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Grow your real estate sales with these helpful tips from Lee Davenport.
Did you know that...          But why are so few sales agents asking for referrals?   Conceivably fear (of rejection, failure, the unknown, etc.) could be crippling you and stopping you from trying... Or it could be that your current strategy is not working... Perhaps it's because you did not kno...
Quick Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Business?   Do you wonder what others are saying about you or your realty firm? Are you perplexed with how to stay in-tuned with the latest gizmos and gadgets for real estate? Are you "in the know" about the latest residential developments in your area or wha...
What do you have planned today? You may be at a closing for 2 hours, negotiating contracts for 30 minutes, spending 2 hours cleaning out your email, nurturing your SOI (sphere of influence) on social media for 1 hour, networking with agents for 1 hour at your office's sales meeting and 3 hours m...
  Real estate sales: who knew it could be so dangerous.  After recent events, let's all beef up our efforts to safely show homes. And since this is trick or treat season, I wanted to share some technology treats (with a few funky song phrases to act as your mnemonics) that will stop devious trick...
As a real estate agent, you may have heard all the buzz lately about reaching Millennials and foreign investors. Did you know YouTube may be one of the least expensive vehicles for you to reach these two (as well as other) demographics?     YouTube reaches U.S. Millennials (those 18 - 34) more th...
My heart ached as I, like many of you, watched the tragic news of REALTOR(r) Beverly Carter unfold.  Since her heart-rending story, I have now heard of agents planning to only showing homes and hosting open houses with a buddy, going forward.  I have seen many offices revisit and revamp safety p...
Originally written for and featured on Have you ever felt that you could not afford an assistant but now realize you cannot afford to not have an assistant?     Like fellow real estate agent Melissa Miller, you may have come to the realization that an assistant is needed in order for ...
Ding-dong.  You wonder who could be at your door because you were not expecting anyone.  You peek through the window and see your favorite pizza delivery logo wrapped on a vehicle out front.  I didn't order pizza YET, you quizzically think.  You are hungry so you excitedly yet cautiously open the...
  This post was originally written for and appears on     Myth: You have your real estate website as a newer agent and that is all you need to survive and thrive among other SEO savvy real estate agents and iPad-toting home sellers and buyers.     True: It's 2014 and if you cannot be ...
The economy, competition and changes in buyer demand are just some of the reasons that your realty firm may be faced with financial hardships and crippling debt. For many financially distressed real estate brokers, thoughts of filing bankruptcy begin to creep into mind. Bankruptcy, however, can b...

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