free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 22 July 2014 - 07/22/14 01:46 AM
Free Enterprise Never Happens By Force    "The government can supply no substitute for enterprise."
Calvin Coolidge (1872 - 1933)
And why should it?  Gubment cannot provide all it takes for people to dream, desire, create, self motivate, risk, strive, or work.
Work you say?  Free enterprise requires work?  Free enterprise requires self discipline, self motivation, and personal leadership?
Some definitions follow, gleaned from my old-fashioned Oxford Dictionary on the shelf over my desk.  I refer to it daily, often times many times a day.
Enterprise noun  1 a project or undertaking, especially a bold one.  2 bold resourcefulness.  3 a … (11 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 15 July 2014 - 07/15/14 03:18 AM
Free Enterpise Is Not Unrestrained Intervention And Regulation   "Fortunately, political freedom and economic progress are natural partners.  Despite capitalism's lingering reputation as the source of all the world's evils, the fact remains that every single democracy is a capitalist country.  Half a century of economic experimentation proved beyond doubt that tyranny cannot yield prosperity. ... Socialism collapsed because it is a policy of unrestrained intervention.  It tries to fix what is 'wrong' with the spontaneous, self-organizing phenomenon called capitalism.  But, of course, a natural process cannot be 'fixed.' ... Socialism is an ideology. Capitalism is a natural phenomenon."
  Michael Rothschild … (11 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 8 July 2014 - 07/08/14 03:03 AM
The World Is Sick. Free Enterprise Is The Cure.   "The answer is free enterprise. Our economic system is what keeps Americans employed, clothed, housed, and nourished. That system makes it possible for every American to attain his or her dream of material or spiritual wealth. It truly makes ours the land of opportunity."   Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr. That first sentence, "The answer is free enterprise," could be THE answer to so many questions!
Pickens, a free-enterprise entrepreneur if there ever was one, states a few of the unasked questions in the quote.   What's the best way to employ … (10 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 1 July 2014 - 07/01/14 03:37 AM
  “It's true that the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”   Charlemagne (742? - 814)    Is this not the way of free enterprise?   Innovation is one of its hallmarks!  An entrepreneur with a great idea has the wherewithal to introduce it into the product market.  It takes off.  He changes it, improves it, and and sometimes continually creates new from old.   But so do others!  The original idea or product might be common for some time.  Then someone comes along with a transforming change.  That is changed again, and again, and … (8 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 24 June 2014 - 06/24/14 03:38 AM
Free Enterprise Has The Power To Create Joy  
  "Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willing is not enough; we must do.  I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element.  It is my personal approach that creates the climate.  It is my daily mood that makes the weather.  I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832) What free enterprise words are these:  "I am the decisive element."
That says it all!
That defines what freedom, and individual liberty, and endowed rights, and economic self interest, … (16 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 17 June 2014 - 06/17/14 12:48 AM
Free Enterprise Suggests The Pursuit Of Happiness  
“Create all the happiness you are able to create; remove all the misery you are able to remove. Every day will allow you, will invite you, to add something to the pleasure of others, or to diminish something of their pains.” 
                                    Jeremy Bentham (1748 - 1832)
This is a person of optimism!
This is the optimism that comes with free enterprise!
In a free enterprise setting one is pursuing what one does best, what one wants to do, what makes one happiest.
Yes, there is risk involved. 
Yes, there is hard work involved.
Yes, there … (5 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 10 June 2014 - 06/10/14 05:08 AM
Free Enterprise Demands Liberty   "Indeed liberty is the divine source of all human happiness.  To possess, in security, the effects of our industry, is the most powerful and reasonable incitement to be industrious: And to be able to provide for our children, and to leave them all that we have, is the best motive to beget them.  But where property is precarious, labor will languish.  The privileges of thinking, saying and doing what we please, and of growing rich as we can, without any other restriction, than that by all this we hurt not the public, nor one another, are … (9 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 3 June 2014 - 06/03/14 05:28 AM
The Exceptionalism Of Freedom Is Not Understood By Dictators  
 "The state is no organism capable of bringing either moral or material improvements to the populace, but merely a vehicle of power for men and party and power."
Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)
If gubment isn't a vehicle of power, what is?
Therefore, such power would attract what types of people, those who would "lead" a gubment?
Power is not what defines the "exceptionalism" of America. 
Power is not what defines the "exceptionalism" of the Founding Fathers.
Power is not what defines the "exceptionalism" of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of … (14 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 27 May 2014 - 05/27/14 03:31 AM
Would That We Will Be Able To Say "Free Enterprise Survives!"  
   "Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger they can shoot.  Others look on it as a cow they can milk.  Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon."
Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)
Winston Churchill always cut right to the quick.
Consider the alternatives he proposed here as regards FREE enterprise.  These are simple and easy to understand.
What is a predatory tiger and why would it be shot?  The predatory tiger sneaks up onto an unsuspecting victim, grabs … (8 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 20 May 2014 - 05/20/14 02:16 AM
With Free Enterprise There Are No Guarantees    "Capitalism offers nothing but frustrations and rebuffs to those who wish - because of claimed superiority of intelligence, birth, credentials, or ideals - to get without giving, to take without risking, to profit without sacrifice, to be exalted without humbling themselves to understand others and meet their needs."
George Gilder   In other words, capitalism demands that one reaps what one sows.
According to Gilder, capitalism's pre-requisite is to give before you get; to risk before you take; to sacrifice before you profit; and to be exalted only after and to the … (13 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 13 May 2014 - 05/13/14 05:24 AM
Great Quality Is The Natural Result Of Free Enterprise   "I realized I could not keep up and maintain any kind of quality.  I thought maybe that if I had the very best ice cream, people would be willing to pay for it."
Reuben Mattus (1912 - 1994)   This is the founder of Haagen-Dazs musing.  What is he talking about?   In the 1950s Mattus found himself, his small horse-drawn company, his product, and his ice cream, in a price war with large manufacturers.  They were able to compete with each other based on size and economies of scale.  His … (20 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 6 May 2014 - 05/06/14 02:25 AM
Free Enterprise Engenders Uncompromising Quality  
“My first loaf should have been sent to the Smithsonian Institution as a sample of Stone Age bread, for it was hard as a rock and about one inch high.  So I started over again, and after a few more efforts by trial and error, we achieved what seemed like good bread.”
Margaret Rudkin (1897 - 1967)
Founder of Pepperidge Farm
Moving to a property called Pepperidge Farm in Fairfield CT in 1929, Margaret Rudkin, her husband and three sons began dealing with the Depression.
As difficult as that was, their youngest son's asthma and severe … (26 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 29 April 2014 - 04/29/14 03:36 AM
The Power Of Free Markets To Do Good   "Those of us who believe in the power of markets to do good must also believe in the power of markets to reduce harms - including the harms of pollution and climate change.  That work of market-driven harm reduction is being done right here."
David Frum   What is a free market?  A free market is one which is regulated by supply and demand.   What is supply and demand?  Supply would be how much of something (good or service) is available to the market and demand is the desire in a … (15 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 22 April 2014 - 04/24/14 03:40 AM
Gee, doesn't he know it isn't Tuesday?  Yes, yes he does.  But Tuesday "he" was so busy he only had time to post this on his other blog, Jay's Free Enterpise Blog...
So many people contacted me about not posting this here, I decided to. 
A Recipe For Disaster    "In the early stages of the state, taxes are light in their incidence, but fetch large revenue. As time passes and kings succeed each other, they lose their tribal habits in favor of more civilized ones.  Their needs and exigencies grow, owing to the luxury in which they have been brought … (20 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 8 April 2014 - 04/08/14 04:20 AM
Free Enterprise Does Well and Keeps The Shop   "Well done is better than well said.  Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee."
  Ben Franklin (1706 - 1790)   Free enterprise isn't about good intentions. Free enterprise isn't about what we say we will do or what we say will happen. Free enterprise isn't talk the talk   FREE ENTERPRISE IS WALK THE WALK.   It truly is about doing well, and keeping the shop.   Free enterprise is about integrity.   Ben Franklin had such a succinct way of saying things.  The brilliance in his brevity is … (10 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote -1 April 2014 - 04/01/14 04:41 AM
  Free Enterprise Blazes New Trails  
  "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)
That is the essence of free enterprise.  That is the essence of capitalism.
Reorganization, innovation, change, creative destruction, recombination, new, entrepreneurship, divergence, pioneering, improvement, greater efficiencies, increased productivity, rising tide - could we go on?
Are there any ideas in there that conflict with the human spirit of freedom, growth, personal challenge, and personal leadership?
There is not.
And this is what Emerson suggests!
However, who is it … (20 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 25 March 2014 - 03/25/14 03:27 AM
Managing Change  
"It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change."
Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)
Darwin carved a niche for himself as someone who is respected and someone who is reviled.
The above quote, typically associated with his thinking about "natural selection," could very easily be applied to economics, and capitalism, as well.
Darwin was a reader and fan of Adam Smith.  He understood how economics creates change.  Applying this thinking to his other studies he posited the above quote.
Just as he applied his thinking of random variation … (8 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 18 March 2014 - 03/18/14 02:28 AM
What Happens When Super-Successful Capitalists Fail?  
  "We will get our men in Brazil.  We are not going to South America to make money, but to develop that wonderful and fertile land ... We'll train the Brazilians and they will work as well as any others."
Henry Ford (1863 - 1947), regarding Fordlandia
"The Ford Motor Company in Brazil is said to be one of the best equipped and most liberally funded expeditions that ever entered the region."
Unknown author of "The Ford Motor Company of Brazil." The Inter-American Review, July 1929    What happens when a very successful … (14 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 11 March 2014 - 03/11/14 04:02 AM
Improving Lives, Or Trampling On Them? Invisible Hands Don't Trample.   "The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could safely be trusted, not only to no single person, but to no council or senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it."  Adam Smith (1723 - 1790)   This 18th-century quote is so appropriate today!  … (6 comments)

free enterprise: Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote - 4 March 2014 - 03/05/14 03:43 AM
Everyone Has A Place    
"Those who were adept and brave fellows I have made military commanders. Those who were quick and nimble I have made herders of horses. Those who were not adept I have given a small whip and sent to be shepherds."
  Genghis Khan (1162 – 1227)   Of course, not thinking economic principles at all, Genghis Khan was merely trying to create a conquering army that was more efficient in every regard.   And the economic principle would be?  The division of labor.   Everyone in his army had a place.  And a place that suited … (13 comments)

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