larry lawfer: Newton MA Luxury Housing Market Report Jan 2015 - 01/20/15 05:56 PM
Newton MA Luxury Housing Market Report Jan 2015. Over the last 30 days there are 46 properties that have been on the MLS here in Newton that were Active, Under Agreement, Sold, Expired or Canceled. This report gives you a snapshot of what is going on in this market right now.  If you have a property on the market it is instructive to watch what is being sold, expired and under agreement.  You can also search which properties have had a price change in the last 30 days.  In the luxury market, which begins at homes priced $2,100,000 and above in … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Prospecting is the real business - 01/17/15 04:06 AM
Prospecting is the real business even though we are in the real estate business.  In most states it is not too difficult to get your license to sell real estate. It is always less time and less money than any college degree. Lots of people have their license.  The low income averages of real estate agents across the country I am sure have lots to do with people who have a license and work barely at all, part time or not very well.  Following the adage that even the blind squirrel can find the nut sometimes then any agent can find … (62 comments)

larry lawfer: Trophy Home, Newton MA Luxury - 01/17/15 04:01 AM
Trophy Home, Newton MA Luxury is all you would think it would be and a bit less. The less part is the price, this property is priced to sell.  At $2,575,000 she isn't cheap, but she is affordable in this rarefied air of luxury in Newton MA.  A home like this is never your first home, you have to earn this one through your hard work, ingenuity, determination and guile.  114 Shornecliffe Road in Newton has stood above and looking out from Farlow Hill since 1911.  The former owners have been like you.  Pillars of the community, leaders in their fields … (6 comments)

larry lawfer: I have today; that is all - 01/16/15 03:48 AM
I have today; that is all.  My today is what I have to work with. This today will make my tomorrow and provide me memories of my yesterday's.  Not taking my yesterday's into today allows me to build a new today which builds the new tomorrow.  Doing the best I can with my today gives me solace and provides me strength.
The days in real estate are varied and hectic.  Calls come in, requests are made while schedules must be kept, it can be chaotic.  It is easy to get lost with all the moving parts, get distracted, confused then dazed.  … (7 comments)

larry lawfer: Do you deserve this Luxury Home, Newton, MA? - 01/16/15 03:12 AM
Do you deserve this Luxury Home, Newton MA?  If it was about the money there are many more people who could purchase this home than those who deserve it.  This home has stood high above Farlow Hill looking out across and beyond the town since 1911.  It is the best example of Classical Revival Architecture in Newton and has been upgraded to include today's amenities.  The families that have lived in this home over these many years have all been pillars of their communities.  Doctors, Entrepreneur's, Legal minds all, they have flourished inside these beautiful walls looking out and down over … (3 comments)

larry lawfer: Farlow Hill luxury home, Newton MA 02458 - 01/14/15 03:38 AM
Farlow Hill luxury home, Newton MA 02458.  MLS #71746470 has just had a price reduction.  What is crazy about this is that this property is already one of the best priced home in the luxury category in all of luxury Newton MA homes.  Price per square foot can be a confusing statistic to follow, but it is one of the 17 methods in which appraisers determine value.  By this measure 114 Shornecliffe Road is one of the best values coming in well below the average sale per square foot price.  There will be an Open House for this property on Saturday … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: More than most, all the best Newton MA - 01/12/15 03:59 AM
More than most, all the best, Newton MA.  Newton has been named the top city in the country, the most affluent city in the country and one of the cities with the top schools in the state on a continual basis.  The homes are large and beautiful, the villages (there are thirteen villages that comprise the city of Newton) are diverse and interesting in many ways.  Newton is home to the well heeled, the well educated and the well informed.  It is both a cohesive community in it's focus on being important, and diverse in it's community and approach to all … (7 comments)

larry lawfer: Housing trends in Newton MA - 12/29/14 12:34 PM
Housing trends in Newton MA.  I just read a fascinating report about the housing trends and demographics in the city of Newton MA.  This report was prepared by the Dukakis Center of Northeastern University and was written by Barry Bluestone and Tracy Corley.  Newton was settled in 1630 and is comprised of 13 villages.  An overview of the report shows that the city has grown during the time of the early automobile (1930-1960) as people became able to move further from the city.  That trend also was the reason the city declined in population. By 1980 the population had declined again … (1 comments)

larry lawfer: Things are looking up and down - 12/29/14 06:02 AM
Things are looking up and down in relation to our real estate markets.  While the number of houses sold in this year is down from 2013 the price point is up. See what I mean?  Understanding what is going on in your market is complex with many variables.  While the market is looked at as a whole which includes the entire US, this look is only important in the abstract.  Real estate markets are local and by local I mean right down to your neighborhood versus the one down the street and around the corner in your very own town.  A … (3 comments)

larry lawfer: Your commission check is not my priority - 12/26/14 05:10 AM
Your commission check is not my priority, it is not even in the top 5 things I care about when we work. As your listing agent one of the highest priorities is getting your price right.  The correct price at the correct time is essential for a quick sale and your (The Seller) getting the most.  The correct price is both an art and a science. The science part is what the appraiser will use to determine the value.  They will look at comparative homes of comparative size, shape, style, amenities and neighborhood to come up with the likely price.  They … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: 400 years of architecture in Newton MA redux - 12/24/14 08:29 AM
400 years of architecture in Newton MA redux.  Last month I went through the beginning era of architecture in Newton.  The link to that is right here.  Newton MA is a town just south and west of Boston only 7 miles from downtown Boston.  It is comprised of 13 villages with their own distinct feel, but as a whole they make us one of the nicest communities in Massachusetts.  I left off with Classical Revival which is also known as Neoclassical.  My current listing at 114 Shornecliffe Road on Farlow Hill is considered one of the nicest examples of this architecture … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: View from the Top, Luxury Newton MA - 12/22/14 09:27 AM
View from the Top, Luxury Newton MA.  When you are on the second and third floor of 114 Shornecliffe Road in Newton that sits atop Farlow Hill in the Newton Corner village you can see for miles. This Classical Revival home has so many wonderful details and design that it does look and feel like a view from the top.  Every owner of this storied home has been at the top of their game.  Insurance, Finance, and Medicine have each had owners who were masters in their domain. This property from its curb appeal through the front door you feel it's … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: What have I done for you lately, Friday. - 12/19/14 10:49 AM
What have I done for you lately, Friday.  With each client, both seller listings and buyer clients, I speak with them on Friday. We choose a time that I will call and let them know everything that has been done to achieve our goals during the week.  For the Seller's listings I give a list of the blogs that have been written, the videos that have been posted and the various other social media tools and content I have used to drive traffic to the listing.  I give the an updated list of the people I have spoken with, mailed to, … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Newton MA Luxury SF Market Report Dec 2014 - 12/18/14 10:00 AM
Newton MA Luxury SF Market Report Dec 2014. There were 124 properties that were involved in the real estate market over the last 30 days.  Active, Under Agreement, Sold listings are the most important since they define the market. I also include Expired and Canceled listings as well because these listings usually define what is wrong with the listing, or the agent doing the listing.  In today's market if you get your property on the market at the right price and with the right kinds of marketing you will draw more people to your listing.  More people means more potential offers. … (6 comments)

larry lawfer: International Luxury Homes Report Boston Dec 15 2015 - 12/16/14 07:21 AM
International Luxury Homes Report Boston Dec 15 2015. As a Million Dollar Guild member of the International Luxury Home Marketing association I have access to the latest information put together on this market on a weekly basis. Keeping current matters if you are looking to Sell or Buy at the right price.  While it is next to impossible to truly time the market perfectly, there are indicators that show what the market is doing and where it is going.
The big news last week is that FHA opened up the 3% downpayment opportunity again. Whle this has next to zero impact … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Early Game means Early Open House - 12/14/14 06:18 AM
Early Game means Early Open House here in New England Patriots land.  Today is what Teddy Bruschi used to call a hat and t-shirt game. A win today  means the team has won its 11th league championship in the last 12 years.  The one miss was the year Tom Brady was hurt and not playing. That year they still won 11 games but did not make the playoffs.
114 Shornecliffe Road, Newton MA is also a winner since 1911. It has sat atop Farlow Hill in Newton, one of the most desirable areas in a very desirable town since that time.  … (8 comments)

larry lawfer: Thin New Construction - 12/13/14 06:24 AM
Thin new construction is something people gravitate towards hoping that a new home will not have the problems that an older home might have.  In most cases, they are wrong.  Owning a home means upkeep whether your house has that new car smell or it has been sitting on the land for years.  Houses need maintenance.  New construction will always have thinner walls, smaller windows than older homes.  It is true the windows will be of the latest technology for efficiency and ease, but they also let in less light.  This fly's in the face of the fact that most people love … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Dear Doctor, your home awaits. - 11/30/14 09:49 AM
Dear Doctor, your home awaits.  Newton is only 7 miles from downtown Boston and all the fabulous hospitals we offer.   It is even closer to the Fenway where you have several more great hospitals.  One of the reasons Newton is so popular with the medical professionals is that the schools are great and the town is far more diverse than many of the surrounding towns.
114 Shorecliffe Road on Farlow Hill in Newton has been home to physicians. Dr Stanton was involved in the first uses of anesthesiology in the United States while at Mass General.  He lived in this home … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Taking the High Road, Your Advantage - 11/29/14 03:47 AM
Taking the High Road, Your Advantage is that you are in control.  So you are trying to show your client some properties and the listing agent doesn't return your phone call.  You call again, and again and then finally the get back to you and explain how busy they are. (Yeah, right.)  You take the high road and let it slide then ask to see the property.  They tell you to call their office and arrange the showing. This is after the listing states unequivocally that the call should be to the agent.  It is 6PM now and the office is … (10 comments)

larry lawfer: Agent Collaboration, Why Not? - 11/28/14 08:50 AM
Agent collaboration, why not I often ask my competing agents. Here is the scene. We each compete for the same listings. Sometimes they win; sometimes I win, that is the way it goes.  There are some agencies that want to sell their own listings and not anyone else’s, so they will instruct their agents not to see the home. They  won't bring their clients who might want and love the property to the property. Crazy, right?  Why would you deprive your client of a home that might be right for them just because it is listed with a competing agent, or agency?  … (27 comments)

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