larry lawfer: What have I done for you lately, Friday. - 12/19/14 10:49 AM
What have I done for you lately, Friday.  With each client, both seller listings and buyer clients, I speak with them on Friday. We choose a time that I will call and let them know everything that has been done to achieve our goals during the week.  For the Seller's listings I give a list of the blogs that have been written, the videos that have been posted and the various other social media tools and content I have used to drive traffic to the listing.  I give the an updated list of the people I have spoken with, mailed to, … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Newton MA Luxury SF Market Report Dec 2014 - 12/18/14 10:00 AM
Newton MA Luxury SF Market Report Dec 2014. There were 124 properties that were involved in the real estate market over the last 30 days.  Active, Under Agreement, Sold listings are the most important since they define the market. I also include Expired and Canceled listings as well because these listings usually define what is wrong with the listing, or the agent doing the listing.  In today's market if you get your property on the market at the right price and with the right kinds of marketing you will draw more people to your listing.  More people means more potential offers. … (5 comments)

larry lawfer: International Luxury Homes Report Boston Dec 15 2015 - 12/16/14 07:21 AM
International Luxury Homes Report Boston Dec 15 2015. As a Million Dollar Guild member of the International Luxury Home Marketing association I have access to the latest information put together on this market on a weekly basis. Keeping current matters if you are looking to Sell or Buy at the right price.  While it is next to impossible to truly time the market perfectly, there are indicators that show what the market is doing and where it is going.
The big news last week is that FHA opened up the 3% downpayment opportunity again. Whle this has next to zero impact … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Early Game means Early Open House - 12/14/14 06:18 AM
Early Game means Early Open House here in New England Patriots land.  Today is what Teddy Bruschi used to call a hat and t-shirt game. A win today  means the team has won its 11th league championship in the last 12 years.  The one miss was the year Tom Brady was hurt and not playing. That year they still won 11 games but did not make the playoffs.
114 Shornecliffe Road, Newton MA is also a winner since 1911. It has sat atop Farlow Hill in Newton, one of the most desirable areas in a very desirable town since that time.  … (8 comments)

larry lawfer: Thin New Construction - 12/13/14 06:24 AM
Thin new construction is something people gravitate towards hoping that a new home will not have the problems that an older home might have.  In most cases, they are wrong.  Owning a home means upkeep whether your house has that new car smell or it has been sitting on the land for years.  Houses need maintenance.  New construction will always have thinner walls, smaller windows than older homes.  It is true the windows will be of the latest technology for efficiency and ease, but they also let in less light.  This fly's in the face of the fact that most people love … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Dear Doctor, your home awaits. - 11/30/14 09:49 AM
Dear Doctor, your home awaits.  Newton is only 7 miles from downtown Boston and all the fabulous hospitals we offer.   It is even closer to the Fenway where you have several more great hospitals.  One of the reasons Newton is so popular with the medical professionals is that the schools are great and the town is far more diverse than many of the surrounding towns.
114 Shorecliffe Road on Farlow Hill in Newton has been home to physicians. Dr Stanton was involved in the first uses of anesthesiology in the United States while at Mass General.  He lived in this home … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Taking the High Road, Your Advantage - 11/29/14 03:47 AM
Taking the High Road, Your Advantage is that you are in control.  So you are trying to show your client some properties and the listing agent doesn't return your phone call.  You call again, and again and then finally the get back to you and explain how busy they are. (Yeah, right.)  You take the high road and let it slide then ask to see the property.  They tell you to call their office and arrange the showing. This is after the listing states unequivocally that the call should be to the agent.  It is 6PM now and the office is … (10 comments)

larry lawfer: Agent Collaboration, Why Not? - 11/28/14 08:50 AM
Agent collaboration, why not I often ask my competing agents. Here is the scene. We each compete for the same listings. Sometimes they win; sometimes I win, that is the way it goes.  There are some agencies that want to sell their own listings and not anyone else’s, so they will instruct their agents not to see the home. They  won't bring their clients who might want and love the property to the property. Crazy, right?  Why would you deprive your client of a home that might be right for them just because it is listed with a competing agent, or agency?  … (27 comments)

larry lawfer: Newton, MA SF Housing Report Nov 2014 - 11/27/14 08:12 AM
Newton, MA SF Housing Report Nov 2014.  Newton is located only 7 miles from downtown Boston.  It is a diverse and historic community that is really a town made up of 13 distinct villages, each with their own schools and small town centers.  The homes run all the way down from Ultra size and luxury to somewhat affordable.  Newton is constantly on the lists of Best Towns in the US.  Newton schools also rank right up there with the top schools in the state on a consistent basis.  Now to the numbers.  276 properties are seen on the market in the … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Westwood, MA SF Housing Report Nov 2014 - 11/27/14 07:02 AM
Westwood, MA SF Housing Report Nov 2014 There are 90 properties that show up in the last 30 days in Westwood. They are Actives, Under Agreements (UAG), Solds, Expireds and Canceled listings.  Westwood is a town located South and West of Boston. It is a community with highly regarded schools and a range of properties from affordable to luxury.  Let's dive into the MLS (MLSPIN which serves the Boston area) statistics. This does not include properties sold by other means. These other means like FSBO's and estate sales rarely are any more than 20% of the market and often far less.  This … (1 comments)

larry lawfer: Newton's MA community spirit is alive - 11/26/14 07:38 AM
Newton's MA community spirit is alive.  Newton, unlike many great small cities in the US does not have a single center, instead it is made up of many smaller villages. The number of villages has changed over the years, bu the fact remains that it is as diverse a community as you can find in the US.  Newton MA is often rated as one of the top small towns in the US.  24/7 Wall Street named them #1 in Sept 2014, Money Magazine put them in the top tier in 2012.  With 13 villages, each with thier own schools, pedestrian-friendly shopping … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: 400 years of Architecture in Newton MA - 11/22/14 04:46 AM
400 years of Architecture in Newton MA and what you have is many classic styles and designs.  It is not actually a full 400 years having started back in 1630 and incorporated in 1688, but we are close. Colonial homes abound since, well the actual Colonial times. The early homes were first generation builders all using similar tools, techniques and style. The Colonial home are still the most popular style in Newton and all of New England.  Gable roof lines, large center fireplaces and a "salt box" look define this early style.
Georgian was a prevalent style beginning in 1715 while … (5 comments)

larry lawfer: Hello Darkness My Old Friend - 11/21/14 07:44 AM
Hello Darkness My Old Friend.  We are hearing the media talk about the lack of inventory leading to the lack of sales.  We are hearing about the diminished first time home buyers who are not in the market right now.  Journalists, who don't sell real estate, and agents who are a bit like chicken little are reacting poorly to the immediate news rather than looking at it from a more historical perspective not their hysterical perspective.  I understand that journalists need to write stories and that stories of woe and mayhem are far more desired than stories that are truly helpful … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Luxury Open House in Newton MA Sunday - 11/21/14 06:58 AM
Luxury Open House in Newton MA Sunday November 23rd from 1-3PM. This home is one of the best examples of Classical Revival architecture in Netwon.  It has been standing atop Farlow Hill since 1911 and has been home to some well known and respected professional since that time.  There have been updates and upgrades along the way and in each case the integrity of the structure, architecture, and design was taken into consideration and enhanced.  In 1920 a sun room was put on the house to provide an informal living space to the formal design.  In the late 20's electric and … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: The sounds of Silence in Newton MA - 11/20/14 07:29 AM
The sounds of Silence in Newton MA are deafening.  The Boston Globe last Sunday posted a piece about how weird the market is. The stated that there are fewer homes being sold this year than last year which is true. The writer went on with this and wondering what will happen next as if this trend was indicative on things to come. What the writer missed is that while fewer houses are being sold, they are being sold for 17% more money than last year.  How this important statistic wasn't included is a failure in understanding the full statistical analysis.
Another … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Are you overpriced, or just poorly marketed? - 11/13/14 07:35 AM
Are you overpriced, or just poorly marketed?  This is a question to be asked as we slip back into a Buyer's Market here in the Boston Area Move in Homes section of this great country.  So many professionals sell themselves short and yet they spout bravado with each utterance.  It is never a matter of the best line, it is always about the best information.  If more agents spent their time understanding the market from an economic and financial perspective they could give their clients and prospects more accurate information, they would stop taking overpriced listings because taking a listing in … (5 comments)

larry lawfer: Historic Living, Luxury for the ages Newton MA - 11/06/14 11:40 AM
Historic Living, Luxury for the ages Newton MA has a lot to offer. This town has been housing it's people in grand style since the 1600's.  It is the birthplace of countless famous and successful people through the years.  MLS #: 71746470 114 Shornecliffe Road is one of the beautiful homes on the market right now in Farlow Hill.  As is often the case neighborhoods seem to ebb and flow together.  New families move in with their young children and nourish them through to the years where they then become empty nesters. It is a very normal process and really does provide … (5 comments)

larry lawfer: What about my assessment? Newton MA - 11/06/14 08:06 AM
What about my assessment? Newton MA. The Newton MA 2015 FY assessments are out and available on the website on the upper left, Assessors.  Once on the new page punch in the address you need and up will come all the assessments through the years.  The assessments last cycle to this one have gone higher on a 6% average.  We did a study of the Assessed Value (new Assessed Value) and the Sold Price for the last three months from the MLSPin site here in Boston.  We found a couple of questions that had to be answered. For instance a … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Bonds are Gone. Who will save real estate? - 10/31/14 08:17 AM
Bonds are Gone. Who will save real estate? The Federal Reserve has ended its landmark bond-buying program and to some that spells doom.  To others its smells of relief. What comes from this is interest rates being impacted.  Rates will go up.  How fast or how quickly is up for argument.  In a recent AP post by Martin  Crutsinger reported about the "ending it's landmark bond-buying program and pointed to gains in the job market."  I was struck today to learn that there is more homelessness in MA than in other states as reported by the Boston Globe.  The third quarter … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Surging or Sputtering real estate Boston Area Move In Homes - 10/29/14 08:23 AM
Surging or Sputtering real estate Boston Area Move In Homes is always dependent on the town and the circumstances in that block/neighborhood. All real estate is local, think location.  We have national trends that they may mean nothing on our region, or your neighborhood.  Real estate from a market value point of view is about all the homes within a third of a mile from your house.  What was the market value for the Active, UnderAgreement (UAG), and Sold homes in the last three months within a third of a mile of your house. You want to match up the houses … (3 comments)

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