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Like your body, often we spend far too little time on our finances. Total financial fitness is more then paying your bills on time. Total Financial Fitness takes into account your personal financial picture. Total Financial Fitness involves mortgage financing, investing, insurance and budgeting. Hopefully you'll find advice relevant to help you be financially fit.



What does suitability mean?  If your a financial planner and you've passed your series 6 or 8 license requirements, you know that suitability can apply on many levels with each client.  I was speaking to one of my neighbors who happens to be vice president of one of the largest insurance groups i...
So the market is up 170 points today.  The Fed has promised to do what ever it takes to keep credit markets in play....see report , and consumer spending is through the roof....see report  .  Hasn't anyone heard that we're in the worst real estate market in over 16 years and it could easily equal...
About four years ago I was approached by an associate of mine who was asked to help on a number of home purchases.  My associate trusted my opinion and had me look over the deals. I explained that it was impossible to get back the cash on the properties due to seasoning issues.  I wondered immedi...
Finally someone is doing something about the mortgage crisis.  The question is if the Federal Reserve is acting to late?  What they are proposing has been discussed for some time.  Here is the Bloomberg article in its entirety. What does this mean for borrowers, well it's great for anyone with a ...
LINKING HOTLINE   Top sites to link your listing For those of you who are the do it yourself types and do not wish to list with a real estate professional (which in most cases I do not recommend), and need some help in terms of locations to list your home, the following sites are excellent for co...
Recently there has been allot of bad news in the mortgage industry.  We're having ever increasing foreclosure rates, mortgage default as at record levels, and everyone is now pointing their finger at everyone or anything they perceive as responsible.The problem is most American's do not point bac...

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