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Like your body, often we spend far too little time on our finances. Total financial fitness is more then paying your bills on time. Total Financial Fitness takes into account your personal financial picture. Total Financial Fitness involves mortgage financing, investing, insurance and budgeting. Hopefully you'll find advice relevant to help you be financially fit.



You open up your credit card statement and your shocked to see that your credit limit has been reduced to what you currently owe! Or worse, your American Express card was just declined due to your credit limit being limited (and you thought AMEX didn't have a limit). As the economy continues to s...
I've been an advocate for a national sales tax for some time, but reality is going to be more difficult than I realized.  Here is the following table I complied.   ...
My first post on this subject outlined the main challenges we'll be facing in the next 5 to 10 years.  Now I'm going to start focusing on each of these challenges one at a time.  I enjoy reading the responses by my readers, and one exchange in particular spurred me to write this follow-up. Homes ...

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