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I have a business model that is built around "the last man standing" concept. Sure,I am not knocking them dead like we all did for the past 4 -5 years. I do have a very low overhead, an extremely competant staff that are all dedicated and not "clock watchers", and I believe I am alligned with the...
I received a panic telephone call today. It started with, " I was told to call you but I decided to go with someone else"...   Ok - we have all that one before.........This guy apparently had friends who were involved in purchasing raw land in Florida, Cape Coral to be exact. According to my clie...
Now more than ever potential borrowers need to put their trust in a seasoned, LOCAL mortgage banker. With programs disappearing daily, investors disappearing daily and media hype, I believe the best people to turn to are your local lenders.  These are people who shop in your community,  have kids...
Ok - so this is an updated version of a previous blog, but I think it warrants everybody's input. Question is, who do you think the top 5 lenders are that will weather this storm? I can tell you I have been alligning myself with as many major "Banks" as I possibly can. I believe that there will c...
Twenty minutes after the Fed dropped rates .50 basis points i get a solicitation in my email box from a newspaper ad salesperson stating " interest rates drop 1/2%, now is the time to advertise"......  I got news for you -  Mortgage rates did not fall by .50% -------    The hardest thing to make ...
Unless you have been hibernating for the past few months, you are aware of the ongoing subprime loan crisis. The ripple has crossed into good credit markets, hitting rates hard, especially jumbo loans - (loans over $417,000). This crisis has almost single handedly eliminated a lot of other "nich...
What if a mortgage company could truely offer up services to meet most clients financial needs? Would you use this service and keep it under one roof using one go-to guy you trust? I have noticed companies touting the fact that they offer mortgages, life insurance and investments all in house. Th...

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