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More and more older adults and elderly parents seek one-level living.  For my seniors real estate clients, we track this market every day for new listings, price reductions, and trends in sale prices.   Our definition of one-level living generally includes features such as: Ranch style structure ...
Main Street Square- A Downtown Family Play Area -   I was returning from a conversation with a financial planner friend, walked by the Main Street Square.  Delighted to find many children and families enjoying the relief from a hot summer day.  Right smack dab on Main Street.  This says a lot abo...
HOW CAN WE REDUCE THE EMOTIONAL STRESS FOR A SENIOR WHEN SELLING THEIR HOME? Well, the short answer is:  "Don't just treat the symptoms of stress, but focus on the social, psychological, physiological and financial factors underlying the stress."  Now, for the details... Stress?  What Stress?! Wh...
How and Where toDispose of Old Cans of Paint   Cleaning an Old House to Sell One of my elderly clients in my seniors real estate business had accumulated about 35 partially used cans of paint.  She asked me if I would dispose of the old paint according to the rules and services in our City.  I sa...
Senior Needs AssessmentandService Gaps Analysis   City Council Committee Votes to Release Study of Senior Needs There's a new "senior friendly living" aspect to our City now.  Today the City Council Legal and Finance Committee voted for releasing the extensive City-funded study of senior citizens...
Can exercise or a healthier lifestyle forestall Alzheimer's Disease or Memory Loss? Yes, sometimes. Here are some guidelines based on recent research on our aging parents, dementia and age-related disorders of the brain.   What is Dementia & What is Alzheimer's Obviously those questions are enorm...
"Real Estate Tech Review:"  Laser Distance Measurer   What Is the Real Estate Tech Review? OK.  I'll admit it.  I'm a gadget geek.  I'm also an engineer by education, an improviser by background, and tinkerer by genes.  Can you imagine how difficult it is, with that background, to commit the act ...
How to Track Google as They Track You   Have Google Tell You As Soon as They Start Reporting Something New About You Our clients, our prospective clients, and even people out there in the public who are just curious are constantly checking on us by using Google searches.  Often, they can find som...
People and Animals of Southern Black Hills Face High Wildfire Risk for 2013   State Fire Meteorologist Forecast Yesterday South Dakota's State Fire Meteorologist in Rapid City, Darren Clabo, declared the people and animals of the southern Black Hills face a "Well Above Average" risk this spring a...
Top ten grooming tips to sell your home   Two Things You Must Do to Beat Your Competition in the Housing Market The best ways to sell well are to: 1- Attract more buyers to come to your home to see it, and  2- Let your home sell itself so well that the buyers will worry someone else may buy it fi...

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