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With all due respect to El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, and the Fab Forties, one could argue that Granite Bay is "the" luxury community in the Sacramento area.  Granite Bay’s real estate market fared pretty well in October, with relatively low inventory given the higher prices.  Before we get into th...
Like most areas in greater Sacramento, Roseville’s real estate market in was slow this October.  Part of this is seasonal, but still unit volume has been down in September and October in general However, by compared to other markets, Roseville is holding its own fairly well.  In this report, we'l...
Although Placer County has seen real estate values decline as they have in many parts of the country over the last year, the statistics in Placer are still fairly robust for the area, and certainly compared to Sacramento County.  For example, while Sacramento County currently has about 11.6 month...
I linked to a few posts on my real estate internet marketing blog, and by far the bulk of the ensuing discussion from ActiveRain folks ended up being about duplicate content -- posting one thing on your own blog in the hope that the search algorithms will love you, then posting either exactly the...
This report covers both East Rocklin (95667) and West Rocklin (95765). The real estate market in Rocklin, California in October was fairly representative of greater Placer County.  Forty-five homes sold in October, bringing the unit volume down 29.7% from last 64 units last October.  This is typi...
These may help you in your marketing efforts.# 10: No longer on probation. # 9: Mom Certified - Psychiatrist Approved. # 8: Now allowed supervised visits. # 7: Specializing in four-sided, wooden houses — our most popular model. # 5: Accuracy you can depend on. # 6: Where the $#%&@!!! are my loan ...
One of the great things about real estate is that there are a host of consumer protection laws -- mainly at the state and federal level -- that we have to follow. However, one of the aspects of my job that bugs me is when it turns out that one of these laws is just superfluous smoke and mirrors. ...
Everyone talks about the real estate market being soft.  However, some of it depends on what product you're looking at.  For example, compared to other models, there's still a huge demand for four-sided wooden homes.  Even with the overall market slowdown, literally hundreds of these popular mode...
I had an entertaining post about the idea I had that it was time to move to Roseville, and I did something I hardly ever do, presumably because I don't usually blog this late at night and during the day I'm marginally less stupid.   I went ahead once the post was almost done and closed the browse...
I wanted to offer my congratulations to Purva Brown for taking on yet another writing project, in the fine tradition of Elite Properties Realtors(r), who on average have one too many writing projects, and that's counting the ones who don't have any!It's a new site, which you'll be able to tell wh...

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