One of the best parts of these activities is the opportunity to get your family involved....especially the kids. Kids imitate what they see, so it is important they see adults being kind to one another. One night, the first year I started my list of 26, I sat down with my family so we could come ...
Early morning bus rides during the winter can be a little chilly for the driver, opening and closing the door over and over again.  Send a to-go cup of hot chocolate with your child to give to the driver. Add a wrapped treat with a note taped on the side, letting them know how much you appreciat...
My son and I noticed the Salvation Army bellringer at the market had an almost empty bottle of Coke at her feet when we entered the store.  We bought a fresh, cold bottle and gave it to her on our way out of the store as we dropped some change in her bucket.  The look on her face was priceless! P...
Is there someone that has made a difference to you or your kids, somewhere along the line?  A teacher, coach, parent, friend, pastor......that really helped you in some way?  How about sending them a "Thank You" note, just to let them know how they impacted you/your child? Think about your child'...
The Toys for Tots program collects new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year,  and distributes them as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community. In 2012, state troopers stood outside a local Kohls store, collecting these toys for the kids.  As I droppe...
Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  Even though I didn't know anyone personally, it affected me, especially as a mother.  I was angry. I was upset. I cried at the sight of the victims on the news. I couldn't imagine the pain the parents were experienc...
  What's not to love about this gorgeous, all-brick home in West Ashley?  You have to see the inside to believe---so many upgrades and improvements throughout.  And if you need a mother-in-law suite? This is it!   Open 2-5 pm today, it is...... Simply perfect! Call me for more info or directions. 
I am SO excited to be part of this amazing drive to help feed our local families in need! Tomorrow, we pack, load and deliver complete Thanksgiving meals, in time to be ready for Thursday.  I don't know who will be more blessed.....the givers or the receivers.  Never mind....We will ALL be blesse...
Before I moved to Charleston, about 75% of my business in Georgia was repeat and referred business. After practicing for 8 years in the same town, with the same company, I had established a healthy network of folks that were either past clients, or that referred to me on a regular basis.  And I ...
One thing I can say about Charleston is we are a "fancy" bunch.  If you take a walk through downtown, you will notice the fine, intricate details that makes this town so fascinating.  We don't just have "buildings"---we have "BUILDINGS"....Fancy buildings that are larger than life, with all kinds...

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