buy: Home Remodeling Gone Wrong: 3 Contractor Projects You Can Remedy - 09/19/14 09:28 PM
It’s a lot of work and it can be a lot of money to own a home. If you choose to remodel, there are a lot of things you can do yourself, but if it’s a bigger job than you can handle, you’re going to have to hire someone.
Let’s say that you wanted the interior of your house remodeled and you hired a contractor. After he left, you find that there were things he left unfinished. If you had it in writing that it was up to the contractor to do everything from start to finish and you had a … (1 comments)

buy: Can a New Home Improve Your Sex Life? - 09/19/14 09:22 PM
The scene is set. Crackling fireplace. Homemade desert. Candles flickering. Drinks sparkling.
And then the spark that should be igniting between the two of you instead takes place in your old fireplace, sending black smoke into your living room and flames shooting up the chimney and out into your space, which then ignite your drapes and send you running partially clothed for the fire extinguisher.
Well that killed the mood.
You don't have to set the living room on fire to know that your house is in desperate need of repair and renovation. But maybe it's just not enough. If you're … (1 comments)

buy: Seller's Advice: Spend a Little, Raise The Price a Lot - 09/19/14 09:07 PM
Your real estate professional is probably advising you to declutter, stage your home, plant new flowers, and make numerous repairs and updates. You may be reluctant to get started because of the costs, but according to home valuation site HomeGain, improvements like these can actually make you more money when you sell your home.
Under HomeGain's Tools for Sellers, you can find the Home Sale Maximizer tool, where HomeGain has identified the top 10 home improvements under $1,500.
These add the most to home sellers' bottom line, and are recommended by over 600 real estate professionals across the nation.
The … (1 comments)

buy: Water Heater Maintenance 101 - 09/06/14 12:28 PM
Water heaters generally have a lifespan of 8-12 years, but as with anything, the better care you take of it, the longer it will last. There are several easy "set it and forget it" tips that you can use with your water heater, like keeping the thermostat at 120 degrees, and always maintain two feet of clearance around the appliance. You can also conserve money on your gas bill by setting your heater to its "vacation" setting when leaving town. This will keep the pilot light going without heating the water.
Water heater maintenance goes well beyond just checking the thermostat, … (2 comments)

buy: Who Pays For Homeowner Association Documents? - 09/06/14 12:21 PM
When a condominium is sold, who should pay the cost of providing the buyer with various HOA (Homeowner Association) documents, the buyer or the seller?
The purchase and sale of a condominium unit can often be more complicated, involve more paperwork, and have proportionately higher expenses than the sale of a free-standing single family home. This doesn't just apply to condominiums; it is also true of sales in other sorts of common-interest developments, e.g. a free-standing home in a development that has a homeowner association with community-owned property such as a clubhouse, pools, playgrounds, streets, etc.
In these transactions expenses are … (0 comments)

buy: Highlight Specialty Rooms When Selling Home - 09/06/14 12:02 PM
Many homeowners understand the importance of making their kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom stand out when it comes to selling their homes.
But helping buyers see other areas of the home that are designed for special purposes, such as a media room, kids' study hall, or art studio can also generate a lot of buyer interest.
If you have a room or space in your home that isn't really being used, consider staging it as a specialty room. Perhaps it let's in the perfect morning light for an artist studio. You can place an easel and some art decor that helps … (0 comments)

buy: How To Know If You're 'That' Neighbor... And What To Do About It - 08/31/14 07:47 AM
Everyone has that one neighbor. The one who's the last to know about the neighborhood garage sale. Who's left out of the weekly game of Bunco. But what if that neighbor…is you?
If you're being ignored, left out, avoided, or whispered about, you just might be. (Doors slammed in your face may be another good indication.) The good news is, there are steps you can take to remedy your reputation. You may not be able to undo whatever it is you did to become the neighborhood ninny, but maybe you can cultivate enough good will for a fresh start. Here are … (2 comments)

buy: Conserving Water Helps Environment And May Add Value To Your Home - 08/30/14 01:54 PM
In California, like many states, we're experiencing a drought again. About 50 percent of U.S. states are facing some level of drought conditions. If this California weather pattern continues through October of this year, this will be California's driest year on record in 500 years.
To put it in perspective, in 1580 it was so dry that the giant sequoias didn't grow at all, according to a LA Times article by B. Lynn Ingram and Frances Malamud-Roam.
How does this impact the housing market? According to the Natural Resources Defense Council's study, more than 400 counties throughout the nation may go … (1 comments)

buy: 8 Ways To Save Money On Your Move and Move In - 08/28/14 04:20 PM
Buying a house and moving in is gonna cost you. There's no way around it. Right? Well, actually, there may just be a way to make it not quite so painful. A willingness to negotiate and put in a little work plus a little inside info on special deals you can take advantage of can help you cut some costs. Here are eight ways to save money on your move and move in.
1. Don't take it all with you
Furniture you're no longer in love with or appliances like washers and dryers or the fridge you have in the garage … (1 comments)

buy: Can Delinquent Condo Owners Be Exposed? - 08/23/14 08:14 PM
If you live in a condominium and you are delinquent on your monthly assessment, can your association disclose your name? If you live in a Montgomery County, Maryland condominium, the answer is yes.
That's the decision of the Montgomery Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC), which was affirmed recently by the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Maryland.
Carl Brown is an owner at Americanna Finnmark Condominium Association in Silver Spring, Maryland. A couple of years ago, he raised several concerns with the association's management company, including a request for a complete delinquency report, which would list the names and unit numbers … (3 comments)

buy: Homebuyers' Advice: Are You Really Ready to Buy a Home? - 08/23/14 08:10 PM
You've done the math. With the down payment you've saved, you can safely buy a home for less money than you could ever have as a renter.
Yet, you seem unable to make a commitment. Are you sure you're really ready to buy a home?
If you find yourself saying any of the following to family, friends, or your real estate agent, you're not ready.
"I'll know when I see the right place."
"I want to see what I can find on my own."
"I'll only buy if I can get a fantastic deal."
"I'm waiting for interest rates to go … (1 comments)

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