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Have you ever noticed how food affects people? A slice of Fresh Strawberry Pie with a layer of luscious cream cheese can bring a smile to the grumpiest person on a hot summer day. Or how about piping hot Fresh Apple Pie with a huge scoop of Dulce de Leche ice cream on the side? Did I make you smile? Manna from heaven! As we read in the book of Exodus, God supplied manna to His people as they traveled to the Promised Land. Today, God still provides for both our physical and spiritual needs. That leads to the reason for starting this blog, Sweetness from Heaven. It is a way to combining my two passions: Baking and Bible Study! My posts will include recipes here and there in between thoughts and questions about the Bible, possible restaurant recommendations, and whatever random ideas go through this crazy brain of mine.



It's back for the spring semester!  Do you enjoy reading and trying your hand at writing poetry or short stories?  Do you look forward to a book reading?  Well, then this is the perfect thing for you to attend: Wordfest at Valparaiso University. Sponsored by the English Department and Cultural Ar...
Pamela Cendejas consistently puts out such invaluable information on her blog.  Here is just one example.  If you are not familiar with Pam yet, take some time to read through some of her posts and you will learn lots!   For comments on this post, please to Pam's site so she will get points on h...
If you have ever been owned by a cat, you know that they enjoy getting into things - suitcases, cabinets, drawers, and boxes!  We are fortunate to be allowed to share the home of 3 adorable, lovable cats.  They keep our lives interesting. Occasionally, they send us to CostCo to get boxes for them...
After days of cold, clouds, and snow, there is beautiful sunshine in Valparaiso, Indiana this afternoon!  Sunshine is streaming in my windows.  The snow on the ground is glistening against the sunshine.  There is just something about sunshine that helps brighten the day. It seems to energize peop...
You have found your dream home.  Good for you!  But before you sign all the paperwork, take a step back.  Take some time.  Are you getting lost in your dream?  STOP and take a dose of reality! Don't get lost in your dream home! The real estate market is in a constant state of change.  Regulations...
One of the most fun and enjoyable things for me to do is bake!  Over the years, I have given away lots of pies, cakes, bread, and cookies.  As early as 2 years of age, my daughter Jess has been helping me bake in the kitchen.  She started out by helping me measure out the ingredients.    Back the...
I am so excited!  Only 2 days left until Christmas.  There's snow on the ground and there's a forecast of more.  Snow just adds to the feeling of Chirstmas for me.  Tomorrow promises to be a busy, busy day.  For me there's seems to be two kinds of business.  One, is the kind that you wonder when ...
Pamela has so much good advice for Christmas in this post that I just had to reblog.  Enjoy and be prepared to smile!My cousin sent the following very important ten tips for surviving Christmas that I feel sure should always be followed at this time of the year. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who pu...
I wrote a post about IKEA a couple of days ago and realized that some of you have never, ever had the experience of shopping at IKEA.  Well, now there is no excuse.  Today, I received an email from IKEA and I am going to share it with all of you! The IKEA sale starts tomorrow, December 18, 2009. ...
Are you looking for that perfect wine to compliment your holiday dinner or gourmet cheeses for the cheese tray?  Look no further!  Old World Market - Fine Wine and Cheese is the place in Valparaiso, Indiana. Owners Dee and John are full of knowledge to help you with a selection of wine, cheese, m...

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