lesley lambert: Seller Testimonial on FaceBook: "You Are A Winner In My Book" - 02/04/09 09:07 AM
Last year I had done a market analysis for a woman who owned a home here in Westfield, MA, but was now living 8 hours away in Maine.  She was contemplating selling the home in Westfield and asked if I could assess the property for her. As she was so far away, we never met in person.  We corresponded by email and telephone and she decided that she would want to sell the house in the near future, but not right now.  Since that time I have stayed in touch with her and recently we found each other on Facebook. Yesterday … (5 comments)

lesley lambert: The Buyer Highway Has A Fork in the Road. Is Your House on Both Sides? - 02/03/09 09:19 PM
In this day, it is important that your home be marketed to the buyers in THE WAY that the buyers prefer. 
What does that mean? 
Simply put, we all have our preferred methods of researching something we want. 
Customer A likes to read the morning paper with his coffee and uses the classified advertisements as his resource.  He decides that he wants to buy a house and starts checking the ads there and picking up the other print media options that feature homes for sale.
Customer B is on the go with her Iphone at her side at all times.  She … (9 comments)

lesley lambert: What do: The Wrong House, Streets that are closed, Ice Skating to the Door, Icicles on the Ceiling and an AM/FM Toilet Paper dispenser Have In Common? - 02/02/09 09:58 AM
Nothing, unless you are Lesley Lambert and happen to be showing 13 houses in Springfield, MA to your new first time home buyer client!
Never let it be said that being a real estate agent isn't a constant adventure!
So, my day started out with meeting my new buyer client for the first time and doing a buyer agency counseling session.  After that we loaded up into my car and started out on our three hour journey.
The first home was normal enough.  Lock box where it belongs, house was ok...we moved on.
The second home was confirmed with the homeowner … (5 comments)

lesley lambert: Short Sale vs. Short Payoff. Do You Know The Difference? - 01/29/09 11:21 AM
What’s the difference between Short Sale vs Short Payoff?

In our current real estate environment, here in Western Massachusetts, it is crucial that buyers and sellers fully understand the difference between a “Short Sale” and a “Short Payoff”.
A Short Sale is where the lender or investor agrees to accept an amount less than actual owed on the property. The Criteria for a Short Sale are that the borrower demonstrates a verifiable long term hardship.
A Short Payoff is when the lender agrees to release the lien (their interest) on the property and allow the property to be “conveyed” to … (6 comments)

lesley lambert: What Does A Snowed In Real Estate Agent Do All Day? - 01/28/09 03:03 PM

I live in Westfield, Massachusetts and we are having one HECK of a winter.  Today was yet another snow day, no school, snowed in at home with my daughters.  Days like this give a real estate agent a lot of options, for example:
#1- stay in PJ's and watch old musicals all day
#2- work from home
#3- clean the house
#4- nap
#5- chat with friends
#6- go outside and play
#7- read
I was in an a la carte mood today and took a few different options.
Option #1- I hope this isn't too much information for … (10 comments)

lesley lambert: How Can I Help You? Think of me as your Real Estate Resource - 01/27/09 12:21 PM
For years I was a waitress and the first thing I would greet people with was "Hi, what can I get for you?".  Those words while heard often in food service are not heard very often in other businesses.
I, for one, like real estate because of my ability to help people.  My knowledge, skills and experience can get a new family into their first home, can save an individual from foreclosure or just make a typical move a bit less stressful.  Having the ability to step into people's lives in such an intimate way is a unique benefit to my … (7 comments)

lesley lambert: We all LOVE a Good Cause! - 01/26/09 10:46 AM
My (twitter) friend @writingroads has launched a wonderful Internet based fundraiser in spirit of love and giving and timed for Valentine's Day.
She is creating The LOVE ebook to be published and available for Internet download from February 11th-14th.  The book will consist of original photographs, poetry and digitally displayed artwork themed around the concept of love.

The book is free, but I encourage you to make a donation of any size, as the proceeds will benefit Dress for Success and Career Gear. 
This is something of a shameless plug, also, as I have submitted an original poem … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: Announcing www.lesleylambert.com- My new and improved AR outside blog! - 01/26/09 10:07 AM
After much confusion about how I wanted to handle my blogging, I decided that using ActiveRain's new outside blog option would be the simplest and best solution.  I didn't want to spend precious time learning how to format in a whole new system...that time should be spent on prospecting and working my sphere.  I know that blogging is important, it has already given me some new leads, but I want the easiest route to those leads.
Enter Brad Andersohn to explain how these new outside blogs will work to solve my riddle!  After extensive(and very patient) explanations and multiple phone … (2 comments)

lesley lambert: Housing Information on the Fly!..or drive, or by foot...Lesley Lambert is Your Mobile Resource - 01/15/09 02:53 PM
This week our multiple listing provider notified us that they have added a mobile browser page making researching homes for sale as simple as writing a text!
This fabulous new feature combined with my Blackberry allows me to look up a home for sale or research comparable sales from wherever I am. 

Of course, I am excited about this as a convenience and benefit for my crazy life on the go, but it is a benefit to my customers, clients, friends and family, too!  Curious about a house you drove by?  Ask me when you bump into me at … (6 comments)

lesley lambert: Should I Short Sale My Home? -Part 2 "Do You Owe More Than Your House Is Worth?" - 01/13/09 09:08 AM

Being in over your head financially is a huge burden.  The stress of knowing that you can't make ends meet can take a toll on your body and mind.  Many people are facing mortgage debt that is greater than what their house is currently worth and they think because of this situation they are forced to lose their home, thereby damaging their credit and self esteem. 
The message that needs to be brought to these people is that there are OPTIONS.  You are not in this situation alone,  there are thousands of people facing this decision who are just … (4 comments)

lesley lambert: Park Square Realty, Westfield, MA Finishes 2008 on Top! - 01/08/09 12:53 PM
It is exciting to announce that Park Square Realty, Westfield, MA is once again the top office!  We consistently beat out other "big" offices with up to four times as many agents as we have.  How do we do it?  Hard work, professionalism, dedication to our client's goals and more hard work!  
I am proud to be a part of the success of Park Square Realty and pleased to share these statistics with you. 
Need to buy or sell real estate in the Westfield, MA area?  Be sure to contact:
Lesley Lambert, The Real Estate Natural at Park Square Realty.  413-575-3611  … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: Beating the Winter Blues, Western MA style! - 01/08/09 12:08 PM
We have just recovered from several severe winter storms here in Western Massachusetts and everyone has been cooped up a bit more than usual.  With the holidays past, it is easy to start to get the doldrums. 
Are you ready to shake those winter blues and do something fun?  Here are some great destinations close to home that I am sure you will enjoy!
The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art: Located in Amherst, MA this treasure trove of Picture Book Art is fun for all ages! Click the logo to go to their website:

The Holyoke Merry-Go-Round … (0 comments)

lesley lambert: When You Fall You Get Back Up ...how an online video made me cry. - 01/06/09 08:08 PM
I don't think I am too different than many folks when I state that 2008 was a monumentally tough year.  It was hard on me emotionally on both business and personal levels and most of my clients, friends and family members have expressed the same. 
Having spent much time picking myself back up after repetitive knock downs, I can find myself losing the energy to get up.  It is easy to get wrapped up in one's own personal crisis du jour and to forget that everyone has problems and many of them are far more impacting than your own. 
This story … (51 comments)

lesley lambert: Risotto and Real Estate - 01/04/09 06:49 PM
Ok, so you caught me, this post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate (other than it is a realtor who is posting it :p )!  However, I was chatting with some tweeps on twitter today and mentioned that I was making risotto for dinner.  I had shown houses all day long in the cold Western Massachusetts winter weather and was ready for a hearty and warm meal.   A fellow realtor @kathy_jackson asked for the recipe and it got me to thinking that I don't HAVE a recipe.

I told her I would try to write it out … (9 comments)

lesley lambert: Waiting Until Spring to Sell? That may be the WORST thing you could do! - 12/23/08 09:30 AM

Are you waiting until Spring to sell your house in Westfield, MA or elsewhere? 
Let me tell you wy this is a BAD IDEA:
#1 The rates haven't been this good for years and it isn't expected to last for long.  The buyers are looking to get into a home before the rates go up. Visit here for more mortgage information from a Western Ma based lender.
#2 The real estate market "IS" busier in the Spring, but that isn't a good thing for sellers.  There are a lot more homes for sale, which means more competition for you.  … (6 comments)

lesley lambert: Don't Sell Your Home Blindfolded! Common Mistakes by Sellers - 12/18/08 12:37 PM


lesley lambert: Should I Short Sale My Home? - 12/10/08 05:29 AM

Are you stressed out about mortgage payments? Do you think your only option is a foreclosure? Is a short sale right for you? Millions and millions of homeowners are asking themselves the same questions. It is projected that over 20,000,000 homeowners will have negative equity in their homes in the very near future. In other words, they will owe more on their homes than they are worth. Over 2.9 million homes have foreclosed in the last three years and the number is only expected to grow. Expect the effects of the estate recession to ripple for years to come.
 What … (8 comments)

lesley lambert: Listen to Kris Kringle: Put One Foot In Front Of The Other! - 12/03/08 08:28 AM

I sat down and watched my all time favorite classic Christmas movie: Santa Claus is Coming to Town with my daughters the other night.  While enjoyable for all the normal reasons, I was reminded of a very important lesson while enjoying a song.  Here are the lyrics to the song:
"Put one foot in front of the otherAnd soon you'll be walking cross the floorPut one foot in front of the otherAnd soon you'll be walking out the doorYou never will get where you're goingIf you never get up on your feetCome on, there's a good tail wind blowingA fast walking man … (4 comments)

lesley lambert: Adventures in Knocking on Doors...Westfield, MA Real Estate Agent Confesses - 12/02/08 09:46 AM
Confession time.  I have been a REALTOR for 20 years in Westfield, MA.  I have a background in training and management and ran a real estate company for over a decade.  I was the recipient of awards from an international real estate franchise and did motivational speaking and training for them for several years.  I hosted a real estate television show.  I was fearless...until it came to knocking on doors.

Latent fears are strange and usually make no sense.  I can recall making my younger sister do the door knocking when we were selling girl scout cookies.  I have never … (13 comments)

lesley lambert: Park Square Realty, Westfield, MA #1 Listings Sold AGAIN! - 12/02/08 08:45 AM

When choosing a real estate agent in Westfield, MA  to sell your home there are many factors to consider, not the least of which should be the power of the company behind that agent.  One of the reasons I work with Park Square Realty is because of the high level of standards and quality in the agents here.  We focus on getting our listings sold and we are succeeding!
In a recent company email we were given the following exciting stats:
1. Park Square Realty is by far the smallest company (# of agents) out of the top 5 in both … (4 comments)