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No, not Household Finance the company.....household finances in real life.  I seem to remember back in the day, when my parents were very, very frugal in their spending.  We didn't get everything we wanted.  Granted, we didn't have that much to want in the first place then.  Then came the 80's, w...
Whah, whah, whah.......yesterday the Governor of Pennsylvania was in the news, lashing out at the NFL for postponing Sunday night's game between the Minnesota Vikings and The Philadelphia Eagles until tonight.  Well, the reason for the postponement was the weather advisory earlier in the day sayi...
Wow!  How did this happen.  Here it is Christmas Day, and I haven't put together my yearly list of New Year's Resolutions yet. I have to do it, right? can I try to live up to something if I don't have it listed somewhere?  And, I certainly cannot break them, if they aren't planned. S...
Remember, back in the day, when we received either S & H Green Stamps OR Blue Chip Stamps.  Usually, if I remember correctly, you received on stamp for each dime you spent.  Now, of course, this seems like a lot, but things were much, much less expensive in those days. We grabbed those stamps fro...
There is absolutely nothing worse, especially around the holidays, when you have parties and family dinners, with guests coming to your home, than to have foul odors lingering.  In this post by Jessica Gaines, she gives great solutions to just about any smell you can have.  Check it out:   The w...
  Senate Bill 931, which will provide Short Sale Deficiency Protection in the state of California, goes into effect January 1, 2011.  The new law states that existing lenders of record who have approved and agreed upon a short sale will not be able to obtain a deficiency judgment against the sel...
Last night, while doing my usual "channel surfing", I came upon a CNBC piece, that was probably a re-run, but at least I had never seen it. It was about this fairly young man (30's) who had commited mortgage fraud in several states, and had several different identities in each state he was workin...
This posted this morning, but in case you missed it, it certainly bears repeating AND re-posting.  So many people are careless with their live Christmas trees, and it's important to remember how to care for them.   Since this is a re-post, I have disabled comments so that Chris can get the comme...
Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not a bah-humbug type of person.  I enjoy the holidays.  Love to see the grandkids get what they wished for.  I used to get everything I wished for. But, I try to get across to my grown children, that I really don't need anything.  I think we always feel guilty, like...
Well, Christmas is almost here.  When I was younger, and had "more tolerance", I used to LOVE, actually "thrived" on getting out there in the masses.  The crowds were exhilerating!  I was one of those who would be at the mall on Christmas Eve, whether I needed anything or not!  I just like to go ...

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