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Want to see your credit score for Free? Look here - A growing number of credit card issuers are betting you’ll open an account if they offer to show you your credit score. Consumers can always buy a copy of their FICO credit score. It costs about $60 to purchase your FICO credit score and a copy ...
Chronology: Women's long history in the Military Women our forgotten military soldiers have served in every major war in U.S. history. After proving their utility in combat, opportunities for female troops usually expanded following each conflict. 1775: During the American Revolution, women serve...
Luxury Valley Homes | Vicky Mora | Testimonial To Jane Daley, Luxury Valley Homes: Luxury Valley Homes Vicky Mora Testimonial - I just wanted to let you know what a great real estate agent Kurt Boyd of Luxury Valley Homes has been for me. From the moment I first called, he made me feel comfortabl...
National Debt | Deficit | Unfunded Liability | So What? First question is, who cares? We the people should care because "we the people" are going to have to pay the bill, this includes our children, and their children. In an attempt to understand our national fiscal position I offer the following...
Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona Testimonial Bob Tarics Bob Taric, Esq. Testimonial | Luxury Valley Homes Bob Tarics, Esq. wrote the following, "I recently made a life changing decision to move to Scottsdale. I did not have any family or friends in the area to assist me. I went online looking for a...
Vietnam War Its History Its Statistics Part VI The answer from Part V on the young girl may surprise you. Myth: Kim Phuc, the little nine year old Vietnamese girl running naked from the napalm strike near Trang Bang on 8 June 1972, was burned by Americans bombing Trang Bang.  No American had invo...
Vietnam War Its History Its Statistics Part V The war in Vietnam was fought mainly by the sons, brothers, husbands, and friends of the working class. The nucleus for this was because the national structure at the time made it easy for large numbers of men to participate in draft deferment by goin...
Vietnam War Its History Its Statistics Part IV In Southeast Asia, the United States government used the domino theory to justify its support of a non-communist regime in South Vietnam against the communist government of North Vietnam, and ultimately its increasing involvement in the long-running ...
Vietnam War Its History Its Statistics Part III “Images of the U.S led massacre at My Lia dominated the television, yet the daily atrocities committed by North Vietnam and the Viet Cong rarely made the evening news. The Vietnam War, exacerbated by the anti-war movement at home, gained increasing ...
Vietnam War Its History Its Statistics Part II Marines under fire attack Viet Cong positions during Operation Harvest Moon. December 1965. Aggressive American tactics such as this kept the enemy off balance and forced the Viet Cong onto the defensive. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) was soon to r...

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