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Like your body, often we spend far too little time on our finances. Total financial fitness is more then paying your bills on time. Total Financial Fitness takes into account your personal financial picture. Total Financial Fitness involves mortgage financing, investing, insurance and budgeting. Hopefully you'll find advice relevant to help you be financially fit.



I just wrote a blog criticizing a couple of real estate agents in my local market.  The criticism was based on actual experiences and it was interesting the response I received from some of the real estate agents that contribute to this ActiveRain community.  It does seem that when any agent is c...
I've been one of the largest critique of what listing agents do to sell a home.  I've personally had two horrible experiences with agents, and frankly wonder if any of them really know how to sell a home.  Now to set the table, I'm a lowly mortgage loan officer, so how would I know anything about...
Preparing my seminar I remembered a concept that I heard from another seminar that I attended.  Basically they set the stage by drawing two circles.  The first circle represented all the information that we "Know" and what "We don't know".  Then he drew a circle that represented what "we don't kn...

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