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Like your body, often we spend far too little time on our finances. Total financial fitness is more then paying your bills on time. Total Financial Fitness takes into account your personal financial picture. Total Financial Fitness involves mortgage financing, investing, insurance and budgeting. Hopefully you'll find advice relevant to help you be financially fit.



This is a good question if you read today's headlines.  Jeff Belonger also wrote a great article about Deflation and Inflation and why we should be worried about a deflationary depression.  The big difference between 1929 and today is who will be in charge of the government over the next four yea...
As I lick my proverbial wounds, I'm realizing that politics is 90% marketing and 10% real ideas.  Look at Obama's rise to power.  He's young, vibrant, and for some reason he's convinced allot of voters that hope is all that matters.  Now like most politicians he's going to have to do something ab...

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