active rain: How I Achieved 1,000 Comments in My First 20-days Blogging Here at Active Rain - 01/11/08 12:22 AM
Creating Rain Activity in a huge community the size of ActiveRain with well over 65,000 real estate sector and related professionals, looks a little daunting at first, I for one was quite intimidated as many probably are. I noticed huge point winners and some top notched professionals around the Nation and thought, wow, where would someone like me fit it.
After all, I started with no points, but then I thought, well, everyone has to start somewhere right? In fact, everyone here started with nothing, no points and were most likely happy to see at least they got a few points for … (20 comments)

active rain: The Last Word on Blogs; Righting the Wrong and Turning the Tables on Blog Tyranny - 01/10/08 12:07 AM
It has been duly noted, that so often human behavior on Internet Forums and Blogs gets out of control with name calling and such. Generally, this happens when one participant goes out of their way to offend another and then the disrespected party gets their feathers ruffled and begins to seek revenge - egos ensue and the battle begins, often it goes on and on.
"Hey, I know that guy, he's a blogger!"
If you are caught up and embattled in a Blog Controversy, whether you started it or inadvertently found yourself a victim there is a solution. It is possible to … (17 comments)

active rain: 2008 Blog Behavior Case Study; Compliments Create Courteous Conversation - 01/07/08 06:13 AM
Increasing every day is the number of Blogs and Forums on the Internet and there is no end in site to this hyperbolic pace. With India and China coming on line with some 2.4 Billion combined potential Internet Users in the future it should be obvious that these formats will become a mainstay in human electronic communication and continually evolve as new systems, innovations and spin-off systems for social networks hit the scene.
Of course in all this there will still be the human element and common sense truths about humans and their somewhat predictable behavior. For instance a human disrespected wants … (2 comments)

active rain: Developing a Rule Strategy for Your Blog - 01/06/08 03:04 AM
If you have a Blog and lots of participants then perhaps you have considered rules to help guide the dialogues? Generally Blogs are places where concepts and ideas are discussed so you might even discuss the potential rules with those who will be participating on your Blog? For instance; What are your thoughts on the New Blog Rule Policy?
You might get some interesting answers back too such as; "The Policy is Okay as far as Policies Go? But are you sure you need a policy for this Blog?" If this is the case perhaps you need to ask yourself the question, … (1 comments)

active rain: Hey, How Many Types of Berries are There on ActiveRain - Captcha Coding is Cool! - 01/05/08 11:36 PM
Is it just me or have you noticed how many times you have to type in some certain type of berry when submitting a comment to someone's blog. In the last two weeks I see I have posted some 425 comments or so and most of the time before I post, I am typing in some sort of berry important "captcha" code.
I guess someone here has a superior sense of humor for picking the "berry" motif, and it is berry, berry cool. Indeed, I had no idea how many types of berries there were before now. I had figured of … (12 comments)

active rain: Is Your Blog Stuck in the Smog - Ditch the Pain and Give it a Little Active Rain - 01/05/08 10:12 PM
Well here in Malibu, CA, we are North of Los Angeles, a city that is attached to some 470 square miles of concrete and 16.5 million people. Some say we are above it all, well, not sure about that, but these real estate prices seem to think so. Even with the fires, flooding and ever present threat of the Big One (Earthquake) these prices defy gravity. Currently, out of the smog and today the skies are clear, thanks to a little rain activity.
But, I see many bloggers are still stuck in a rut, lost in the fog, some with weak content … (1 comments)

active rain: Are only Realtors and Real Estate Agents Allowed on Active Rain? - 01/05/08 02:12 AM
Not long ago, a very successful Real Estate Agent specializing in REOs put up a blog stating that, I should not be allowed to post here, because I was not a real estate agent. Of course, most of us know that all folks involved in real estate, commercial or residential are welcomed at ActiveRain. The gentleman stated that I was a good writer but needed to go away.
Why you ask? Well, because he was a Realtor, as successful one and I had made some comments that offended him in 3 of my 120 Blog Posts. So, here is my reply to … (22 comments)

active rain: Tip for Realtors to Help Improve Business - Take a Drive Thru Rain Activity! - 01/02/08 06:42 AM
Many Realtors claim that they have done everything right to help market themselves and their business, but still each day they drive up to the office in a dirty car, with mud on the side and papers, wrappers and debris inside. Lord help them if a client shows up or a buyer wants to see one of their listings, a buyer who is real, not some Looky Lou, wanting to take a tour of the city on the Realtors dime. These Realtors have an abundance of excuses as to why they did not clean their car.
Some complain the car wash takes … (12 comments)

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