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    Hi Kerrie, I definitely will be happy to host another Meet Up after having had so much fun at our Spring Meet-up this past year.  Thanks to my lovely community for getting my butt in gear.  I miss you guys and I know you miss each other so let's plan our next round of MeetUps. For those who h...
As a Father of 5 Children and a Grandfather of 14 Grandchildren this hit a nerve inasmuch as my wife was a stay at home Mom and I ran my biz out of my home just so we could raise our children.  you gave some great anyalogies and metaphors that really resonated with me. Our Children had the pleasu...
Scams & Contractor Rip Offs The RE Industry Needs To Know About   Just wanted to add a slice of humor to a very mundane and boring topic albeit probably the most important aspect of your manufactured home.  Let this serve as a reminder that you, the manufactured home owner, really need to be care...
Planning To Invest In San Diego & Reasons You Should Consider It   Aside from San Diego being "AMERICA'S FINEST CITY" be one of the most geographically and climatically desirable not to mention beautiful "ISLANDS" unto itself in the world. It is one of the most socially and economically diverse p...
How Many of Us Have To Deal With Clients Who Are Transitioning?   I'd Like to introduce a gentleman I met a few years ago who owns the San Diego Franchise for Caring Transitions. I met him as a result of looking into this as a franchise opportunity inasmuch as we work with so many Seniors in Manu...
"Hi Tech Hi Touch" What Does It Mean To You?     I continue to be amazed at how folks spend so much of their day and even evening on electronic devices be they computers, I Pads, cell phones, texting, talking, emailing, social networking, etc. In fact my wife and partner of 40 years, who I love d...
Foundation Cracks, Settling and Failures Can Ruin A Real Estate Deal   It would be interesting to know how many deals have been lost by RE Professionals but most importantly by buyers and sellers of properties that have had FOUNDATION ISSUES. As a General Contractor who's been in the foundation r...
Case Study of A 12,000sf Panelized Construction Home Start To Finish     This is a step by step process of a spacious 12,000 square foot home in Garden Grove, California. Be sure to click the following link for a direct connection to the American Building Innovation website so you can click on al...
Anyone who owns or manages rental properties who doesn't follow these very commonsensical rules is asking for trouble. Ths was very well written and really resonated with me having been in property management for years. New love is like Springtime - everything fresh and promising.  Birds Singing,...
Sad but true Matt Robinson none of this are getting out of this alive. I've resigned myself to the declining state at 69 years old. But I'm giving it Hell and going out in the style of which I have grown accostumed during the 70 year run I've been blessed with.   I've been a lifetime member of 24...

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