summer food myths: More Summer Food Myths - 05/26/12 06:22 AM
Here are the second pair of Summer Food Myths fromn the Rachel Ray Magazine:
1. MYTH: All veggie burgers are good for you. FALSE! You may feel virtuous grilling up a veggie burger instead of a thick beef patty, but not all meatless burgers are created equal. Some are highly processed and packed with salt. Just one patty can have up to 400mg of sodium, which is 25 percent of your daily allowance. Before you buy, read the label. You want to see veggies high up in the ingredient list.
2. MYTH: When you leave plastic bottles in the … (17 comments)

summer food myths: Summer Food Myths Series - 05/24/12 05:48 AM
I found some great info in a recent Rachel Ray Magazine that I thought I would share with you in a 3 part series, of 2 myths a piece.  Enjoy!
If you pass on the mayonnaise-heavy salads at the backyard barbecue and worry about leaving your plastic water bottle in the sun, relax.  Here's the straight scoop on staying healthy when it's hot out.
1.  MYTH.  Mayo-based salads left unrefrigerated can make you sick.  FALSE!  Mayo is very safe for two reasons:  It's pasteurized at the factory and it's full of acid, which creates an environment that stops harmful bacteria … (23 comments)

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