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Most Buyers are focusing on Christmas with their families right now. This means  December is not the best time to put your house on the market.  But as a Seller, it is a great time to start prepping your home for the early Spring market.  Put a plan together with the help of a Professional Home S...
If your home is on the market in December, it may impact your holiday celebrations.  To decorate or not to decorate for the Holiday Season ..... hmm ....  The answer is Yes! Go ahead and decorate your home. You want the buyers out there to be able to imagine celebrating in their new home next yea...
When will we in the Real Estate Industry ever be free of those negative images! I realize that there are disreputable in every profession but most of us are very ethical.  That tired old idea that Stagers and Realtors try to hide the negatives about a house just won't die. The latest in my area i...
As a Burlington Stager, I am frequently challenged by my client couples.  One of them 'gets' Staging and sees the value in marketing their home to best advantage.  One of them has that age old attitude of 'the buyer will just come in and change everything so why should I bother'.  Because of this...
                                                                       The Gun     I first met Joe Edmond on a damp cold afternoon in April, a tall athletic looking man with steely eyes. I wanted to speak to him because we needed information regarding the 17 pounder antitank gun that sits in fron...
No matter what the Season curb appeal is important.  It is the first thing the buyer sees and creates the first impression of your home.  Right now Fall is giving away to Winter leaving our gardens looking drab. That doesn't give you permission to ignore curb appeal if you are selling.  Yard main...
October was the month of busy streets for me. Many of my clients' homes had this problem.  You may feel that your home's location is just great because you are used to it. But given a choice, buyers will pick a home on a quieter street.  This means you have to work even harder to compete with the...
Clients can have a hard time understanding that they may not love their home after they stage it. It's ok with me because the person who has to love their home is the Buyer.  Unlike a designer who focuses on creating the perfect space for the owner, I as a stager focus on the Buyer. I am there to...
When my clients are lost and overwhelmed by the prospect of putting their home on the market, I become a beacon of hope. It is my job to keep them from sailing into the rocks as they try to land that sale.  Accomplishing a task is easier if you have a plan to work with. That is my job, creating a...
When a Buyer leaves your home what should they remember ... you or the features of the house? As a Stager, I deal with this frequently. Clients are in Living Mode and need to shift into Selling Mode.  The Buyer's focus should be on the features of the home not on the Seller's lifestyle. This is w...

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