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Market activity, ideas about living more sustainably (by being more 'green', walking more), and informing on places and events in and around Vancouver, Washington.



Coffee Coffee Coffee My husband, the roaster The Columbian recently posted an article about a local entreprenuer that has opened up his own coffee roasting shop. The roasting company's name is N'orwest Coffee and his name is Mike McGinness, and he also owns Paradise Cafe at 1304 Main St. I haven'...
Vancouver, Washington Monday Market Snapshot 2008/12/22 The numbers: active listings are 3479, down from 3522 last week. Where did they go? They were sold (pending), cancelled, withdrawn, or expired (didn't sell). Well, the pending count is down too - currently 432 from 451. So, where did those g...
I enjoy walking to Coffee in Vancouver, WA Great places abound. I was in one of my three most favorite coffee shops earlier this month: The Java House at the corner of Washington and Evergreen. If you haven't had the good fortune of going there already, please do stop in soon. Cora and Doris were...
Going green to save green! Bye-bye Hallmark. Today I spent $35 buying Hallmark cards for parents and children. Ouch! This is right after leaving the post office where I spent $17 mailing homemade cookies and fruitcake across the ocean. Even keeping it simple is getting expensive. As I was checkin...
I stumbled upon a news story. This article, Bush-appointed official twisted species data, report says, is very upsetting. What's upsetting is not just the consequences of a  politician appointing unqualified or unscrupulous people to important positions, but the way people responsible for the tru...
"Use What You've Got" - by Barbara Corcoran "The Trumps: Three Generations that Built an Empire" - by Gwenda Blair "The Art of The Deal" - by Donald Trump I've read my Gary Keller books this year - MREA and Shift - which are great for direct business application. These three are great for perspe...
Monday Market in Vancouver, Washington Monday Market Snapshot 2008/12/15 More inventory. That's what the Multiple Listing System (MLS) reported recently. Our Clark County inventory moved from an inventory rate of 13.7 to 16.9 during November. The inventory is calculated by dividing the number of ...
Interviewing Realtors Some helpful questions to ask yourself. How to tell the difference between a real estate salesperson and a real estate consultant: What is the primary topic of conversation? How great the company is and how much the salsperson sold last year, OR Was the primary topic of conv...
Telling the ugly truth is beautiful Why avoid the truth with kind lies? I had a couple of people with me when I viewed a home recently. The home was promising on the outside and just a hodge-podge of rooms on the inside. It's hard to say what the previous owners were thinking when they made the m...
Sales and salesmen Walking a mile in those shoes... Currently, I'm participating in a what I think of as 'an active outreach program'. Those in the industry will know it as 'door-knocking'. It's a form of cold-calling and it's tough. The reason I think of it as an outreach program is because I kn...

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