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In a post last Saturday, we mentioned our trip to the Santa Barbara Mission to view the chalk drawings. Most of them were just lines.  Here is the before version.Here is the after.  Creativity is alive and well both in the picture, and in the artist who created it.  We are reminded of a quote by ...
Yesterday as Ron was filling up our car with gas, I noticed a gentleman lifting the rear light flap on his car (52 Cadillac) unscrewing a cap, and placing the fuel nozzle in there.  Neither one of us had ever seen that.That led to a conversation with this very nice man.  He told us that his mento...
 Many luxury real estate markets around the world are also vacation destinations, which means that the local economy is dependent on visitors to a significant extent.  Interestingly, the media can help bring more tourists or help keep them away.We are delighted to report that, despite the media h...
The Santa Barbara Mission  founded in 1786 in hosts the annual I Madonnari festival, where artists create art works sponsored by Santa Barbara businesses and individuals.  The Old Mission is one of the iconic places to visit.  It is home to the community of Franciscan Friars, a church, museum, ce...
We stopped on Saturday at the Santa Barbara Mission to view the annual I Madonari, the Italian Street painting festival which benefits the arts in two counties, and very little progress had been made.  What are you seeing is an outline.  We are going back this morning after breakfast to check it ...
These beautiful flowers are part of the same genus as sunflowers, asters and daisies.   These perennials are easy to care for and grow well from seeds.  They are drought and poor soil tolerant, love sun and can even thrive in afternoon shade.  They are lovely for meadow planting for a naturalized...
It has been what seems to be a very long time since heirloom tomatoes appeared at the Farmers Market in Santa Barbara.  This morning the Tutti farms had their first batch, and we could not resist them...Caprese salad is on the menu this evening with fresh burratta (fresh cheese made from mozzarel...
We spotted these small antheriums pictured above at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market. They come in many colors and my favorites are the purples. The price was right also, 10 for $4.00!   They are grown right here in Carpinteria which is the heart of the flower industry in Santa Barbara County.   ...
Ron just finished a report that he had been working on for several days.  When he sent it off, I suggested that  we head to the wine country pick up a baguette for dinner and have lunch at Sides.  We parked at the Baker's Table (she is an amazing baker and supplies the best restaurants in the val...
We love living here.  Regardless of where you are Nature has a surprise for you.  This is an example that makes our spirits soar!  Once again, we are enchanted and delighted we live here!Wishing everyone a great weekend.Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is ...

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