larry lawfer: Renting in Wayland MA 01778 Rare Opportunity - 04/04/14 10:13 AM
Renting in Wayland MA 01778 Rare Opportunity comes around this week.  Living in Wayland has many advantages.  Wayland, MA is one of the best school systems in all of MA.  Great schools allow each parent to feel secure in the knowledge that their child is being given every opportunity to succeed. These are the kinds of Schools you will find in Wayland.  Claypit Hill school is the one that your elementary aged children would attend if you rented 43 Griscom.  This 4 bedroom home can be yours furnished, or empty and ready for your own furniture. The current tenants of the … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: The Power of Many-Active Rain Meetups - 03/27/14 01:14 PM
The Power of Many-Active Rain Meetups are where you can find that answer than can put you over the top.  Meeting with other professionals who are actively looking to do better on a daily basis is a way to build your business, today.  They always say that birds of a feather, flock together, well so do really smart and successful agents.  No doubt you have people in your office who do nothing but complain.  You know agents who sit in their home office in their jammies until noon doodling on the computer and posting cat videos to their friends.  That is … (40 comments)

larry lawfer: The Company you keep, the friends you make. - 02/20/14 02:23 PM
The Company you keep, the friends you make in your career in many ways are a reflection of your career.  If the people you work with are calm and organized chances are you highly value those traits.  Working with good people can make the difference in your professional life.  I have always looked to people working at the top of the profession for insight and wisdom.  Gary Keller says, "Success leaves clues."  I completely agree.  You can tell when someone has a clue about what they are doing and how they perform their work.  This is true in all walks of … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Commercial, Residential Live/Work space in Boston for Sale - 01/24/14 01:06 PM
Commercial, Residential Live/Work space in Boston for Sale.  Open House Sat Jan 25 from 11-1PM this live/work artist space (although you don't need to be an artist to buy the space) has deeded parking, washer/dryer hookup, fully air conditioned and lots more.  Hyde Park is the most southern part of the city convenient to Jamaica Plain, Dedham and West Roxbury as you can see by the map. Public transportation is available right outside the door #52 Bus line, commuter rail stations at Hyde Park and Readville.  You are in walking distance of shopping, adjacent to Stony Brook Reservation and 5 minutes from … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Failure is part of my every day. Whoopee! - 01/18/14 07:04 AM
Failure is part of my every day. Whoopee!  I know it seems counter intuitive doesn't it, but it isn't.  Successful people fail more often and more consistently than unsuccessful people.  Think of it.  A baby learning to craw falls down a great deal, but that doesn't stop them.  As we learn to first craw, then walk and for some of us to run in the real estate world we must try and fail on a daily basis.  Not all your prospects will work with you, not all of your presentations will end up being listings, not all your listings will sell … (11 comments)

larry lawfer: Community Guidelines post. - 01/15/14 05:42 AM
I have to confess I had not read the Community Guidelines since first starting here on Active Rain in late 2009.  I see they are far more specific than I remember them and far better at explaining what this community is truly about.  This community for me and for so many others is a WEALTH of information and a TREASURE of wonderful, professional people willing to open up, lend a hand and be a strong shoulder when you are overwhelmed.  I have made many friends here and have put into my bucket lists trips to places I would never think of … (15 comments)

larry lawfer: Dedham 2013 Single Family Housing Report - 01/15/14 04:35 AM
Dedham2013SingleFamilyHousingReport shows 402 total properties involved in the 2013 housing market.  As always having your house priced correctly gets you a faster sale with more people through the house and a quicker close.  The current active homes have been on the market for 188 days. This is too long for an average in this community. The List price is double what the average Sale price is.  No two houses are alike and looking at averages is just that–the average.  Each home has it’s own unique Market Value.  Market Value is not what the Seller thinks is a good price, or the … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Weston 2013 Single Family Housing Report - 01/14/14 06:17 AM
Weston 2013 Single Family Housing Report shows 295 properties in the various stages of sale. That is fewer homes than Wellesley, but Weston is a very different community.  House tend to stay on the market longer.  Schools are excellent, a bit more rural and private than Wellesley and still an absolutely wonderful place to live.  Weston is one of the nicest communities in MA without a doubt.
Weston Active Listing 19 Gypsy Trail
Single Family Active Listings: 34    Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 6,963.58     Avg. List$: $3,896,629    Avg. List$/SqFt: $507     Avg. DOM: 181.15
Single Family Under Agreement Listings: 10    Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 4,294.20     Avg. List$: $1,925,185    Avg. List$/SqFt: $438     Avg. … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: I listen for a living because it's all about you. - 01/13/14 06:35 AM
I listen for a living because it's all about you.  This has always been my professional mantra for good reason.  People want to be heard. They have their story and when they hire a professional for any reason they want that professional to know the whole story. It is never about the professionals degree, or awards at that moment, it is always about how well they listen to the story.  Once you know the story then you, as the professional can interpret and plan the best course of action for the speedy resolution of the needs and wants.
I am a … (17 comments)

larry lawfer: Newton Single Family 2013 Housing Report - 01/10/14 05:58 AM
Newton House for Sale 72 Beacon
Newton Ma Single Family housing report for 2013 shows a vibrant and alive housing market.  There were 650 homes Sold in this community during the year, 650–that is a lot of homes.  Only 130 of them were below a price point of $650,000, leaving 450 above that level.  I had a home in Newton on the market for 9 days with multiple offers and the house going $11,000 over asking price. Newton, like so many cities in the Boston area are often ranked at the top level in the country for desirable places to live.  … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Boston, Back Bay Condominium Market Report 2013 - 01/09/14 06:08 AM
Boston, Back Bay Condominium Market Report 2013 had 652 houses that were on the market, sold, expired or canceled in 2013. This is enough condominiums in Back Bay for everyone to find and secure a great place to live in this wonderful and historic area of Boston. The Back Bay has held it’s values and has gained in some areas of the community. Filled with sports stars, celebrities, industry titans, students and regular families Boston’s Back Bay is a place you can find your Boston Area Move In Home. Take a look at these amazing numbers. Back Bay Condo for Sale … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Westwood, MA 02090 2013 Single Family Housing Report - 01/08/14 04:44 AM
Westwood, MA 02090 2013 Single Family Housing Report reveals just 236 houses that were on the market, sold, expired, canceled or are currently under agreement.  Westwood is a town south of Boston with a good school system and a great community. From Wikipedia In July 2005, CNN/Money and Money magazine ranked Westwood 13th on its list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States. Boston Magazine listed Gay Street in Westwood on its list of the Best Streets in the Boston area. It is currently the 20th wealthiest town in Massachusetts.[1] 
                                                                                      Westwood Home for Sale 142 Gay … (5 comments)

larry lawfer: Wellesely Single Family Housing Market Report for 2013 - 01/07/14 03:26 AM
Wellesely Single Family Housing Market Report for 2013.  2013 saw a return of the market which is not to say that Wellesely had lost it’s values like so many other communities across this state.  Wellesely is a thriving community with great schools, an active and participant population of neighbors and friends.  Prices rose as the year went on in 2013, but the number of homes on the market was down. There are people sitting on the sidelines waiting for what?  Prices will continue to inch up, but so will interest rates. What this means to the Seller is that they … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: 2013 Milton Home Sales Review - 01/06/14 03:55 AM
The 2013 Milton, MA 02186 Single Family Homes Sales review unearths 420 homes were involved in this process last year.  The population as per City-Data Milton Statistics in 2010 was 27,203 people, I know it is slightly higher here at the beginning of 2014.  Milton is situated on the Red Line just outside the Boston town limits. While the average home sale in 2013 for the 272 homes sold during the year was $588,480 the range of prices goes will into the Millions in this town. There is something for almost everyone here.
Single Family Active Listings: 36 … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Who's fault is it, because it is definitely not my fault. - 12/28/13 07:47 AM
Who's fault is it, because it is definitely not my fault. Come on, you have heard this before and probably said it too.  It is always someone elses fault. There is always someone else who could have helped and didn't, who promised things and broke the promise, who took advantage of your good nature, who used your talents and returned nothing, right?  I have some of this myself.  After nine months working for a "best friend" who got me into this business in 2010 I realized he had lied about everything.  He was using my talents to grow his business and … (13 comments)

larry lawfer: Top Ten reasons to get out of the business - 12/26/13 05:27 AM
The top ten reasons to get out of the real estate business line up with the top ten reasons to get out of any business.
1) I am in it for the money.  If you are in the real estate business because you think, know, that a lot of money can be made you are in the wrong business.  Yes, it is true, a lot of money can be made, but not without the sincere professional efforts of a dedicated agent.
2) I can make my own schedule.  Yes, this is true in real estate you can make your own schedule, … (161 comments)

larry lawfer: What the ER taught me about RE - 12/26/13 02:26 AM
What the ER taught me about RE this week was a good bit.  First of all I have to say I am fine now, but that is not how I felt last Friday afternoon.  My stomach was distended and I had shooting pains throughout my whole body.  I am not someone who gets sick very often.  I am not a good patient. I don’t like being sick. Off to the emergency room I went around 8:30 PM Friday.  The pain was intense, you know, the kind of pain that makes you wish you were dead.  I sat in the waiting … (66 comments)

larry lawfer: No More Home Delivery, A Realtors® tale - 12/17/13 06:43 AM
No more home delivery is an ode to my father, John Lawfer and a passion he shared with me. One of my first memories about real estate wasn’t real estate at all, certainly not in my 8 year old head.  I was just out working in the middle of the night with my Dad.  He was a home delivery milkman.  This was a different time and people left their doors open for us to come in and look in their refrigerator to see what they needed. Some people left notes in milk bottles out on the steps with what they wanted … (1 comments)

larry lawfer: My really big deal ended up to be no deal at all. - 12/15/13 02:22 PM
My really big deal ended up being no big deal at all, let me tell you the story.  I had just arrived back in Boston after spending my first 9 months in Dallas working in real estate.  That didn't work as planned, but has no bearing on the story.  I moved back to Boston with my family and picked up my MA license to go along with my TX license.  I had blogged daily that first year and had begun to get to know many people here in the Rain.  I was loving it, I still do.  I met one person … (42 comments)

larry lawfer: In a numbers game, this is not the goal - 12/15/13 01:45 PM
In a numbers game, this is not the goal to be gathering points here and not serving our community.  Real Estate is a numbers game, no doubt. The number of human contacts you make each day and have substantive conversations about real estate is the real number to track. From that one number, the number of people you speak to in person, or on the phone in person, you can track your success.  All the other numbers pale in comparison.  The number of people in your database, the number of people who receive your newsletter, the number of magnets and Christmas cards means … (2 comments)

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