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The Treasury Department has announced yet another effort in its attempt to modify the mortgages of those facing foreclosure. Hoping to convert many of the trial modifications to permanent status, the Government plans to apply pressure to lenders that have been slow to respond. Requiring lenders t...
With the impact of the recession and housing crisis hindering those who wanted or needed to trade up to larger homes, many are faced with the reality of being unable to sell and have resigned to living in their cramped quarters. But for those who like their neighborhood and just need more space, ...
What Tools Do I Need For My Paint Job? Natural or synthetic bristle, roller or brush, caulking guns, putty knives—painting tools can be confusing to the beginning or weekend painter. But the key to any successful paint job is to select the right tools, and while they don’t have to be the most exp...
Homeowners are often confounded by the confusing terminology and various types of paint available for their use, and it’s easy for them to make mistakes. While it may not appear to make a difference—after all, many of the finishes look similar when applied—choosing the correct paint is crucial to...
According to the National Retail Federation, this year’s Black Friday sales repeat last year’s dismal performance. While the numbers of shoppers/lookers increased, spending per person decreased by almost $30. Overall retail sales this season are expected to decline slightly from those last year, ...
A Suffolk judge has wiped out the entire debt of a Long Island couple to OneWest Bank, criticizing the bank for its “repulsive” actions. The bank, held by a private equity group including billionaire George Soros and computer mogul Michael Dell, has recently been criticized for failing to work wi...
Many of those considering buying a home struggle with the question: Why should I use a Realtor®? While some assume they can save thousands by eliminating an agent's commission, others feel that the services of a real estate professional are no longer relevant in today’s tech savvy society. I stro...
While there are sometimes bargains to be found in the purchase of foreclosures, there are also serious pitfalls. Foreclosures are not for the inexperienced. Use the following to help guide you through the process.   1. Don’t buy a foreclosure in the wrong area. Even if the home is a great deal, i...
Is the housing market improving? According to Elizabeth Warren, chair of The Congressional Oversight Panel, it’s not. While the market has shown signs of improvement in some areas, the overall picture is still quite grim. According to Warren, as many as 10 to 12 million homes could be lost to for...
I have somewhat neglected my blog for the past few weeks, and have been asked if there was a problem. I have had a problem—I “fried” the mother board in my faithful computer and had to deal with the issues of replacement—but I’ve also been doing the final editing on my upcoming book, Shrewd Homeb...

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