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They're already out as far as I'm concerned. In 2005 I spent less than $100 on newspaper ads and had one of the best ever sales and earnings years in the 27 years I've been in the real estate business. I noticed an article in the current "REALTOR® Magazine" that says Ohio based real estate firm R...
Sellers often rail against paying any sort of commission to get their house sold, let alone a traditional 6, 7, & 8% fee (at least mine often do, maybe yours are more generous) ;-) I find that if you break down your costs and demonstrate to them what you actually do, then more times than not they...
When I first started in real estate over 20 years ago FHA insured loans were a huge part of my business, maybe 85% or more. Over the years I've seen it drop to less than 5%, in fact I can't remember the last FHA financed transaction I've done; it certainly wasn't this year.All that is fixing to c...
According to National Association of Realtor's statistics the second largest homebuying demographic group is single women; they're only surpassed by married couples. I guess that shows that single women are smarter than single men ;-) or maybe it's that security/desire for security thing in actio...
One great place to get data on how well you're website is performing for you is your server logs. You'll need a program such as or to arrange them in a useful format but if you take the extra step to do that you will then have access to a we...
Hopefully you're very good; it's a huge part of what we do every day. I've learned there's a reason we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth; it's to listen twice as much as you talk. ;-)Seriously though, the more you can learn about a situation of any kind the better offers and counteroffers you will be ...
I'm always curious about how real estate works in other parts of the country. For example in Tennessee in order to become someone's "Agent" you have to have a bi-lateral agency agreement signed by both a consumer and a real estate licensee to become an official "Agent". This is pretty automatic w...
For those of you that may not be aware of, or have never visited, (not you missing some great (and helpful) is the member's site of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and every Realtor has access both to the publicly displayed side an...
Another avenue to learn more about buying & selling homes as an investment would be local investment clubs located in your area. Most of them tend to be very low budget, low key affairs you find by word of mouth and the 'friend of a friend' method. One of the largest and best organized in my area...
If you're currently engaged in the real estate business as a licensee you're in a perfect position to buy & sell homes as another profit center for yourself. For several years now I've bought and sold single family homes for investment and made money on all of them. As real estate professionals w...

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