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This is a great place to learn about all the dynamic and exciting things the beachside lifestyle on the beautiful and sunny Space Coast in South Brevard County, Florida has to offer!
Often Buyers will ask me if the Sellers of a home they are interested in purchasing will pay their closing costs. The answer is...yes and no.  It really all depends on the way that you structure the request in writing your offer.Lets take an example:Let’s say that you are looking at purchasing a ...
“I want to have some bargaining room.” is very possibly the dumbest thing that we Realtors hear coming out of a Seller(s) mouth.  Seriously!  I hear this statement on a pretty regular basis.The rationale behind this is this:  If your property is worth let’s say $525,000, list it at $550,000 becau...
I have been truly touched by the outpouring of love and sadness that has come about after the passing of the great Robin Williams.  I remember first becoming aware of Robin Williams as Mork.  Because I went to college in Denver, it felt like Robin Williams was part of our peer group at the Unive...
Thank You Beyonce!  There are plenty of times when it is just fine to sit back and think about purchasing a high ticket item: 1.)  When you are buying a new $80,000+ car that isn't on sale.2.) When you are buying another pair of $100+ jeans that aren't on sale3.) When you are buying a second set ...
When dealing with Buyers, I am sometimes amused by what people tell me they want in their new home.  For example, several years ago I was working with a single man who had a budget of $110,000.  Tim wanted to buy a condo or a townhome.  When I asked him what he wanted, he said to me, “Have you e...
Initially many people will say "Sure, of course I know what area I want to buy and live in".  But realistically, many Buyers don't and just don't see why they should.  They want to "keep their options open". In an area like the Space Coast, this can be a particular problem.  We have a lot of peop...
I often get calls from potential buyers that want to see a property that is for sale.  Many times, they get a bit testy with me when I ask them if they are pre-qualified for a home loan. Although I can appreciate why a potential buyer may feel this way, there are very good reasons why a buyer sh...
I recently brought a home Beachside.  It was an REO property so I got a great deal on it.  When we did the inspection it was noted that the tub in the hallway was draining slow.  No problem, it was probably just hair in the P trap.  But, just a couple of days after I moved in, all of the drains s...
403 Rosedale Drive has closed!  This cute 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom pool home has closed.  Located walking distance to Surfside Elementary School, this Beachside home has an huge gas kitchen, walk-in closets, a Florida room under air and a large storage shed in the yard.  Located in quiet Ocean Spra...
Coasters Pub & Biergarten was a nice surprise! Being that I am Colorado girl, I have been looking for a good bison burger ever since I arrived on the Space Coast, heck bison anything! Bison is actually the correct name for what most Americans call buffalo.  Bison is a tasty, healthier alternativ...

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