average: Alberta Avenue real estate December 2010 - 12/22/10 02:01 AM



Data is based on the last 90 days (as of December 21, 2010).  For more detailed statistics or a comparable market analysis please don't hesitate to contact me.

average: Calder Edmonton real estate market update - 12/08/10 06:09 PM
I've sold many homes in the Calder neighbourhood over the years.  It is an affordable area of Edmonton that at one time saw a lot of CN rail employees calling it home.  Currently, new homes are being built and older homes are being renovated by first time buyers.  I thought it would be of interest to Calder residents to see what the market has been doing specific to just this area.  I've attached a couple of graphs.  One is the sales price per sq ft for detached homes and the other is a days on market graph. 
The graph below shows a … (0 comments)

average: Edmonton Real Estate Market Update November 2010 - 12/01/10 04:32 PM
There are some positive signs out there. The number of sales for November are close to the average, and the number of new listings are low versus previous Novembers.  Meanwhile, the inventory continues to come down.  The only negative is prices have slipped, although that is fairly common in the fall. 
Nov 2010 1120 solds Nov 2009 1261 solds Nov 2008 891 solds  (Financial crisis period)Nov 2007 1223 solds The sales were 1120 sales. This is almost identical to the previous 3 year average of 1125. The sales were actually higher in November than in October.  That is another positive sign.NEW LISTINGS:Nov 2010 1860 new listings Nov 2009 1894 new … (2 comments)

average: Edmonton Real Estate Market October 2010 Official stats - 11/02/10 06:55 PM
Well the stats are out.  The sales were 1077 for October of 2010.  Comparing that to other Octobers in previous years we are a little lower than the previous 3 year average of 1312 sales.
October 2010 1077 solds October 2009 1529 solds October 2008 1195 solds October 2007 1214 solds The new listings for the month are starting to taper off finally.  2269 listings in the month of October is actually lower than the previous 3 year average of 2795 listings.
October 2010 2269 new listings October 2009 2109 new listings October 2008 2938 new listings October 2007 3340 new listings Inventory … (0 comments)

average: Edmonton Real Estate Market October 2010 unofficial stats - 11/01/10 01:59 PM
October finished stronger than it started.  We sold 1077 homes and listed 2269.  The inventory came down to 7689, this is mainly due to the homes that failed to sell (in the 1700 range) as the new listings greatly outnumbered the sales this month.
Here is where average prices ended up:
Single Family $365,691   Duplex/Rowhouse $292,214   Condos $235,893 I will update the numbers once we receive the official stats from The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton.