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Author Bio: With over 21 years of experience in real estate, Jon’s knowledge of the real estate market and real estate industry is exceptional. Jon started investing in real estate before he decided to obtain his Real Estate Salesperson's License. Jon currently lives in Long Beach California; Jon is a native of Long Beach & has deep passion for Long Beach California and its rich culture. Jon provides the best local area and relocation information, tips for the investors, buyers, and sellers, current market reports, mortgage rates and much more…..
 Buying a Home in a Choice Location  Ask any homeowner, buying a home is a big deal. And most homeowners will tell you before you set down roots and buy a home. Not only do you want to get a great deal, but also you want to buy in a choice neighborhood, too. When you buy a home, not only should y...
 In Front of Buying a Home “Have All Your Ducks Lined Up.”  Before you plan on buying a home, you need to know that buying a home is a complex process. Buying a home is a smart wealth-building plan especially for those that end up doing it right purchasing their dream property for their long-term...
 Home Projects You Shouldn’t Attempt.    There are countless blogs about home DYI projects you should attempt, but rarely do you find blogs about home projects only a licensed professional contractor should do. And while there are many unique custom projects that can make your home stand out, cer...
  Selling Your Home and Staging It.  What’s the outcome of home staging? When it comes to selling a home, most homeowners understand the importance of keeping it clutter free and clean. But, homeowners may not know taking the extra step of staging a home can make a significant difference in how a...
 You Might Be From Long Beach, CA, If    I am at a bit of a loss when it comes to Jeff Foxworthy; I am not familiar with him and or his famous comedy bit about “you might be a redneck if” So why am I mentioning this? You’ve might have heard by now. AR’s Rick Obst offers-up an April challenge! Ric...
 Is It Too Late?   How many times have you said and or heard “it’s too late.” I am sure most of us have used and or heard this excuse before. “It’s too late,” is often used as a pretext for inaction. “It’s too late,” justifies giving up, not changing, or not doing something. Usually, “it’s too la...
 No Flop Here; This Flip Is A Winner!   I have been working with a buyer for a while and last week my buyer, and I successfully negotiated and entered into a purchase contract on a “flipped” home. I am open minded about “flipped” homes even though I am “in general” fairly skeptical about them. On...
 Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal    When selling your home, it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts, but what’s on the outside counts, too! Birds chirping, and flowers blooming signals winter has passed and spring has arrived. Spring also marks the high season for real estate. And if you ar...
 801 Pine Ave Condo Long Beach, CA Just Listed  801 Pine Avenue Suite 109 in Long Beach, CA is newly renovated, ready for immediate occupancy and has just been placed on the market. Listed sales price is 329,000.     This spacious south/west facing newly updated corner unit condominium is in move...
 Journey With Vigor!  In life, it’s not always going to be sunny, and some rain must fall. Without notice, challenges occur, and unanticipated problems surface. And with many choices available how to do know which is the right choice? No one is perfect, all of us at one time or another don’t get ...

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