should realtors provide comps for appraisers: Realtors- Providing "Comps" for Appraisers can backfire on you!-Appraiser Reality Series Part V - 05/12/12 05:04 AM
I have to tell you a story, but first, Realtors need to know that providing "comps" to Appraisers for review can Backfire on them big time!
Unless as a Realtor, you understand the principles of Substitution, when to make adjustments and how much those adjustments should be for variances between the Subject property and the comps, you may want to tread lightly when it comes to asking for a review of more comps.

I can tell you in the many years I have been appraising, about 90% of the time when Realtors provide me with other comps, they are … (6 comments)