lovettsville va homes for sale: Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos Make Your Photos Look Professional - 05/08/14 04:38 PM
Had to share this one. If you ever had doubts about how good of a photographer you were, these photos should make you feel better and erase some of those doubts. Taking quality photos and videos these days is an ongoing learning experience, but there are so many effective photo editing software programs available these days, it's hard to not take halfway decent photos. Even cell phone cameras give users access to filters that can easily improve any photo. Snapseed for example is a great tool that provides great filters if you use i-pad or i-pod, and Instagram of course. Soon … (6 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Loudoun County VA Tax Assessors are Coming - Next Stop Lovettsville - 04/07/13 04:41 AM
If you are a homeowner living in Loudoun VA, don't be surprised when a group of tax assessors start knocking on your door soon. Loudoun county is going door to door checking home sizes, outbuildings, additions, etc in the field to see if that information matches what they have in their records. In many cases, they are finding garages, sheds, barns, and additions that aren't in their current records, and also finding houses larger than originally recorded, etc. So when all is done, you might see an increase in your tax bill. I suppose that could be good if you are … (0 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Don't Ignore Basic Home Maintenance - 10 Simple Things to do Now! - 11/04/12 02:21 PM
(1) - Clean leaves out of your gutters and downspouts.
(2) - Change or clean your furnace filters.
(3) - Check, repair, replace weather stripping as needed.
(4) - Trim limbs and shrubs that are rubbing against, or hanging over your house.
(5) - Turn off your water lines to outside hose bibs, then drain outside faucets.
(6)- Have your chimney inspected and cleaned if needed, and consider adding chimney caps.
(7) - Make sure gravity drains to daylight around your foundation are not blocked.
(8) - If you have a fireplace or woodstove, stock some wood in your basement or … (4 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: 40th Lucketts Fair Leesburg VA on Route 15 at Stumptown / Lucketts Rd - 08/12/12 01:40 PM Every year in August the Lucketts Fair attracts a crowd of all ages.On the weekend of Aug 18th and 19th, the 40th Annual Lucketts Fair will be held. There is something for all ages" Crafts, Over 100 Crafters and Artisans will be there ( many set up booths to demonstrate their talents). Lucketts is the home and site of many bluegrass musicians, and some will be performing. Many antique dealers will have a variety of antiques and old stuff for sale. Lots of food and drink will be available ( No alcohol or pets allowed by the way). The Lucketts … (0 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: This Saves You 30% on Your Overnight "Express" Mail at Post Office - 07/19/12 01:08 PM
Not sure if anyone else does this, and I've been meaning to share this for a while now. I use this method everytime I send something "Express" mail from the Post Office. So far this year I've used this trick ( which is legal and allowed by the Postal service) at least 30 times. Each time I saved $6.00. That equals $180.00+ I kept to buy gas or whatever, instead of donating that $180.00 to the Post Office. Here's how it works. Suppose you have contracts, listing agreements, misc docs, etc that you need to send overnight, and you don't want … (31 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Memorial Day Message From The Adjutant General Virginia Army NG - 05/25/12 03:56 PM
Message from:
DANIEL E. LONG, JR. Major General, VaARNG The Adjutant General
Just copy/paste link to read message.
Thank you to all the people and soldiers who serve and have served, and made sacrifices at home and around the world.

Jeff Pearl / REALTOR
RE/MAX Distinctive Lic in VA MD DC
Equal Housing Opportunity Provider

lovettsville va homes for sale: Zillow Employee Justin Ferrari Shot Dead in Seattle - 05/25/12 02:28 PM
Justin Ferrari was 46, married, father of two kids aged 5 and 7, gets caught in crossfire. Terrible world when you can't get in your car and take your dad and kids out to dinner, or drive down the road, without worrying about getting shot in the head. We just never know when our last day will be.Just awful.
 Condolences to his family during this tragedy.
Jeff Pearl / REALTOR
RE/MAX Distinctive
Equal Housing Opportunity Provider

lovettsville va homes for sale: More Pics in MLS is Better is Just a Myth - Tests Show Less is Best - 05/20/12 05:48 AM
Does the amount of photos you upload into your MLS to sell listings really make that much difference? No, but of course that could vary with location and price range. For this blog, tests showed that less is better! Having 1-15 photos was actually better than having 16-30 photos.
 History shows that plenty of homes sold with only 1 photo. With advances in computer and digital technology, MLS's began increasing the amout of photos. Some still only allow 9 photos, yet those homes still sell. Some allow 16 photos, some 30. The amount of photos doesn't always make a difference. With … (65 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Loudoun County Septic Tank Pump Out Program Starts July 1, 2012 - 05/07/12 01:43 PM
New ordinance goes into effect requiring that septic tanks for conventional on site sewage systems be pumped every 5 years. Alternative system tanks will be required to be pumped based on results of annual inspection to help prevent premature failure and potential contamination of private wells. Pumping creates opportuntiy to inspect baffles, filters, and cracks in tank. The new ordinance will require the operator to report pump outs through onlinerme. Their failure to do so will result in the owner not being in compliance. has a public record search feature so property owners can view reports online.
 This is a … (2 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Keeping Up With Neighborhood Attractions-New Adventures in 2012 - 04/27/12 07:47 AM
There's another attracion near Lovettsville VA that adds one more reason to consider moving here, and one more item that I can add to a sales brochure for homes and lots I have listed in Western Loudoun VA. One new addition is just across the Short Hill Mountains in Historic Harpers Ferry WV. About a 20 minute drive from Lovettsville.
 It's a new zip line! To take a 5 minute video tour, just visit  I thought I saw Lenn Harley zipping through the woods along the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, but wasn't sure?
 In addition to ziplining, you can also … (2 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: April is KLB (Keep Loudoun Beautiful) Month here in Northern Virginia! - 04/14/12 11:58 AM
I have two 2+ mile stretches of roadways adopted here in Lovettsville VA. I pick up trash at least 4 times per year on Morrisonville Rd in Lovettsville from Berlin Pike to Mountain Rd., and on Quarter Branch Rd from Berlin Pike out to Lovettsville Rd. I did my Morrisonville Rd stretch again yesterday, but this morning I did a 2 mile strectch on Lovettsville Rd from Moon Lake Dr. to Enfield Ln. because some families with kids wanted to help with KLB, so Laura Long Lieberman ( who picks up more trash in Loudoun than anyone I've ever run across), … (14 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Lovettsville VA Getting New Montessori School - 04/11/12 02:37 PM
Construction and remodeling has been going on for a while now at the old Kingfish Everhart property in Lovettsville. The sign went up a couple days ago. Lovettsville Montessori could be opening in the near future. Another sign of progress and improvements in the small town of Lovettsville in Western Loudoun county VA.
 If you are thinking about buying, selling or building in Lovettsville or surrounding areas, please call me anytime. I have some builder specials on a few lots. For example, owner of two 2.5+ acre lots between Lovettsville and Leesburg is also a licensed builder, and can build a … (0 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Maryland Passes Bills Banning Employers From Seeking Online Passwords - 04/11/12 11:29 AM,0,6280495.story
I haven't actually heard from anyone I know complaining about their boss asking for passwords to fb or any other social media sites, but I have heard of it happening on the news.  A background check for some jobs is normal. A bank wouldn't hire someone as a teller if that person had a conviction for embezzlement. But the bank can find that information out from other sources. They wouldn't need someones fb password for that.
 I agree with MD on this and I hope other States do the same. Are employers going to want to read our mail … (12 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Tips on Legally Using Images, Videos, and Text From Internet Without Violating Copyrights - 04/05/12 03:02 PM
Before deciding to go to,, Youtube, etc to grab(aka stealing) some photos to use in your blog or on your web site, here are a few tips that might interest you. I actually don't take the time to insert a bunch of photos into my blogs, but I know others do. But when I do need a photo that is related to a certain topic, or just need a photo that I can use without restrictions, I start with Here you can search several sites, set search criteria like: "Only search within creative commons  licensed content", " Find … (2 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: 2012 Changes to Virginia Agency Law Effective July 1, 2012 - 3 Hour Course Required - 04/03/12 03:06 PM
Source of this information can be found at
Here are some of the basics of what to expect. We will now be required to do the following:
#- Provide written agency and brokerage agreements to consumers.
#- Provide a list of services that the agent will provide to customers.
#- Provide a schedule of fees that will be associated with service, and when payable.
#- Provide enhanced disclosure of limitations on what a Dual Agent can and cannot do for parties to a transaction.
#- Take a 3 hour course on the provisions of the agency statute and the … (0 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Staging Trick to Make People Feel Good While Viewing Homes - 03/20/12 04:51 PM
You guessed it- Mirrors! I saw this mentioned on tv recently. Not just any mirrors, agents are buying trick specialty mirrors that make people look thinner when they see themselves in it. They hang them throughout the house, with the idea that when ladies ( and men I suppose) walk through the house, as they keep seeing a thinner version of themselves in the mirrors, that will  make themselves feel good being in that house! Some agents are combining that trick with doing a high quality staging of just one room in the house, and they claim is actually helping get … (5 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Print Maps Without Violating Copyrights - 03/15/12 04:32 AM
Just thought I'd share this in case others haven't heard about it yet. Technically ( and legally) we're not suppose to copy maps from many places online or from ADC books for example. Many times I want a map of the surrounding area of my listings to leave at the house or in brochure boxes to show what's within a 5 or more mile radius of the property. I ran across this the other day, and I can zoom in or out and show my listing, plus the commuter train station in Brunswick MD, towpath, Potomac River, Public boat launches, Point … (44 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Stating " No Kids" cost Northern VA Broker $5000.00 Fine - 03/14/12 05:45 AM
Discrimination just won't go away. 3 recent Fair Housing Violation cases in Virginia costs agents and owners fines of $5000.00, $13,000.00, and $10,000.00. In case (1)( Alleged violation / Protected Class) - ( Refused to rent / Familial Status ) ( Made discriminatory statement / Familial Status).
Complaint Summary: Complaintant alleged respondent real estate firm and property owner listed a property for rent stating " No Kids," and broker stated that the subject property was only being rented to someone without children.
Terms of Conciliation Agreement: (1) Respondent real estate firm shall pay complaintant $5000.00. (2) Respondents agree to attend fair … (36 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Another Dumb Use for QR Codes- It's Not The Technology, It's The Person Using The Technology - 12/10/11 07:20 PM
OK, It's official- QR codes are becoming a joke. Couple on date- What does that mean on your cuff link?- Oh, that's a QR Code so people can scan my cufflinks with their smart phone so they can see my web site. OR- In case I'm in an accident, the EMT's can scan my cuff links to see if I'm allergic to any medications- But how would they know to do that? - well, I'm so clever that I entered what meds I'm allergic to in the secret QR code. - Again- how would they know to scan your cuff links … (4 comments)

lovettsville va homes for sale: Documenting Paperwork You Turn In To Your Office- Agent Fined For Bad Attitude - 12/09/11 09:38 AM
This story appears in the NOV / DEC issue of Commonwealth magazine in VA. Names are changed for this blog post. The story is about an agent  for XY Realty that had a client named PJ Buyer that was buying a home. The deal fell through. All parties signed a realease, and EMD was returned to PJ Buyer. BUT, XY Realty discovers that EMD deposit was never received-only an emailed copy of the check.  The agent just ASSUMED that his/her client would follow up his emailed copy of the check by sending in the actual check, but agent never verified that … (26 comments)