larry lawfer: Famous Newton MA Actors, Actresses - 08/26/14 07:59 AM
Famous Newton MA Actors, Actresses from Wikipedia.   If they didn't have active careers elsewhere they could afford one of the many luxury homes that are currently on the market in their hometown of Newton, MA.
Matt Damon, actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter (with Ben Affleck) for Good Will Hunting Bette Davis, twice Oscar-winning actress Anne Dudek, actress, played Dr. Amber Volakis in TV series House Kathryn Erbe, actress, star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent Josephine Hull, actress Alex Karpovsky, actor, best known for playing Ray Ploshansky on HBO's Girls Jonathan Katz, actor, best known for his starring role on the … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: 114 Shornecliffe Road, Newton, MA 02458 - 08/21/14 08:05 AM
114 Shornecliffe Road, Newton, MA 02458 was built in 1910 and first owned by Harry F Morse and his family. Since that time there have been a total of 4 families that have lived in this 6,810 square feet of living space.  Grand and gracious entryway lead the eyes to a beautiful and wide staircase ready for the bridal party photo.  To your right is the grand piano and a room with fireplace and wonderfully large windows. The kind of windows you can not find in any newly constructed homes. They just don't build them like that anymore.  Craftmanship and quality … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: On Farlow Hill, Newton, MA Luxury Homes - 08/19/14 07:39 AM
On Farlow Hill, Newton, MA Luxury Homes are everywhere.  Within a third of a mile there are 162 Active Listings in the last month around 114 Shornecliffe Road, Newton, MA 02458.  There were 69 Sold properties in the last month and 38 Under Agreement. This is a very healthy market for Buyers and Sellers. For Buyers the interest rates remain low so there is the ability to get more for your money right now.  For the Sellers, it is your time because the market will shift quickly when the interest rates change.  No current plan for this, but it looms out … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: Newton, MA Single Family Market Report Aug 2014 - 08/17/14 07:43 AM
Newton, MA Single Family Market Report Aug 2014. From July 1 through July 31 there were 260 homes that were on the MLS in an Active, Under Agreement, Sold, Expired or Canceled Listings Status.  When information is uploaded to the individual MLS portals it then through IDX and syndication distributes that information to sites like Trulia, Zillow, and all the other thousands of consumer real estate sites. This information comes from MLSPIN, which covers the Metropolitan Boston area and MA.
 Waverly Ave, Newton
Single Family Active Listings: 136    Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 4,473.76     Avg. List$: $1,860,518    Avg. … (5 comments)

larry lawfer: Hitting the Wall, First Time Homeowners Blues - 08/12/14 05:32 AM
Hitting the Wall, First Time Homeowners Blues always starts with a little fear, then a determined attitude that you can own a home.  First keep your good credit score, create some savings and gather a down payment.  From there go to the internet and search. Don't get caught in traps that want your email address and phone number. Do look for sites that provide real information and are easy to navigate and hard to leave.  Hard to leave because they have all the information you need.
Aren't all the best real estate websites those that lure you in with information and … (3 comments)

larry lawfer: What happened to you? - 08/11/14 04:13 AM
"What happened to you?" I heard more than once. "Where have you been, I haven't heard from you in a while?" I nodded in agreement with a thousand reasons in my head.  Where they reasons, or justifications a fleeting thought emerged.  I squashed that and said unapologetically, "I'm back."  In the back on the room sounds of snoring came forth.
There are thousands of moving parts in a real estate transaction, hundreds of hours, millions of decisions to make.  With guidance you can navigate the process with far more control and direction, but what is good guidance?  The internet is both … (6 comments)

larry lawfer: Open House 44 LaSell St, West Roxbury MA 02132. - 07/13/14 06:33 AM
Open House 44 LaSell St, West Roxbury MA 02132. Sunday between 11 AM and 1 PM. Having an open house with tenants living in the property is always a challenge with the logistics of opposing forces. There is need to give and take and a realization of the goal of the property owner in relation to the care of the tenant who has contracted for the property for a set period of time.  In this case we are fine.  The Seller has made some upgrades to the property just this week in preparation of the sale.
44 LaSell Street
There has … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Living in the City, Transportation and Take Out - 07/12/14 05:20 AM
Living in the City, Transportation and Take Out.  There are many advantages to living in the city. One of them is that you can live Auto free.  If you live and work in the city, especially Boston you can get from here to there in most cases faster with the available public transportation (during regular hours) than you can with a car, and certainly way cheaper if you are considering parking.  Yes, there are disadvantages to not having the freedom of a car, but the cost benefit ratio is one to consider if you are renting and hoping to own a … (12 comments)

larry lawfer: Getting it right selling the home. West Roxbury MA. - 07/12/14 05:15 AM
Getting it right selling the home. West Roxbury MA. Selling a home is not as easy as people think. There are so many decisions to be made even before you put the house on the market.  Houses are living breathing structures that need upkeep and repair on occasion. If you are not maintaining your home you are loosing value.  I have a home that just went on the market and it sprung a leak.  The choices are always sell it as is, or fix the problem. The issue with fixing problems is that they cost money. The minute you are opening … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Market Report July 10 2014 - 07/12/14 05:06 AM
Boston Area Move In Homes Luxury Market Report July 10 2014  The Luxury Market has been moving up, the inventory is down a bit, but growing faster than normal. The Days on Market is lower and our prices are better than the averages across the country. All of this is good and somewhat expected what we are hearing both in the media and seeing on the yellow brick road. The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing indicates it is a Warm Seller's Market meaning that the Seller is seeing more buyers than they need.  This is also showing up for the future … (1 comments)

larry lawfer: ActiveRain Traffic Skyrockets Over 65% In The Last Three Weeks - 07/11/14 05:54 AM

It is very exciting to be part of the growth here on Active Rain and to be experiencing a growth in the traffic of my blogs because I also post here on a regular basis.  Blogging on a regular basis makes a difference in my bottom line, bottom line.  I have been here, in earnest, since 2010 and I can attribute 30% of my direct business to posts I have first made available her on Active Rain.  For the growth to jump from the parent is bound to help my own personal numbers. Thanks Active Rain, Thanks Bob the ride continues … (0 comments)

larry lawfer: Begin at the beginning - 07/10/14 10:29 AM
Begin at the beginning has a call coming into my phone from a client. This client used me as their agent to secure a rental in one of my areas.  Rentals are not my business, but my business is driven by making good people thrilled with my knowledge and service.  The rental went smoothly for two years and when it was time for them to buy they called me.  Yesterday we closed on their new home and they were thrilled, again, but that is not this story.  This story has Angela calling me because someone just came to their door trying … (2 comments)

larry lawfer: The Luxury of Liberty - 07/06/14 01:11 PM
The Luxury of Liberty brings forth great emotion. I can only recall the saying of a wise Frenchman that `liberty is the luxury of self-discipline.’ Historically, those peoples that did not discipline themselves had discipline thrust on them from the outside. That is why the normal cycle in the life and death of great nations has been first a powerful tyranny broken by revolt, the enjoyment of liberty, the abuse of liberty — and back to tyranny again. As I see it, in this country — a land of the most persistent idealism and the blandest cynicism — the race is … (3 comments)

larry lawfer: Living in the City, Boston Area Move In Homes - 07/02/14 03:54 AM

Living in the City, Boston Area Move In Homes these days can be less complicated than finding just the right apartment to rent. What with first month, last month, security deposit and real estate commission the up front for a rental these days is often as close to a down payment as it has ever been. The difference between renting and owning is savings.  As an owner you get to write off a portion of your costs, with a rental it is all just throw away dollars.  Yes, with ownership you have maintenance costs and taxes and mortgage insurance that you … (3 comments)

larry lawfer: Real Estate is a full contact sport - 06/04/14 03:47 AM
Real Estate is a full contact sport that takes some time to perfect, like all sports.  At first I was very reluctant to knock on people's doors. I hated it when people came to my door to solicit me.  I was sure everyone felt the same way I did.  I didn't even want to call people in the morning because I thought I was intruding on their privacy, same with the evening when they would be home.  I sent letters, I walked the farm and dropped off postcards and just listed/just sold materials and would engage with anyone walking their dog, … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Artist Loft for Sale in Boston - 05/30/14 05:21 AM
Artist Loft for Sale in Boston. This is a live work space and it is zoned for Multi Use which indicates both a commercial and residential usage.  Artist lofts rarely come with finished wood floors, a nice new kitchen, over-sized tub and shower and a separate sleeping space, but 1391 Hyde Park Avenue Studio A is just such an artist loft.  With 842 square feet of space it feels larger because of the 13 foot ceilings and two large skylights above. This unit is in the Hyde Park section of Boston and it is fully owner occupied with working artists and … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Condos in the Hyde Park area of Boston - 05/24/14 10:43 AM
Condos in the Hyde Park area of Boston come in all sizes and types. 1391 Hyde Park Avenue Studio A has nice hard wood floors, insulated walls to dampen the noise from other units, lots of closet space, one bedroom with a skylight, 13 foot ceilings, newish kitchen and a full bathroom packed into almost 900 square feet of space.
The unit sits next to the Boston Renaissance Charter School and there are only 8 units in the entire building. All the units are owner occupied. You will have no one living above you, ever and you are Studio … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: For sale by owners (FSBO) need to know the process - 05/23/14 07:26 AM
For sale by owners (FSBO) need to know the process of selling their house for the most money in the quickest period of time.  Sadly most FSBO people have bought and sold homes before and so they feel as though the understand the process. They had an agent who put a sign in their yard, loaded it up to the MLS and had an open house, easy right?  Well, yes that is easy if that is the way it worked in all kinds of markets.  It does not.  In particular it is not working in today’s market, and by today’s market … (33 comments)

larry lawfer: Following the Market-Today in Real Estate. - 05/20/14 04:34 AM
Following the Market-Today in Real Estate. Real estate is a fluid market. The pendulum swings from Buyers to Sellers, from an Up market to a Down market, the fluidity can be momentary.  For instance last year it was a crazy busy Spring Market. If you remember there were multiply offers on each and every listing that came on the market at that time.  By the time July rolled around those listings that waited were hurt by the fact the market stalled through the end of the summer.  This Spring it feels as though the market is slowing again.  This is all … (4 comments)

larry lawfer: Take a sad song and make it better - 05/16/14 04:55 AM
Take a sad song and make it better is a line from the Beatles classic, Hey Jude.  In real estate you are constantly given sad songs and you have a choice. You can take a sad song and make it better, or you can start blaming someone else and pointing the finger.  Good to great agents never point the finger and will always look to make any sad song better.  For instance I just closed on a home with clients where everyone at the table was happy.  There were Seller  shared stories of the house construction, the quirks of the property … (6 comments)

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