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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
We have another beautiful day here in Santa Barbara.  The colors at the market caught our attention today, first with these baby beets pictured above.  The contrast of color on the royal blue tablecloth made them even more beautiful to look at. And there were these two tone radishes really set o...
When we took Quincy yesterday to the vet, one of the questions the surgical assistant asked was, did we want to have a cone so that Quincy would not disturb his stitches.  We emphatically said NO!  We hate those things, the cats hate them, they make eating a problem, and they make noise.    Inst...
This morning after delivering Quincy to the vet for a normal surgical procedure, we went over to Cafe Luna in Summerland to pick up a fresh baked croissant and pain au chocolat.  These lovely tower gardens  greeted us chock full of lettuces and other greens.  This produce is grown for Cafe Luna'...
When developing a brand,  articulating your marketing message should be your first priority.  We love analyzing wine brands because the competition for your attention is fierce.   You must instantly tell your target market how you are different and better than your competition. Or, if you don't ...
Yesterday, I had a wonderful chat with Lottie Kendall who works in one of the loveliest cities in the United States, San Francisco.  It was fascinating to learn how she began her real estate journey, first by buying a home and having a serious case of buyer’s remorse.  To sooth her jangled nerve...
  Striking the right balance between creating a captivating design and effectively communicating your primary marketing message is the biggest challenge in web design today.  The trick it to be able to work within the constraints imposed by multiple screen sizes of desktops, laptops and a myriad ...
In this post we would like to share an invaluable marketing insight that can help you attract more referrals in your luxury real estate marketing practice.  It is all about appreciating your own value more often.   Recently, Alexandra and I (Ron here) visited the  special lime grower at the Sant...
  Thanks Debbie Reynolds , for coming up with the stellar idea for the January 2015 contest of using our smart phones to call someone in the Active Rain community.   I reached out to  Dorie Dillard.  We rapidly set up a time to talk via email.  I appreciated Dorie’s prompt response and thoughtfu...
Ron is reminded of Art Nouveau colors when he looks at our cymbidium orchid, because of it unusual colors.  This one graces our sofa table beautifully, and it has several spikes that have not opened up yet, so the show of beauty will continue well into February! Flowers always make people better...
Look at these beautiful lima beans. Their English name is Christmas Lima Beans.  They drew our attention with their burgundy and cream coloring, and the blue bowl they are in.  What a delightful combination! We learned that they are a variation on the traditional Lima.  In Italy, they are known ...

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