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A place for my rambling's, thoughts and maybe even a few views on life from my prospective. Hang on because here we go...this could be a bumpy ride!



I have recently found out that I am going to be a first time...no not homebuyer....LOL.....FATHER!!!!!My wife is about 9 weeks pregnant!I am about to bust with joy and just had to make the big announement!Thank you Santeee Caus..... PS....What a year....got married in April of this year and now t...
Can you believe it is already Christmas time?  The years seem to go faster and faster as I get older.  I have been told that in my younger days but now I am really believing it.Does your office seem like a ghost town lately?  I know mine does.  I also know it is directly related to the holiday se...
After the very humerous post about the buttons I decided that I wanted one and the easiest way was to make one.Then I thought...others might want one too...so here they are.  Get your buttons now, join the alliance...LOL. You can order your button by CLICKING HERE Prices are not set by me, they a...
I did a listing presentation about three weeks ago.  I felt it went great after I left.  I was told by the wife of the couple that it would be at least two weeks before anyone got the listing as her husband was in a Special Forces (Military) school, you may have heard of it, Robin Sage, and would...
Are you all so busy that you aren't interested in a referral?I have sellers that I just sold their house Friday that are moving to Washington State...somewhere around Fort Lewis.They have enjoyed the experience so much that they have asked me to refer them to someone who represents Keller William...

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