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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Judi Barrett~Integrity Real Estate Services~Idabel, Oklahoma
Life in Southeast Oklahoma - The people, the places, events, ideas...we're a unique place. Let's talk about this great area that we live in. I love where I live, so let me share it with you.



If you don't read another blog today, please read this one.. I encourage you to go to the original and leave Janet a comment.  We've all heard about being "ripped off" when in reality the situation that is being discribed is NOT.   Thanks, Janet.You are a Realtor who closed 2 loans this month. Yo...
    Michelle's post is good information on those home improvements that just about every seller has... so which of these categories do your home improvements fall under?    Is it Maintenance?                                                       Is it an upgrade?                      Or is Perso...
Day 29 of the 31 Days of December Challenge   Today was a mixed day to say the least..  Finally getting throught the maze that you might call transactions on these two VA loans.  It's a lending two step.. but we're about to finish our dance.  One of them has actually gone pretty smoothly, the oth...
  I love Lou's  thoughts on this famous quote.  We do need to market to desires, lifestyles, etc.. that's the reason that we should talk about nearby restaurants, shopping, wonderful parties that can be thrown in the home, how near it is to the golf course.. Wonderful post as always.        Motiv...
Is it attached and you don't want to sell it?  Unattach it BEFORE I Show It! Why do you want to complicate my life? Why do you want to complicate the sale of your home?    Listen up.... I DO know what I'm talking about!  That large antique mirror in the bathroom that your grandmother left you.. Y...
Start the New Year 2011 off right.. you've been thinking of a larger home?  You want to be close to Hugo but not right in town, You like to fish?....  Home is SOOO close to Raymond Gary.. see map below.  Hugo Lake..(skiiing, sea doing, boating, fishing, fun, fun, fun!    Take a look at this Qual...
Tell Me Something Good That Happened to You this week! Today is my birthday... It has always been blended into Christmas.. I guess everyone that has a birthday in the latter half of December has a Christmas-Birthday celebration.  The two granddaughters are here from Stroud, the three that live cl...
Do You Always Leave A Message When You Call? I do not.  Then people are bugged that I don't.. but .. well, it's like this.. If I call your number and I do not leave you a message, it may be that I had something that I wanted to discuss with you.. I had time right now to do it, but have a pretty f...
Sometimes, a Good Sneeze Does the Trick!    A few years ago, an elderly lady friend told me that she just didn't understand why wives griped about their husbands snoring (or vice versa).  She had a little trick that took care of it and didn't cause any problems in the marriage.    When her husban...
  WELL, almost wordless... I wanted to keep this wordless and easy but it is so difficult to let it go with just a "Merry Christmas" .I had to edit and tell you how much you mean to me and you KNOW who you are. (It has nothing to do with points... I've maxed out my 10 posts this week.. :) )  This...

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