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The information contained in each post has been written to assist all consumers and realtors with the many aspects of a real estate transaction. Joan particularly wants to support individuals moving through the transitions of divorce and widowhood in terms of their financial, emotional and real estate goals.
Fireworks start when the conversation turns to the marital home in a divorce. It is a highly charged emotional discussion and also the largest financial decision most families will make. I joined the dynamic duo of Joanie Winberg and Roslind Sedacce on The Divorce View radio show to explore optio...
NAR has just released their Generational Trends Report for 2014. This is always an interesting summary of what each generation is doing in the real estate market. More and more consumers are utilizing mobile devices ...
Please listen to this fast paced informative radio interview I did with Joanie and Ros of Divorce View Talk Show about "Should you Divorce the House Along with your Spouse"
Video has become a must in marketing and it's easier and more affordable than you think. Plus, it's fun and creative. We are always interested in effective ways to spend our marketing budget and increase our ROI, and video could be it.A study by the research firm Forester,
Wow, the market is moving so fast it’s hard to stay on top of all the activity. There are many multiple offers on homes and, interestingly, lots of homes going under contract and then coming back on the market. It appears the majority of these transactions fall apart following the inspection. We ...
A young Portland widow named Nellie Young received the first version of a reverse mortgage in 1961. It enabled her to stay in her home.  Without this generous unique loan from her neighborhood Savings and Loan, Ms. Young would have been forced to sell the family home. Through the ensuing years, a...
The public has been spoiled by our willingness to provide services or expertise for free, and it would be beneficial to our profession to change that. If we consider ourselves professionals we need to value ourselves as professionals. There is something to the statement that “We teach people how...
Lease options can be a successful way to buy a home, but there are some caveats. Here are some tips for your protection: 1. You do not own the property yet, and while it's tempting, should not make improvements to the home until you close. 2. If the transaction requires option money it is sugges...
The weather has been brisk and wintery in most of the country, including here in CO, and everyone is pining for spring. When I stopped to buy some Girl Scout cookies the other day they were using vibrant shades of green and yellow table cloths that attracted a lot of attention. A welcome burst o...
Congratulations! Your listing is under contract there is now guarded optimism that the transaction will close. A bright spot is the buyers are pre qualified, or preferably pre approved, so that’s a bit less of an uncertainty these days. However, on the horizon looms the home inspection, which mos...

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