referrals: Yet Another AR Referral Makes It To Settlement - A Great Christmas Present - 12/18/08 01:22 PM
You wouldn't know that a year ago I didn't know Pat Kennedy from, er, thousands of of Realtors everywhere in the country.  Then I started hanging out on Active Rain. To this day, I have no idea how I stumbled across her blog...but I'm sure glad I did.
I started reading her posts and liked what I saw.  More to the point, I could tell that she knew real estate and knew what she was doing.  So when I had a referral in DC for a Buyer client of mine in a neighboring jurisdiction in the MD Suburbs of DC who … (33 comments)

referrals: Are Zillow, Trulia, HomeGain, et al Really so Bad?? - 09/25/08 08:44 PM
I come across very few real estate blogs or sites that will say anything nice about sites like Zillow or Trulia or HomeGain or a dozen other sites that have a reputation for data mining leads and "selling them back" to Realtors.  I think of the three, Trulia probably has the best street cred with things like Trulia Ambassadors and what have you.
In fact, I recently got a come on from Trulia about their Spoltlight and Featured ads -- something called Trulia Pro. It looks pretty legit and it's a ton lot cheaper than ,say,  But is it for … (20 comments)