Baking and Bible Study! My posts will include recipes here and there in between thoughts and questions about the Bible, possible restaurant recommendations, and whatever random ideas go through this crazy brain of mine.



I found a gem while exploring Valparaiso, Indiana last week tucked away past the Butterfly Meadow located on Campbell off of Bullseye Lake Road.  If you drive past the playground in the parking lot you will come to Valparaiso's Service Memorial dedicated to servicemen, firemen, and policemen who ...
If a good steak is what you are looking for in Valparaiso, Indiana, then Kelsey's Steak House is the place to go.  As you can read on their link, Kelsey's has been making great steak in Indiana since 1987.  Located at 2300 Morthland Drive off of I30, all you have to look for is Howie out in front...
I know this is going to be hard for many of you to believe and sit down now if you have to but.........Not Everyone Has Heard of Valparaiso, Indiana!  See I told you it was going to be hard for you to believe.  Even worse, I had no idea that Valparaiso, Indiana even existed until my husband was h...
The South Shore train in Northwest Indiana is used by many not only to commute to work but also for fun adventures into Chicago and other parts of the world.  One of the adventures in downtown Chicago leads to a Chocoholic's Dream:  Ghirardelli and Hershey! How can you go wrong with Ghirardelli a...
Up until 5 years ago, music was a major part of my life.  This is one of the reasons I enjoyed living in Houston for so many years.  We had the Houston Symphony, chamber orchestras, theatre, Theatre Under the Stars and so much more.  Now, living in Valparaiso, Indiana, I have Chicago and the Chic...
I am such a foodie!  I like cooking food, baking, giving it away, and most of all, I enjoy eating food.  One of my favorite restaurants in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana is Restaurante Don Quijote located at 119 E. Lincolnway. Restaurate Don Quijote offers authentic Spanish food from the the classi...
The Women's Ministry of Faith Evangelical Bible Church in Valparaiso, Indiana presents "Anxiety and Old Lace" on Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 12:30pm.  Ladies, bring your friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas, aunts, and second cousins twice removed (as long a they are female) to a fun-fil...
One of the most fun places for children in Valparaiso, Indiana is Butterfly Meadows and Caterpillar Crossing.  A playground designed by Little Tykes for ages 2 thru 11, Butterfly Meadow is located on the northwest side of Valparaiso on Campbell off of Bullseye Lake Road.  Behind the playground is...
As I was reading through blogs on AR yesterday morning I came across Susan Brown's post on the Great American DineOut.  Restaurants across the United States are donating part of their profits to help end childhood hunger in America.  Since my family goes out to eat on occasion, I decided to find ...
Today I suddenly realized that I've gone and done it!  "What have you done?", you might be asking.  Well, I'll tell you even if you didn't ask! All through our moves around the country, I've had a pet peeve.  People don't seem to get out and experience all the fun and beauty around them.  Things ...

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