hawaii: What do you do when you see a property considerably underpriced ? - 04/11/14 10:56 AM
You write a blog about it and hope to get a buyer! 

Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate and I was scanning today's hotsheet and came across a property that is considerably under-priced ($245,000) . This is a bank owned foreclosure, 3 acres of land only, in a gated community, 1800 foot elevation, and great coastline views! Property is zoned for agriculture - meaning horses are welcome. CC&Rs state you have must build 4,000 sqft under roof, but this can include your barn, garage, and lanai. I just purchased 3 acres in here myself, this is an awesome deal, wish … (0 comments)

hawaii: Just Listed: 2 Duplex, 16 bedroom, 16 bath, on Alii Drive, Kona HI - 03/12/14 05:41 PM
You are not going to find anything like this for sale here on the Big Island (at time of writing this blog)
Condo, townhouse, apartment, multi family, none of them come in looking as good as this one, at this price.
Listed at: $1,897,000  
You hear it all the time, LOCATION, Location, location........ but take a look at this one. We are offering 2 duplexes, with a total of 16 bedroom, 16 baths, with plenty of parking, right in the heart of Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Located on Alii Drive (start/finish line of the world famous Ironman Triathalon) and just a … (3 comments)

hawaii: Pāhoehoe - How many of you are familiar with this word? - 02/26/14 02:32 PM
Unless you live on the Big Island of Hawaii, or visited here lately, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. None of the other islands have active volcano's, so it's a word that is used mainly here on the Big Island. 
Here is Wikipedia's defenition, (Funny, "Wiki" (pronounced [ˈwiti] or [ˈviti]) is a Hawaiian word meaning "fast" or "quick") 
Pāhoehoe:  (/pəˈhoʊ.iːˈhoʊ.iː/; from Hawaiian [paːˈhoweˈhowe],[8] meaning "smooth, unbroken lava"), also spelled pahoehoe, is basaltic lava that has a smooth, billowy, undulating, or ropy surface. These surface features are due to the movement of very fluid lava under a congealing surface crust. The Hawaiian word was introduced as a technical … (1 comments)

hawaii: January 2014 Hawaii Real Estate Report - Getting better every day! - 02/26/14 01:08 PM
January 2014 West Hawaii Real Estate Report-Residential Prices Jump 42% by Julie Ziemelis & Lance Owens on February 21, 2014 in Market Report The Kona housing market is heating up as we head into 2014 with the the price of homes in North Kona jumping 42% year over year from January 2013 to January 2014 according to statistics from the Hawaii Information Service, Kona’s regional multiple listing service. While prices have jumped, inventory remains tight with sales dropping slightly from this time last year.
Median home prices increased 42% from $362,500 to $514,764 in North Kona year over year and increased from $338,500 in South Kona to … (0 comments)

hawaii: Kona Sea Ridge with Ocean Views - 3/2 @ $329,000 - 01/25/14 11:45 AM
Aloha, Lance here with LUVA Real Estate and we have a brand new listing at Kona Sea Ridge. Speaking of brand new, this unit is owner occupied and it feels, and looks, brand new! Pride of ownership shows throughout this condo. 
3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1086sqft, with ocean views from master bedroom, living room, and lanai. The complex itself also shows pride of ownership, its gated and has resort type pool and spa. Centrally located in Alii Drive, close to everything. 
Please call for an appointment: Lance Owens 808-936-8383
Now the important stuff - Photos: 


hawaii: High Surf Pounds the Kona Coast - expected to be 25 footers by 6pm. - 12/20/13 02:12 PM
Mother nature can deliver some blows! THe National Weather Service has prepared us for days now, but take a look at what is happening in Alii Drive, in Kailua Kona. 
This is a photo from Lava Java, and Huggos on the Rocks, soon to be Huggos in the Bay, just kidding, they are used to this stuff. 

Post by KonaHomeTeam - Kailua Kona Real Estate Services.  

hawaii: Lucky we live Hawaii, sharing a moment from this mornings drive. - 12/18/13 12:04 PM

Some-days you just have to stop and smell the roses, in this case the roses were the Pacific Ocean, and today is somehow better than yesterday, even after 30 years here. I just had to share it with all. 
Photos taken about 20 minutes ago, along Alii Drive, at "Magics Beach" in Kailua Kona, HI
You ever been to Disneyland "California Theme Park" and went on the ride, Soaring over California, do you remember all the wonderful smells, and how they changed as the theme changed? Well I wish I could do that for you here.
Have a wonderful day, enjoy the photos, … (1 comments)

hawaii: Kailua Kona Real Estate Report: November 2013, number sold: UP 72% - 12/13/13 12:42 PM
Aloha, Lance Owens here with LUVA Real Estate and the November MLS reports are complete.

  To no surprise November numbers are up
 Homes Sold: Up by 72% over last year. If you follow my report you  know that October was a strange month, numbers were down, but the  market was busy - this kind of explains it, we had a few carry overs  that posted for November. Taking a look at Year To Date (YTD)  numbers we are up 18%, which suggests that we are in a good,  strong, upward market. 
Any guess on what year … (3 comments)

hawaii: Current Trends in the Luxury Travel World! - 11/06/13 05:58 PM
Lucky we live Hawaii, Lucky I work for LUVA. 
We have a new agent, Debbie Raiter working on our company blog - she did a great job here. 
Just FYI, I do sales, but our office does super luxury rentals also 
As the world moves ever faster there is an even greater need to ‘get outta of the rat race’. Luxury travelers, corporate leaders and their teams are moving off the beaten path to find space AND authentic, personalized experiences;  They are looking for peace of mind. Corporate retreats, luxury travel and personal expeditions are making a comeback especially on … (0 comments)

hawaii: Hawaii County declares Oct 25 2013 - Body Glove 60th Anniversary Day - 11/04/13 04:05 PM

WOW, Body Glove turned 60 this year and threw a PARTY,  here in Kona, Hawaii.
They commissioned Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker to design a set of Tiki Mugs for the event, then set up a 2 day event/party, that introduced me to a new set of friends, good to see so many great people out there.
The Mayor of Hawaii County declares it "Body Glove" day - Officially! (see video below) 
if you were a Tiki fan, a Body Glove Fan, a Hawaii fan, there is only one place that could fit the bill ! 
Day 1: Don the Beachcomber's … (0 comments)

hawaii: Tiki fans - HUGE Tiki event in Kona, Hawaii this Thursday and Friday - 10/22/13 05:21 PM

I am sure you have heard of "Body Glove" before - Wetsuits, Boardshorts, Bikinis, Wakeboards, Waterskis...... But how many of you have heard of Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker? If I were to answer that question, 2 months ago? A: Brad whoooo? But somehow, I got caught up in all this "Tiki Mug" fanatic "stuff" , whether I wanted to or not. I actually love it now - whole new craze for me. (I will post a little more about that below) . 
Since I am "name dropping" let me add a few more... Wyland Galleries, Henry Kapono, Surf legends and … (3 comments)

hawaii: Whats my Home worth? Hawaii Luxury Real Estate - 10/19/13 12:40 PM
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here, with LUVA Real Estate and I wanted to take a minute of your time and talk about Luxury Real Estate in Hawaii. 
I get a lot of calls, clients wanting to know if the time is right to sell their home? Where is the market heading? Whats going on in Hawaii, are the foreclosures drying up............
First of all, the market is on a 2 year trend of rising prices here, the foreclosures? What foreclosures - I just ran an MLS search for "foreclosure homes" , North Kona,  for sale? ONE - 1, not a typo, … (1 comments)

hawaii: Whats my Condo worth? In Hawaii, its worth a lot more now! - 10/19/13 10:42 AM
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate and I wanted to take a minute to go over some of the black and white numbers with you. More so, why it is important to get a local REALTOR, someone that knows your area. 
According to the Hawaii Information Service (HIS) the median price for a condo in West Hawaii, (actually the MLS will break it down as North Kona), Condo prices have increased a measly 2.51% over September 2012, and while the MLS just breaks it down from the REALTOR input, it does not represent whats happening on the ground. 

hawaii: Just Sold , Keauhou Punahele, Golf Course Condo - Kailua Kona, Hawaii - 10/11/13 04:57 PM
I wanted to shout out a Huge congratulations to Brett and Nicole Winther on the purchase of their new condo at Keauhou Punahele! Newlyweds and all, they got it together and purchased this, golf course frontage - 8th tee I believe, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, condo!  I can already picture Brett out there, swinging his clubs, Nicole probably right there with him, and oh yes, Makana and Maynard too - happy day for a great family. 
Hi Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate, and let me tell you, this  was not an easy escrow, but Brett and Nicole hung in there, … (3 comments)

hawaii: Fall is here, are you prepared? A little checklist to keep you ready. - 09/26/13 08:48 AM
Fall can bring some challenging weather and we just want to make sure you are prepared. Visitors and newcomers alike should take a moment, grab this list, and check your supplies. 

Looking at the chart above, you can expect drastic temperature changes, as much as 2 degrees, so don't let all that Sun, Sand, and Waves fool you. 
Preparedness List 
1: Sunscreen - make sure your sunscreen has not expired. YES, this is not a joke, sunscreen actually does have an expiration date on it
2: Hmmmmm? 
3: Swimsuit? Make sure your "fall" colors are correct, you do not want … (0 comments)

hawaii: I forgot what it was like, sitting on the other side of the table! - 09/21/13 11:40 AM
If I could recommend one thing to all Realtor's, go put an offer in on a property that you really like! What a refreshing exprience it was.
Hi,  Lance Owens (RS) here, with LUVA Real Estate, and I wanted to share my personal real estate experience. 
My wife and I have been looking for acreage here on the Big Island now for about a year, and as we watch prices climb, and inventory decline, we have had to lower our expectations some, with the fear of possibly being priced out of the market in the near future. Its funny because when … (35 comments)

hawaii: Ocean Front Vacation Rental for sale - Hawaii $389,000 - 09/15/13 01:14 PM
Absolute Ocean Front Condo – 2 bedrooms / 2 baths, in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, more specifically, at the Keauhou end of Alii Drive 

Sought after Townhouse 
• Absolute Ocean Front
• Ground Floor Unit (get out, walk around, cast your fishing pole)
• Sold furnished 
• Vacation Rentals allowed 
• Google the complex and look at Vacation Rentals yourself 
Complex amenities include
• Gated Community
• 3 Tennis Courts 
• Swimming Pool
• Gathering area 
• Mature Landscaping
• Archaeological Sites on property – and property adjoining complex 
• Walking paths along Ocean
• Sandy Beach at North End
• On a Walking meter of 1- 10, I would give this one a - 9.5 … (1 comments)

hawaii: Living in "Coffee Country" - Kona Coffee that is! - 08/28/13 09:20 PM
Aloha and Welcome back,
Everybody has heard of "Kona Coffee" , but how many really know about the area that produces it? 
Today we are going to talk a little bit about Holualoa, resting on the slopes of Hualalai mountain.
Just above Kailua Kona, one of the most sought after areas in the North Kona. Mostly due to the perfect climate, and old town feeling. A typical day on the mountain, you wake up to beautiful sunny day, as the temperature rises into the  afternoon, the clouds will start to form, giving you a late afternoon cloud cover, and typically light … (2 comments)

hawaii: 25 minutes, and the last day of fishing begins: HIBT Kona Hawaii - 08/09/13 10:17 AM
Hawaii International Billfish Tournament begins its last day in just a few minutes, just watching 38 boats race for the best fishing grounds is something in itself, the hummmmm of all those deisel engines, all the wakes, looks like a flag, blowing in the wind. But its really about the fishing, HIBT was launched 2 days after Hawaii became a State, for those of you who dont know - it was 1959, ok history lesson over, lets talk about fishing - take a look at Day 3's video 

Here is from their website, click it and you can go … (1 comments)

hawaii: Sold - 5/4 home in Kailua, Oahu. LUVA Real Estate - Luxury Specialist - 05/24/13 12:49 PM
LUVA Real Estate and Lance Owens (RS)  (Luxury Sales REALTOR at LUVA Real Estate). Want to Congratulate the new homeowners at 554 Auwai street. What a deal, I think it lasted a whole week on the market before these lucky buyers scooped it up.
Let me correct that -
8 days on the market
Listed: $810,000
Sold: $810,000
Can you bet on "8s" in Vegas? (you think I would know the answer - I grew up there) 
This 5 bedroom, 4 bath multi-generational home is located in Kailua, Oahu, near some of the most pristine, best,  beaches … (2 comments)

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