green: 2012 Earth Day Activities in Milwaukee, WI - 04/22/12 07:09 AM
  Happy Earth Day Everyone!  I found this great article that I thought I would share.  If you are in the area, go check out an event.  If not, hopefully you are doing something GREEN today (and every day for that matter).    Earth Day in Milwaukee 2012 A Listing of Earth Day Celebrations in Milwaukee By Carrie Trousil, Guide  
  Although its sometimes hard to see underneath its gruff, post-industrial exterior, early Milwaukee officials gave great thought to our green spaces. Thanks to the foresight of men like Charles Whitnall, Milwaukee has an extensive infrastructure of park land. … (10 comments)

green: It's Easy Being Green! - 04/14/12 07:14 AM

When it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling, thei spirit is willing, but sometimes the time, opportunity, or finances are weak.  Enter lifestyle sustainability service Practically Green.  The judgment-free Boston-based website helps users assess their energy footprints and green their lives.  Regular blog posts, weekly personalized emails and a social network suggest changes big and small.  Maybe it's not the right time to buy a new water-saving dishwasher, but you can easily turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.  It all counts!  Visit to find other ways to save--money and the environment!

green: Attention GREEN Folks! - 12/10/10 09:51 AM
Now old corks can get a new life!  Most of us recycle wine bottles, but now we can recycle old corks, too.  A nonprofit organization called Cork ReHarvest is helping to collect some of the 13 billion natural corks produced each year.  Bobby Flay and Mario Batali both support the program, which collects the used corks and works with recycling centers to turn them into floor tiles, coasters and even shipping material.  Visit to find collection sites in grocery and wine stores in your area.  I am sooooo doing this!
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green: Lazy Girl's Eco Guide! - 03/19/09 09:49 AM

I found a great article in a Rachel Ray magazine, about how Green is Beautiful.   Many of us are trying to become Greener these days.   Here are 3 ways to get started in your Green quest!
1.  No need to overhaul your entire beauty routine.  Make the green swap with one daily product, preferably something that sits on your skin all day like a deoderant or moisturizer, so you can actually reap the benefits.
2.  Don't shell out a lot of green for green products.  Plenty of bargain goods can be found in the drugstore.
3.  What on … (16 comments)

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