buyers: Staging Your Offer - 08/17/14 09:33 AM
Staging Your Offer
Yes, it can be done. And probably should, in particular if there are multiple offers and you want your offer, like a home, to show its best.
Perhaps the subtitle should be "Dressed for Success!"
Let’s face it – you want your offer to look great! You’ve made an effort to get pre-approved, have looked at a number of homes, decided on one you really like, and you want it. Bad!
So of course you want your offer accepted, right?!
Granted, the bulk of the responsibility for making the offer look great rests … (97 comments)

buyers: I Got Asked to Take Down a Post Yesterday - 08/12/14 06:37 AM
I Got Asked to Take Down a Post Yesterday
This has only happened one other time, a little over 6 years ago, but yesterday I received an email asking me to remove a post.
The email was from a new home builder in the San Diego area.
They found a post I had written about a new home community in the Leucadia area of Encinitas that I posted a few months ago.
As a real estate blogger with a keen interest in my local housing market, keeping tabs on and sharing information about new homes has … (135 comments)

buyers: The San Diego Climate Impact Plan – Applaud It or Criticize It? - 08/11/14 09:06 PM
The San Diego Climate Impact Plan – Applaud It or Criticize It?
There is a new plan that has been submitted to the San Diego City Council for approval. It could have significant financial consequences for home owners when it comes time to sell, depending on what is approved and mandated.
On the one hand I want to applaud that the Climate Action Plan, spearheaded by City Council President Todd Lorio and presented to the City’s Mayor after its creation in February 2014, is an effort to impact the negative effects of global warming.
Whether everyone agrees … (6 comments)

buyers: Do I Need Proof of Funds (POF) in My Relocation? - 08/08/14 07:01 PM
Do I Need Proof of Funds (POF) in My Relocation?
When buying a new home in your relocation, you should expect to provide proof of funds, often abbreviated in the real estate world as POF. This is essential if you are paying cash, but a smart thing to do even when you are getting a loan.
Sellers want to know that you are qualified to purchase (e.g., have a current written pre-approval) and that you have the funds on top of the financing for the purchase (i.e., the deposit, a.k.a. earnest money deposit; the down payment, and the closing … (48 comments)

buyers: Handling the Closing on Your Home in Your Relocation - 08/08/14 08:41 AM
Handling the Closing on Your Home in Your Relocation
I often get asked by people who are moving to Carlsbad, or nearby, from out of the area – How do we handle closing? Do we have to be here?
You might also know it as settlement, if you are from another state, but closing here in Carlsbad, and throughout Southern California, is pretty easy to handle.
[see the video at the bottom of the page]
You don’t sit around a table, sign papers and exchange keys as they do in some states. It all happens behind … (6 comments)

buyers: Carlsbad Sellers, Get Rid of Those Hazardous Waste Items Before Closing - 08/03/14 08:19 PM

Carlsbad Sellers, Get Rid of Those Hazardous Waste Items Before Closing
It’s pretty common that buyers will request that all personal items belong to the sellers be removed before closing, as they are not part of the transaction.
Even if not explicitly stated in the contract, the assumption is that all non-fixtures are to be removed.
A common set of stuff that is probably in most homes, and not so easy to get rid of, are the hazardous waste items.
I find that in most cases buyers want these gone. And you often do … (29 comments)

buyers: The Value of an HVAC Inspection - Time for That Furnace to be Replaced - 08/01/14 09:33 PM
The Value of an HVAC Inspection - Time for That Furnace to be Replaced
A home inspection is essential, and sometimes additional inspections are important.
A recent home inspector recommended an HVAC evaluation because of concerns about the furnace in a Carlsbad condo.
The HVAC company did an inspection (quickly, I might add), and recommended that the furnace be replaced.
Seems the current furnace was a Premier, which was a model that was discontinued some years ago because of fire hazards (do a Google search for Premir furnaces and you'll see what I mean).
There was … (8 comments)

buyers: I Broke 3 Hearts Today - 07/29/14 08:46 PM
I Broke 3 Hearts Today
It was another situation that none of us likes...the need to let buyers know they did NOT get the home they really wanted in a multiple bid situation, despite doing everything they could to make the best offer, including optimal terms and conditions.
Of course I prefer to deliver good news, but that is not always the case.
And we don't always have an explanation for why things did not turn out as we hoped, or expected. It's one thing when buyers are not making an optimal offer with strong terms and conditions, … (25 comments)

buyers: Carlsbad Buyers, Why You Need to Check the Insurability of Your Home - 07/26/14 01:17 PM

Carlsbad Buyers, Why You Need to Check the Insurability of Your Home
A key component in the due diligence phase of purchasing your home should be to check in the insurability of the property you are trying to buy. You also want to know about any past claims.
Whether or not your home can be insured, and for how much, is essential information.
You certainly don’t want to purchase a home that insurers won’t touch, due to multiple past claims, or possibly where insurance costs could be prohibitive due to certain factors such as fire … (4 comments)

buyers: 16 Top Relocation Tips - Articles & Videos to Help You Move - 07/20/14 05:15 PM
16 Relocation Tips Slideshow
Articles and Videos to Help You Move to Carlsbad
The following slideswho provides an overview of the key things you need to know when relocating to Carlsbad or surrounding communities. [NOTE - use the scroll bar on the right of the slideshow to advance through each slide]
The complete list of articles (links) can be found below the slide presentation.
Each article (with video link) provides more detailed information on one of the tips in the slideshow to help you make the best decisions whe moving. Of course I am happy to asnwer any … (31 comments)

buyers: What Will My Home Be Worth – The Zillow Crystal Ball - 06/29/14 09:22 AM
What Will My Home Be Worth – The Zillow Crystal Ball
We often get asked questions about future value of homes by sellers and buyers
I don’t know about you, but my crystal ball doesn’t function very well and I’m loath to respond to an inquiry like this with any sort of definitive answer. How about you?
But now we have a solution – blame it on Zillow.
Zillow has rolled out a new offering that will, purportedly, estimate the future value of millions of homes around the country, a new evolution of the popular “Zestimate.”

buyers: Carlsbad Homeowners - Appeal Property Tax Assessments Starting July 2 - 06/28/14 08:55 AM
Carlsbad Homeowners Can Appeal Their Property Tax Assessments Beginning July 2, 2014
Yes, it’s true. If you are a homeowner in Carlsbad (and San Diego County in general), you can file an appeal on your property tax assessment beginning July 2 until December 1, 2014.
Armed with your parcel number (from your tax bill) and your property address, simply complete the application, stating your opinion of the value of your home (be reasonable), check the boxes for the reasons you believe your current assessment is wrong, and file your application on time.
Applications can be filed in person … (0 comments)

buyers: Carlsbad Sellers – Do YOU Know About the Carbon Monoxide Detector Law? - 06/15/14 07:58 AM

Carlsbad Sellers
Do YOU Know About the Carbon Monoxide Detector Law?
California passed legislation back in 2011 regarding the need for carbon monoxide detectors in most properties, owner occupied (new construction plus resale) as well as rentals. Some properties owners had until 2013 to comply.
Read more about the California Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Here
Even today there are many homeowners who are not aware of the requirements, and many who are not in compliance.
And it becomes an issue when you are selling your Carlsbad home. [Note – the requirements are for CA … (11 comments)

buyers: Real Estate-Ese: Detached vs. Attached Homes in Carlsbad California - 05/30/14 08:05 AM
Real Estate-Ese:
Detached vs. Attached Homes in Carlsbad California
 Real estate and MLS lingo can vary quite a bit around the country, and a relocation from one area to another means buyers confront terms they may never have heard before, or that may be perplexing.
Here in Carlsbad (and San Diego in general), our MLS uses the house-type terms “detached” and “attached” as major categories. And because they are used in our MLS I use these terms in my monthly market reports to share data reported in the MLS
Let’s dissect these terms just a bit
[what you see below … (3 comments)

buyers: Real Estate-ese: What’s in YOUR Preliminary Title Report, Sellers? - 05/25/14 07:22 AM
What’s in YOUR Preliminary Title Report, Carlsbad Sellers?
Do you know?
Perhaps you don’t care at the moment.
But as a Carlsbad home seller you should know what’s in your Preliminary Title Report.
First, what IS a Preliminary Title Report (or in more common lingo, the Prelim)?
The Prelim is essentially a written summary of the title search done by a title company as part of a real estate transaction.
The Prelim may be requested by the listing agent before the home is listed (that’s my recommendation), but certainly will be ordered as part of the escrow and due diligence … (17 comments)

buyers: Is That a Want, A Need, or a Demand? - 04/13/14 08:31 PM
Is That a Want, A Need, or a Demand?
Carlsbad buyers always have requests for features in the home they are searching for.
As they should.
Sometimes the list is short, perhaps even vague, but other times it’s very detailed and, sad to say, possibly out of touch with the reality of the budget and the local housing market.
It is not always clear if what the buyers are asking for is a want, a need, or a demand.
It’s important information to know... for them AND for us!
Several recent requests, actually demands, that were a problem due … (6 comments)

buyers: How to Handle Repairs When Buying a Carlsbad Home - 03/29/14 02:07 PM
How to Handle Repairs When Buying a Carlsbad Home
When buying a home in Carlsbad you undoubtedly will have a home inspection. Any prudent buyer will. 
Watch this Google Hangout video from 4 real estate experts first to learn about what to expect from inspections.

NOW read on about how to deal with repairs.
So the inspection (or inspections if you opt for others like roofing, electrical, pool/spa, HVAC) is done and there are some issues.
First, don't let that surprise you.
There ARE no perfect homes. So go into the inspection process expecting there will be some defects … (7 comments)

buyers: To Inspect or Not to Inspect is Not the Question - 03/28/14 10:42 AM
To Inspect or Not to Inspect is Not the Question
Home inspections during the purchase process are essential in my opinion. That's true of most REALTORS I suspect (see our Google Hangout Video on this topic below).
The question is NOT just “should I inspect or not?”
Home inspections can cause a lot of anxiety for buyers and sellers alike.
However, a prudent buyer will have one, knowing it’s money well spent, and a seller should expect this.
There are some variations in different markets, but the general issues regarding inspections are essentially the same.
As a buyer you want … (9 comments)

buyers: Carlsbad Buyers & Sellers, Do NOT Rely on Zillow to Make Decisions - 03/25/14 08:47 PM
Carlsbad Buyers and Sellers
Do NOT Rely on Zillow to Make Your Decisions
This is a warning to not use Zillow as the be-all-end-all for making decisions about the price your home should sell at or what offer you should make.
No, I am not telling you to not use Zillow. I know many buyers and sellers do, and I won’t argue with the fact that there is a ton of information available.
But the data you find is simply that – a data point in time, and one that's not necessarily accurate.
And if you are basing a … (37 comments)

buyers: What Do My HOA Fees in Carlsbad Cover? - 03/24/14 05:21 PM
What Do My HOA Fees in Carlsbad Cover?
Buyers often ask, as they should, what the HOA fees cover for a particular property they are interested in. This can include condominiums as well as single family detached homes with a Home Owner’s Association.
This is not about the pros and cons of having an HOA and the fees involved, but an overview of the common fees we see in the Carlsbad area and what they cover.
Buyers should, of course, verify all this information to their satisfaction.
Agents generally list the amount of the HOA fees for a particular property in … (7 comments)

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