lesley lambert: All Hail The TwitterQueens! - 04/14/09 10:27 PM
Sound the bugles...roll our the red carpet....prepare the curtseys and bows, the TwitterQueens are coming!

Join us in NYC for our Inaugural Event!  Visit our site at http://www.twitterqueens.net for more information!
Visit Twitterqueens

lesley lambert: Spring Fling in Western MA! - 04/14/09 12:56 PM
April 16, 2009
Three homes: Three Course Lunch: One Great Prize!
Appetizers with Kim Landry at:2 Deer Run, Holyoke, MA10 rm, 4br, 5ba Cape on 2+acres$589,900
Lunch with Erin Morris at:35 Fairview Drive, Westfield, MA9rm, 4br, 2ba Victorian$264,900
Dessert with Lesley Lambert at:1046 Granville Rd, Westfield, MAHistoric 4br Colonial on 2acres.$243,000
Visit all three homes, fill out questionnaire & be eligible for a $75 gas card!

lesley lambert: Baby Chicks Hatched at Pre-School! - 04/08/09 09:31 AM
My 4 year old daughter goes to pre-school at the Westfield, MA YMCA.  Her teacher Miss Sarah and one of the moms from the class teamed up to hatch chicken eggs in an incubator in the classroom.
Some time had gone by and there was concern that none of the eggs would hatch.  Yesterday we arrived at school to find several had, in fact, hatched.  Today we arrived to no less than 25 baby chicks!
Take a peek at this adorable video for a quick Spring smile and Happy Easter and Passover!


lesley lambert: First Time Buyer TAX CREDIT Explained - 04/03/09 09:41 AM
Are you a first time homebuyer who is confused about the tax credit changes?  Perhaps you are considering becoming a first time homebuyer and you want to understand how the first time home buyer tax credit will help you? Let me help to explain it to you...
There are a few key items that I think are important:
#1- The tax credit is increased by $500 since 2008 and does not require repayment as the old credit does.
#2- Any first time home buyer is eligible. A person is considered a first time buyer if he/she has not had any ownership … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: PodCamp Western MA: A PodCamp Virgin Tell All. - 03/29/09 10:21 PM
The first thing I learned at Podcamp was the #1 google search is for sex and the second is for Facebook.  Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about my first PodCamp Experience.
Being a PodCamp Virgin, I had no expectations, in fact, no real understanding of what I had signed up for.  I knew that a great friend @HeyAmaretto (on twitter) was going and I really wanted to meet her IRL and I knew that other local twitterers were excited about this event...so I decided to go.

From the moment I arrived at PodCamp WesternMA I … (6 comments)

lesley lambert: Getting Social in Western Massachusetts! - 03/25/09 07:18 PM
I am very excited to be attending PodCamp in Holyoke, MA this Saturday, March 28th.   What in the world is a PodCamp and why would I want to go you ask?  Well...
"PodCamp WesternMass is a community-based ‘unconference’ modeled after a popular meeting concept in new media. Forrester Research predicts that spending on interactive technologies will grow to $61 billion by 2012, and that social media will drive emerging channels to $10.6 billion. PodCamp WesternMass is designed for anyone interested in the online world to share ideas, hear from industry experts, and participate in discussions."
This quote is from the internet … (2 comments)

lesley lambert: New Listing! Antique Historical Colonial Farmhouse in Westfield - 03/19/09 11:03 AM
Once known as "The Farmer's Hotel" this large Colonial is set on 2 Acres with a barn.
Take the tour of 1046 Granville Road, Westfield

lesley lambert: Western MA First Time Homebuyer's Tutorial: Inspections the Seller Does - 03/16/09 12:08 PM
So you have started looking for your first home in Westfield or Western MA or perhaps you already found the house you love and are moving into the purchasing phase.
This next video in my First Time Home Buyer's series will focus on the inspection process.   I already discussed your inspections and now we will cover the inspections that the seller is responsible for.
I am located in Westfield, MA and will be discussing our common practice, laws and regulations.  If you live outside of this area, some details may differ, so be sure to consult a local REALTOR.
Buying … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: Western MA First Time Homebuyer's Tutorial: Inspections - 03/11/09 12:09 PM
So you have started looking for your first home in Westfield or Western MA or perhaps you already found the house you love and are moving into the purchasing phase. 
This next video in my First Time Home Buyer's series will focus on the inspection process.  I am located in Westfield, MA and will be discussing our common practice, laws and regulations.  If you live outside of this area, some details may differ, so be sure to consult a local REALTOR.
Buying your first home in Westfield and Western MA is exciting and it is even more fun when you are … (6 comments)

lesley lambert: Prestige Property: 29 Camelot Lane, Westfield, MA 01085 - 02/26/09 08:46 AM
My newest listing is a rare find indeed.  29 Camelot Lane, Westfield, MA is situated on a small cul-de-sac with the best bluff views in town, this 15 room Colonial is stunning.  Only the finest appointments in this home which offers 6 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths and loads of storage.  Five of the bedrooms are suites with baths attached. 
Open House
March 1st  12-3pm
For more information, an appointment to view this fine Westfield Home or to meet with me to discuss marketing your home in Western MA:
413-575-3611  therealestatenatural@yahoo.com
@LesleyLambert on Twitter


lesley lambert: Real Estate 5th Most Stressful Job? Motherhood: The Hardest Job of ALL - 02/25/09 01:25 PM
Before I was a mom I remember thinking that having children would be so special because the love between a mother and a child is the most amazing thing in the world.  I was right, but I didn't understand a few very important line items. 
Before I was a mom I thought that raising children was simply a a matter of loving them enough.  Once again, I missed something.
Before I was a mom I thought that I was smart, funny, educated, energetic and brave.  WRONG, WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.
As a compass, Motherhood is altogether humbling. 

Last week I … (2 comments)

lesley lambert: Dream Big: Lessons I Learned This Week In Pre-School - 02/19/09 11:38 AM
Every weekday I start my day as a mom.  I get my oldest daughter on the bus to 2nd grade at Highland School in Westfield, MA and take the younger daughter to her preschool at the YMCA in Westfield, MA.  We walk up the stairs and look at the artwork the teachers have tacked up for display. 
The other day I stopped to look at one particular piece and it stayed with me the rest of the day.  The theme of the art was "When I Grow Up" and each child had drawn an illustration of what they wanted to be.  Some … (2 comments)

lesley lambert: You Found The Right Home, Now What? First Time Homebuyer Series. - 02/13/09 09:48 AM
Allright, you went and looked at all the houses for sale in Western MA and you finally found the house you want!  Now what?
Buying your first home can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  Preparation and education prior to getting involved will help to make the process more enjoyable and exciting for you. 
Choosing the home is the easy part...the real work comes after you pick the home.  Be sure that your REALTOR is keeping you informed each step of the way, explaining the forms and all the legalities involved.  You will feel … (1 comments)

lesley lambert: Western MA First Time Homebuyers Start HERE! - 02/12/09 10:06 AM
As a 20 year veteran of the real estate profession, a lot of my time has been spent helping first time homebuyers.  This is the most important purchase of their lives and they rely on their realtor for guidance and education.  I give that and try to pepper it with a lot of fun along the way.
This video is intended to help first time homebuyers in Western MA start their journey with advice on what to do and in when to do it!  This a fun story about my recent day spent with first time homebuyers in Springfield, MA...we had … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: Westfield, MA Home of The Black Squirrel - 02/09/09 09:22 AM
Here in my hometown of Westfield, MA we have a large population of squirrels, and many of them are black. 
When people come to visit they are often amazed by these rare little rodents and inquire about their origins.
Photo by Stan Freeman/The Republican
This excerpt from Stanley Park's website explains how these cute little critters landed in Westfield, MA: 
"A Westfield phenomenon since the late 1940's, the black squirrels now populate most areas of the city and have moved into surrounding communities. Because they are not indigenous to Western Massachusetts, the presence of the squirrels has led … (3 comments)

lesley lambert: Why I Chose Park Square Realty in Westfield, MA - 02/04/09 12:45 PM
       Lesley Lambert of Park Square Realty in Westfield, MA chose Park Square Realty as her brokerage for a lot of important reasons.  Not the least of those reasons was the fact that it is a company with  proven results.  Park Square Realty recently released their five year statistics and the numbers were incredible.
     During the years 2004-2008 Park Square Realty was the #1 real estate company in Westfield for getting their listings sold.  Park Square Realty sold 42% more homes than their next closest competitor. 
     For that period of time Park Square Realty sold 527 listings, … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: Seller Testimonial on FaceBook: "You Are A Winner In My Book" - 02/04/09 09:07 AM
Last year I had done a market analysis for a woman who owned a home here in Westfield, MA, but was now living 8 hours away in Maine.  She was contemplating selling the home in Westfield and asked if I could assess the property for her. As she was so far away, we never met in person.  We corresponded by email and telephone and she decided that she would want to sell the house in the near future, but not right now.  Since that time I have stayed in touch with her and recently we found each other on Facebook. … (5 comments)

lesley lambert: The Buyer Highway Has A Fork in the Road. Is Your House on Both Sides? - 02/03/09 09:19 PM
In this day, it is important that your home be marketed to the buyers in THE WAY that the buyers prefer. 
What does that mean? 
Simply put, we all have our preferred methods of researching something we want. 
Customer A likes to read the morning paper with his coffee and uses the classified advertisements as his resource.  He decides that he wants to buy a house and starts checking the ads there and picking up the other print media options that feature homes for sale.
Customer B is on the go with her Iphone at her side at all times.  She … (9 comments)

lesley lambert: What do: The Wrong House, Streets that are closed, Ice Skating to the Door, Icicles on the Ceiling and an AM/FM Toilet Paper dispenser Have In Common? - 02/02/09 09:58 AM
Nothing, unless you are Lesley Lambert and happen to be showing 13 houses in Springfield, MA to your new first time home buyer client!
Never let it be said that being a real estate agent isn't a constant adventure!
So, my day started out with meeting my new buyer client for the first time and doing a buyer agency counseling session.  After that we loaded up into my car and started out on our three hour journey.
The first home was normal enough.  Lock box where it belongs, house was ok...we moved on.
The second home was confirmed with the homeowner … (5 comments)

lesley lambert: Short Sale vs. Short Payoff. Do You Know The Difference? - 01/29/09 11:21 AM
What’s the difference between Short Sale vs Short Payoff?

In our current real estate environment, here in Western Massachusetts, it is crucial that buyers and sellers fully understand the difference between a “Short Sale” and a “Short Payoff”.
A Short Sale is where the lender or investor agrees to accept an amount less than actual owed on the property. The Criteria for a Short Sale are that the borrower demonstrates a verifiable long term hardship.
A Short Payoff is when the lender agrees to release the lien (their interest) on the property and allow the property to be “conveyed” to … (6 comments)