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Like your body, often we spend far too little time on our finances. Total financial fitness is more then paying your bills on time. Total Financial Fitness takes into account your personal financial picture. Total Financial Fitness involves mortgage financing, investing, insurance and budgeting. Hopefully you'll find advice relevant to help you be financially fit.



I've been in the mortgage/real estate industry for over 10 years now.  I can also remember back to the early 80's when my parents struggled with 18% interest rates.  It's been interesting watching real estate and how it's kept pace or exceeded inflation over the years.  I know allot of people ar...
I used to think Tony Robbins was some kind of flash in the pants motivator.  Who hasn't heard of the guy who's always smiling with those big white teeth.  I remember when he helped Andre Agassi over his slump in the early 90's, and I wondered why he was looked as such a rock star by his adoring f...
I mentioned yesterday that I attended the Strategic Equity Summit 2007 in Las Vegas.  I love to attend these conferences.  After the daily grind of meetings, consultations, and day to day issues, it's just nice to enjoy opening my mind to different idea's and concepts from super producers within ...
I hope some of my fellow mortgage planners were able to attend the Strategic Equity Mortgage Conference in Las Vegas this past week.  I know I love taking a week away from the office, immersing myself in the simple pleasure of learning and recharging the proverbial battery of desire, and I'm not ...

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