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The economy, competition and changes in buyer demand are just some of the reasons that your realty firm may be faced with financial hardships and crippling debt. For many financially distressed real estate brokers, thoughts of filing bankruptcy begin to creep into mind. Bankruptcy, however, can b...
      Why You Shouldn't MissThis Strategy Session...   How have your sales for 2014 been?  Do you want to sell even more in 2015? Then, this session is for you!  Whether you are a rookie or an experienced real estate agent, you may be wondering how to consistently convert the leads you receive t...
Have you ever had an exciting day, full of possibilities when an appointment with a prospective For Sale Buy Owner (FSBO) seller turned dreary quickly? You have spoken with the FSBO sellers and piqued their interest in how you can help them get their home off the market and sold.  You are invite...
    Originally written for and published on their site. As a real estate agent, selling homes can be full of nostalgia.  For example, have you ever toured a fabulous home you were preparing to list or your buyer client was interested in purchasing only to head down to the basement and g...
    Divorce. It can be costly, at the wrong time and emotionally jarring with a host of side effects. Likewise, separating from a realty brokerage can sometimes be as emotionally charged and costly as a marital divorce. If you are considering divorcing your broker, it is of utmost importance that...
As much time as we real estate agents and brokers may have spent decorating our brick and mortar offices, let's face it, we are on the go and have to have a mobile office that can keep up. I have previously covered some tried and true mobile device apps but I would be remiss to ignore apps/extens...
  Are you a real estate agent wondering how you can stand out in a sea of other agents? Trump competition with this missing piece of the sales puzzle!   This FREE webinar session will share strategies to becoming an in-demand real estate agent by creating a competitive advantage.     Here's the ...
  Originally written for and published on their site.   Frank Lloyd Wright. Minoru Yamasaki. Albert Kahn. Mies Van Der Rohe. These are just a few of the internationally-acclaimed architects with real estate masterpieces in Detroit, MI.  I fondly remember riding in the subdivision where...
As summer draws to a close, I am already making plans for holiday gatherings with my family and friends. Actually, Labor Day, this past Monday, was the first family/friend holiday for me, and likely you, that inaugurated the end of summer vacations and planted a seed to begin arranging the rest ...
As real estate practitioners, we are constantly examining how we can grow our business and rightfully so. But how often do we stop and take inventory to see what may be harming our business?   No matter what your answer is to that question, take a few moments today to assess how your business fa...

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