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This is a great place to learn about all the dynamic and exciting things the Florida Lifestyle on the beautiful and sunny Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida has to offer!
One of the coolest things about living on the Space Coast is all of the aeronautical events that go on.  We have rockets that get shot off from the Cape (Canaveral) on a pretty regular basis. Regardless of how many rocket launches there are, you always see people line up on the beach whenever on...
I recently had lunch at Pineda Crossing Bar and Grill.  Now I have driven by Pineda Crossing Bar and Grill several times and thought about stopping in. Last week I got my chance.  I went with two business associates for lunch.  The Pineda Crossing Bar and Grill advertises itself as “The Home of ...
Based on what we do for a living, we all know how much stress buying a house puts on people.  We see stressed out people bicker with each other virtually every time we go out to show property.  But, this is a hilarious video depicting everyday life (and arguments) we witness on a daily basis!  En...
I once got an e-mail from a buyer who wanted to live in a particularly upscale and desirable part of town. Now understand that in this particulat area, the average price of a vacant home lot started at $250,000.  The e-mail I got sounded something like: “Hi Kerry, We need a house that has at leas...
I once listed a condo that had been owned by an elderly man who had lived in the condo for many years.  The condo, while in a super desirable neighborhood was dated.  The fixtures screamed 1974, the ceilings had popcorn texture and the appliances were harvest gold (you know the color along with a...
I used to only think that WD-40 is a great lubricant when something is stuck.  At least that is always the way that I saw my father use the stuff.  But lately I have seen all of these additional uses for WD-40 that I was astonished by!  Here are 10 cool applications! Shines leaves of houseplants ...
You may remember that I recently wrote about Robin Williams and his suicide last week due to depression.  You may also remember how little respect I have for the nut cases at the Westboro Baptist Church and their insanity.  Well, they have announced that they will protest at Robin Wiliam's funera...
Often Buyers will ask me if the Sellers of a home they are interested in purchasing will pay their closing costs. The answer is...yes and no.  It really all depends on the way that you structure the request in writing your offer.Lets take an example:Let’s say that you are looking at purchasing a ...
“I want to have some bargaining room.” is very possibly the dumbest thing that we Realtors hear coming out of a Seller(s) mouth.  Seriously!  I hear this statement on a pretty regular basis.The rationale behind this is this:  If your property is worth let’s say $525,000, list it at $550,000 becau...
I have been truly touched by the outpouring of love and sadness that has come about after the passing of the great Robin Williams.  I remember first becoming aware of Robin Williams as Mork.  Because I went to college in Denver, it felt like Robin Williams was part of our peer group at the Unive...

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