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Last week I had the pleasure of working with the daughter of a 92 year old woman who was now going to live in a Retirement Home. The Realtor warned me it was 'dated'. The bathrooms and foyer were pink. There was wallpaper and wallpaper boarders. The kitchen was original. The contents needed editi...
I was just chatting with a neighbor's daughter. She wanted to know if it was still a good idea to Stage a home in a hot market. She felt that if the 'inventory' was low, buyers would have to buy anyway. My answer was that even in a 'hot market' with low inventory, buyers would still prefer a home...
Your home is going on the market. Who will buy it? Your home is about to become a product. One of many houses buyers will be visiting as they search for their next home. Just like any other product it needs to be marketed. You have to decide if you want to engage a Realtor or dive into the FSBO m...
I like to explain the 'feel' or 'look' of a bathroom to my clients  as 'like the feel of a hotel bathroom'. It should be sparkling clean with fresh towels and new soaps etc. We avoid the 'used factor'. One of my clients response was 'oh, just like a high end Bed & Breakfast'. I think that's a gre...
Curb Appeal is the first thing that your buyer sees when they arrive at your home.It's the first thing that reassures the buyer that your home is a safe buy. So much of the visiting process is visual. Make sure your home is sending out the right messages. Early Spring is a challenge when it comes...
'A homeowner can do whatever they want but when it comes time to sell, they should do what the buyer would want...'This comment was left by Richie Alan Naggar on my post about appliances. It rang true for me as a Stager in so many ways.Seeing their home as a product can be one of the hardest thin...
In the good old days, appliances that were not built-ins were not included in the house. The seller took them with them from house to house. It didn't matter if they were older as long as they worked. Flash forward to today, the appliances now stay with the house. This includes the stove, frig, w...
I read an article recently about a new wave in Staging that focuses on selling a 'lifestyle'  as well as the features of the house. Lifestyle Staging included setting up games, setting tables, leaving a book by a chair, trays on beds etc. They wanted the buyer to feel that the seller had just lef...
On Saturday May 9th 2015 at 11am, Burlington will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of V E Day. I feel this anniversary is especially important because this may be our last chance to celebrate V E Day with our Veterans of WWII. The Burlington Royal Canadian Legion Branch 60 has a wonderful interacti...
There is no doubt about it, breaking up is hard to do. Some of the clients I work with are in the process of separating/divorcing. This is a very stressful time of their life. They just want the process of selling over with so they can move on. These clients don't want to invest in the home they ...

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