As a Viet Nam Vet, I couldn't help hearing this story and seeing this photo without wondering if we shouldn't drag all those Protesting Pink Berkley types into the war as US Army Infantry or Marines, kicking and screaming to have them give something to their country instead of simply allowing the...
It appears as though the Hawaii State House of Representatives and Senate are  moving forward in tandem with bills that would make the victims of domestic violence a Protected Class.   If a Property Manager has a tenant who is the victim of domestic violence living in a property he or she  manage...
Thank Heaven for the Hawaii Association of Realtors Legislative Committee.   They were recently successful in getting Senate Bill 2802 deferred.   This bill would have required that Property Managers pay the tenant 6% interest on all security deposit money held on behalf of the tenant at the time...
Like buying and selling agents, property managers also run into landlords who want to negotiate our commissions.  I recently had an opportunity to reduce my commission in order to manage a very exclusive home that the owner wants to place on the rental market because he has been unable to sell it...

Jerry Bangerter

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