home selling tips: Greenville NC Foreclosure Trends for December 2014 - 01/16/15 12:07 PM
In December, the number of properties that received a foreclosure filing in Greenville, NC was 53% lower than the previous month and 129% higher than the same time last year, according to RealtyTrac.com.

Greenville NC Foreclosure Status Distribution The current distribution of foreclosures based on the number of active foreclosure homes in Greenville, NC.
Auctions were 37.5% of the foreclosure activity in December, Pre-foreclosures were 56.3% and Bank-owned properties were 6.3%.

Greenville NC Foreclosure Activity by Month  
The number of Auctions increased 0.0% from the previous month and 100.0% from the previous year. Bank-owned properties decreased 66.7% from the previous month and dropped 75.0% from … (1 comments)

home selling tips: 6 Ways To Sell Your Home Quickly - 03/03/14 09:51 AM
If you're looking to sell your Greenville NC home in today’s real estate market, you have most likely already read numerous articles advising you to set a realistic price, pay attention to curb appeal, thoroughly clean and de-clutter, remove large pieces of furniture, repaint in neutral colors, remove personal mementos, and the like.  All of this information is valid and useful, but there are other, less-publicized ways to appeal to potential buyers.  Read on for some creative tips on how to generate interest and get the best price possible.
Arrange for a pre-listing home inspection.  In addition to facilitating the sale … (0 comments)

home selling tips: Making Your Home Welcoming to Greenville NC Buyers - 01/27/14 09:26 AM
Most sellers of a Greenville NC home have been advised to be aware of the importance of curb appeal in heightening the interest of potential buyers.  To that end, they keep the lawn mowed and bushes trimmed.  They also adorn the outside entranceway with colorful potted flowers, updated light fixtures and hardware, and a freshly-painted door—all invitations to potential buyers to go inside.
An effective selling strategy, of course, but the invitations and positive impressions need to continue when prospective buyers actually come into your home.  Be it large, small, or cleverly created, the interior entryway to your house serves as … (0 comments)

home selling tips: Getting Ready For a Spring Sale Of Your Greenville NC Home -- Part II - 05/10/13 09:14 AM
By now you have probably completed (or perhaps just planned) cleaning, de-odorizing, de-cluttering, and de-personalizing the Greenville NC  real  estate you want to sell this spring, so you’re well on your way to success.   Now it’s time to think about staging your property, both inside and out, to appeal to potential buyers.
Painting:  It’s always best to have neutral walls as a basis for effective staging.  Note:  Neutral doesn’t have to mean tan or beige!  Check out colors such as a muted green, smoky grey, ivory, or a soft buttery yellow.  You can also use paint to create a flow between two … (1 comments)

home selling tips: Why You Want a Home Inspection When Buying Or Selling a Greenville NC Home - 02/13/13 04:37 PM
A home inspection is perhaps the most important step in the buying/selling process of a Greenville NC home. It benefits both the buyer in understanding the condition of the house and the seller who wants to provide accurate disclosure information.   A home inspection typically includes an examination of the heating and central air conditioning systems, interior plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, attic, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, foundations, and basements. Some may also include appliances and outdoor plumbing. The typical cost of an inspection varies depending on the area, size of the home, and services the inspector is providing.

home selling tips: 6 Steps to Selling Your Greenville NC Home - 12/07/12 09:31 AM
If you’re ready to sell your Greenville NC home, or even if you’re simply considering such a move, read on for simple but proven strategies to make that process a smooth and successful one.
1. Choose the right real estate professional
Be sure to choose a Realtor who is familiar with your neighborhood, has extensive knowledge about today’s real estate market, and will provide you with credentials and references.   You want someone who you believe will represent your best interests and will explain each step of the selling process to you.  He/she should discuss with you your expectations regarding pricing, showings, … (0 comments)

home selling tips: For First-Time Seller Of A Greenville NC Home - 03/02/12 10:36 AM
The present state of the real estate market may well be a boon for would-be buyers, but it is a certainly a difficult one for sellers. No longer can the latter count on making a great deal of money (or even any money, for that matter), but the large number of Greenville NC homes for sale means that sellers are competing to find a buyer. For those of you who are first-time sellers and have never been through the home-selling process, the following suggestions are designed to help you face reality, make your property appealing to a buyer, and ultimately sell … (0 comments)

home selling tips: How To Get Ready For Last Minute Showings In A Snap - 03/25/11 06:19 PM
For Sunday's open house, your Greenville NC home was in "show-ready" condition. With curb appeal at its finest, clutter nowhere to be seen, windows and appliances sparkling, and the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting in the air, you were certain that potential buyers couldn't help but be positively impressed.
However, now it's midweek, and the house has fallen back into its "lived in" state. Clutter abounds, dishes are in the sink, laundry has piled up, and toys have proliferated overnight. What a time for your realtor to call to tell you that she wants to show your Greenville NC home to very serious … (1 comments)

home selling tips: Move Or Improve…That Is The Question! - 03/08/11 12:36 PM
Perhaps you have outgrown your Greenville NC home. The children can no longer comfortably share a bedroom, you desperately need a home office, closet/storage space is overflowing, or your teenagers need room to entertain their friends--all valid reasons for thinking about moving to a larger home or adding on or renovating the one you're presently in. Making a decision like this in "normal" times has been difficult for homeowners, but given the current state of the economy, the increase in traffic and resulting longer commute times, and the uncertainty of the real estate market, deciding which option is better for you may seem … (1 comments)

home selling tips: Why Not Sell Your Greenville NC Home In Winter? - 02/08/11 07:32 PM
The winter blahs have set in! How can you keep them at bay and infuse your life with a newfound purpose? That's easy--put your Greenville NC home on the market. Although spring is traditionally considered the optimum time to sell a home, there are positive aspects to selling in the winter.
Buyer time constraints: A majority of corporate moves take place around January, and transferees need to find a home quickly. Parents are also anxious to get their children settled in a new school as soon as possible. By the way, some experts believe it is better for a child to … (0 comments)

home selling tips: Holiday Staging Tips For Your Greenville NC Home - 12/18/10 06:16 PM
Are you thinking of waiting for the new year to put your Greenville NC home on the market or taking it off the market during the holiday season? Think again, say many professionals. They feel that the holidays can be a wonderful selling time, one that will attract serious, motivated buyers.
To support this belief they cite the following reasons:
1. Buyers can often use winter vacation days to search for a house.
2. January is the busiest time for corporate relocations, and transferees are "under the gun" to find a Greenville NC home.
3. Families with children want to be … (0 comments)

home selling tips: Tips To Sell Your Greenville NC Home With Feng Shui - 07/09/10 04:55 PM
In addition to the demands of current Greenville NC home buyers for environmentally-friendly, or green real estate, there is also a growing segment of consumers who are looking for houses which incorporate the principles of feng shui. An ancient Chinese practice, feng shui is believed to improve one's life through the use of color, location and positioning, and specific materials and objects, all of which combine to produce a positive energy, or chi, in your home.
The primary focus of feng shui is the positive flow of energy, which contributes to the creation of harmony in life. Integral components of the … (1 comments)

home selling tips: Staging Your Greenville Home For An Open House - 01/08/10 12:18 PM
You are selling your Greenville home and the first Open House only a week away. The house is filled with clutter and things you don't want to throw away. But the clutter is not appealing to potential Greenville home buyers. What do you? Here are staging tips for an Open House. 
8 Staging Tips For A Greenville Open House 
1. Remove the clutter.Having a garage sale is out when removing clutter because the Open House is only a week away. You don't want to stuff the garage or closets to the gills either. One solution is to rent an off-site storage facility or stack … (0 comments)

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