Winter MeetUps are just around the corner.  The community voted for the week of January 19-24th and the gracious Rainers below have volunteered to host a MeetUp in their area.   The MeetUp locations and hosts are listed below.  If you have questions regarding a specific one, please contact the ho...
My nephew Henry is ready for his first Christmas!!!  
Thank you to all who voted on which week works best for our next round of MeetUps.  We have a clear winner with January 19-24 claiming over 50% of the votes. it's time to get all our ducks in a row, quack quack! I am looking for hosts who are available and willing.  Never hosted a MeetUp...
Thanks to my lovely community for getting my butt in gear.  I miss you guys and I know you miss each other so let's plan our next round of MeetUps. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about...MeetUps are informal get-togethers for members of ActiveRain to hang out and talk business, sport...
I always see these pics on Facebook where people go to those painting classes and create amazing pieces of artwork.  I cannot draw anything to save my life so when a friend suggested we sign up for "Paint Your Pet" I was in.  I wanted to see what the magic was about and how on earth they could he...
Months and months ago a decision was made to raise the blog post point cap from 10 to 20 per week.  The thought was that this move would increase our content thus making AR's domain authority that much stronger. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  A concern about the quality of posts being create...
When I heard Pop Departures was coming to SAM I immediately bought tickets and made reservations for a fancy dinner nearby.  Nothing like a Saturday date with my boo to keep me looking forward to the weekend.   We saw Warhols and Lichtensteins and arrived just in time for a tour which was quite i...
Thank you to those who participated in this absolutely hilarious list.  We compiled the top 31 secrets from agents across America and Canada into one funny, gif-filled article..  Many of you have asked where you can find the list, it was just published today on the Trulia Pro Blog.   31 Secrets R...
Big brother George holding new brother Henry.  I can already imagine the mischief these two will get into in the future.
Rainers!  We are currently running a sweeps on Trulia that could win you $200!  If you have a horror story you'd like to share, and stay anonymous of course, please do so below.  In a week we'll choose a random winner of a $200 gift card! The results of the other surveys we've taken recently will...

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