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You want to buy or sell a home in Woodbridge Virginia, and you want an experienced expert who will lead you through the process. Call Erick Blackwelder now at 703-677-1120 to find out what Erick can do for you.
Watch this video to find out how and why Zillow and Trulia are losing the monster sources of information about houses for sale. Rupert Murdoch is prepared to cut off Zillow and Trulia at the knees and leave them floundering. Watch this brief video to find out what will happen to Zillow and Trulia...
You want to sell your home.  Do you know that an updated bathroom would cost you just $5,000-$7,500, and it would raise your home value by $20,000? Kitchens and baths are the rooms that take the most wear and tear.  Styles of counters, cabinets, and fixtures change over time. Are your kitchen and...
Do you want to buy a fixer-upper in Woodbridge, Virginia? Do you have the skills and financial horsepower to take a dump and transform it into a diamond? Investors and home owners alike are buying distressed homes at low prices, renovating them, and selling them or moving into them. Investors ten...
See the video below to find out how and why interest rates on home loans are expected to drop in 2015, even if the Fed funds rate slightly rises. This is good news if you are planning to buy a house in 2015.  Lower home loan rates mean more affordability to you.  You can get more house for your m...
Folks who are in the market for a home have noticed that the really NICE homes for sale in Northern Virginia are selling fast. Home sellers who hire agents with EFFECTIVE marketing plans are pleased to see their houses sell for fast, for top dollar, and with the fewest hassles. The matrix below s...
Here's an amazing endorsement for Erick Blackwelder from Demos Loizides.     "I first met Erick in January 1993. He was one of the co-founders of the real estate brokerage I was working at. He left the company, shortly after I started there, so he could set up his own systems that would allow him...
I take a lot of photos as I go around Woodbridge, especially photos of recent renovations. Here are some photos of remodeled kitchens that I especially like. If you had a choice between a house with a funky old kitchen, versus a house with a newly remodeled kitchen, which would you take? If you'r...
I'm going to Wisp resort to ski this weekend.  Wisp is in the Shenandoah mountains in the panhandle of Maryland. Folks who live in the Washington DC area can get to Wisp in 2-3 hours drive time, depending on the side of DC where you live. Wisp gets over 100" of natural snow in a season, and they ...
I have over 205GB of data on my Mac.  8GB of music that would cost over $10,000 to replace.   I have 500GB of cloud storage with an app that automatically backs up my drive daily. I just added a 1TB drive that I got on sale at Radio Shack for $64.99 as my second backup drive. Call me paranoid.  I...
You want to buy a home in Northern Virginia. You've searched the market, and your search has lead you to a home that beats your expectations.  It's nicer than you expected. You and your Realtor check the recent sales, and you quickly see that the house is priced $25,000 over the highest and best ...

Erick Blackwelder

Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.
Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.
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