selling your home: A Dollar Spent Doesn't Always Add a Dollar To Your Home's Value - 03/15/15 04:00 PM
A Dollar Spent Doesn't Always Add a Dollar To Your Home's Value
There's a misconception that spending money on your home is always a good thing.  That each dollar spent on your home adds value.  Unfortunately, sometimes those thoughts are far from the truth.
Many projects don't change increase the value of your home, and in some cases may even DECREASE the value of your home!
A quick cruise around the MLS looking at homes for sale and you'll quickly find some homes with statements like "$50,000 in improvements!" and a seller asking $50,000 more than they paid for the home within … (19 comments)

selling your home: 5 Cardinal Sins of Home Selling! - 01/28/15 09:27 AM
5 Cardinal Sins of Home Selling!
We see a lot of homes over the course of a year and there are some big reasons  buyers will spin on their heels, look at us and say "NEXT!".  
As a general rule, home buyers expect to see what was advertised, and the only surprises they want to see involve a home being even BETTER than the pictures indicated, or that phone call just before the showing that mentions "we just dropped price today!".
So you want to get that SOLD sign in your yard, here are some key DON'Ts if you want … (18 comments)

selling your home: Planning To Sell Your Warren County Ohio Home in 2015? 7 Tips to Get Ready! - 12/28/14 02:21 PM
Planning To Sell Your Warren County Ohio Home in 2015?  7 Tips to Get Ready! Are you ready for a change?  Time to bump up because you need more room?  Or maybe you're heading in the opposite direction and ready to shift to a 55+ community, a patio home or a condo?  Or maybe you're ready to leave the area entirely and head to warmer climes?  In any case, we can help you find what you want to buy AND help you sell your existing home!
Here are some tips to help you get ready:
1.  Evaluate your financial situation … (4 comments)

selling your home: Let The Ink Dry Before Stopping Showings - 10/26/14 10:05 AM
Let The Ink Dry Before Stopping Showings
Recently we were scheduled to show a home and got a call to cancel the showing because the home was "in negotiations".  But here's our experience, A LOT can happen during negotiations.  They can drag on for days and frankly many negotiations stop well short of an accepted contract!  Maybe it's money terms, maybe it's occupancy timing, or any other number of terms that make a contract, but often buyer and seller won't quite get to the point of putting the pen to a final agreed upon contract.
If you're trying to sell your … (61 comments)

selling your home: 5 Ways To Discourage Mason Home Buyers - 09/01/13 05:12 AM
5 Ways To Discourage Mason Home Buyers
You hired an agent and put your Mason home on the market.  You want a buyer, right?  But there are some obvious mistakes you can make that will discourage home buyers from coming to your home, or getting them to love your home when they get there.
1)  Bad Marketing.  Your agent DOES make a difference.  Bad photos kill buyer interest.  It's that simple.  Ever seen the MLS entry with 3 outside photos and NONE of the inside?  There's not a buyer out there that doesn't assume that there's something wrong with the inside … (11 comments)

selling your home: 3 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Mason Ohio Home - 07/31/13 06:41 AM
3 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Mason Ohio Home
We're not going to go with the obvious here.  Of course you should select the best possible REALTOR(R) or team that can market your Mason Ohio home and give you the service you deserve.  Of course you should prepare your Mason Ohio home for sale by making necessary repairs, perhaps some fresh paint and carpet if needed.  Of course you should declutter and make your home as roomy as possible.
But there are 3 things you need to consider and have a plan for BEFORE our yard sign goes in … (17 comments)

selling your home: Are You Making Your Mason Ohio Home For Sale Seem Small? - 07/21/13 01:32 PM
Are You Making Your Mason Ohio Home For Sale Seem Small? It happened again yesterday while touring another Mason Ohio home for sale with one of our buyer clients.  STUFF.  Lots of STUFF.  It's a common problem when either the listing agents doesn't know the harm, or the sellers aren't yet willing to modify the way they live to help the sale of their home.
But here's the thing:
You can assume many things when selling your Mason home, but one … (33 comments)

selling your home: Even The Friendliest Dog May Be Cujo When You're Selling Your Warren County Home! - 05/03/13 06:53 AM
Even The Friendliest Dog May Be Cujo When You're Selling Your Warren County Home!
"Why do you want my dog(s) out of the house for all showings?  Little Fifi is THE friendliest dog EVER!"
And while Fifi, Rex, Spot, Josh & Sammie are all QUITE friendly when you're home, all bets are off as soon as you close the door and leave the house.  YOU are their reassurance, their comfort blanket that these strangers in their house are okay and they don't need to be afraid.
However, without you there the dog has to make its own judgment call when … (60 comments)

selling your home: How Will You Sell My Mason Ohio Home? - 04/13/13 05:54 AM
How Will You Sell My Mason Ohio Home?
"We'll put a sign in the yard, put you in MLS and hope for the best!"  If that's what you're expecting, you've picked the wrong team to sell your Mason home, because that is NOT our approach when you hire The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite.  Fact is our work with you starts well before that sign goes in the yard and your home goes in MLS. 
It starts with knowing your needs:  What's most critical to you?  Best price?  Quick sale?  Some combination of the above?  Are there … (18 comments)

selling your home: Mason Ohio Home Sellers, Do You Know Your Competition? - 03/25/13 09:39 AM
Mason Ohio Home Sellers, Do You Know Your Competition?
If you're thinking about (or actually trying) to sell your Mason Ohio home, there's something you need to understand.  The real estate landscape has changed.  While the pendulum has shifted back closer to your control rather than the buyers' control, there is another factor that's tilting the playing field:  new construction.
For the last few years, new construction was virtually a non-issue.  Gone.  Market conditions didn't support the builders putting up new sticks and bricks.  Values were falling, buyers were afraid to buy and afraid to overpay.  So buyers picked from the sellers … (13 comments)

selling your home: Selling Your Home is Like Picking a Restaurant! - 07/15/12 04:31 AM
Selling Your Home is Like Picking a Restaurant! Ever go on a vacation and wander down to the restaurant district and start trying to decide what you want to eat?  You're not looking at Yelp, or Zagats, just looking for what strikes your fancy.  First the restaurant needs enough curb appeal to get you to give it some consideration.  And that person you're with has to like it too, right? So a few restaurants pass the curb appeal test, so you walk up and start checking out the menu.  Ouch, the prices are kind of high!!  How about we move along … (41 comments)

selling your home: One No Closer To A Yes! - 05/08/12 05:52 AM
One No Closer To A Yes! We've got to thank one of our sellers for the title of this post!  Last night we provided an email update and added that we hadn't heard back from Saturday's showing agent. Now some sellers might be a bit irritated at the lack of response from the buyer's agent, but our seller totally "gets it"!  Her response? "We are one "no" closer to a "yes". And doesn't that capture the essence of trying to sell a home?  In our perfect world, we list a home, launch it priced right with full marketing and there's a … (58 comments)

selling your home: Are You Prepared to Move Quickly? - 02/17/12 07:22 AM
Are You Prepared to Move Quickly? As soon as you start considering selling your home, you need to assume success.  When we first meet, we'll talk about many things besides how to get your home ready and expected selling price range.  Among the questions you'll probably have is "How long until my house sells?" Obviously there are quite a few variables that go into that answer, some YOU control, some WE control, some NEITHER of us control.  If WE team together and properly prepare, price and market your home, we can optimize the conditions that a buyer WILL find you.  … (25 comments)

selling your home: 10 Reasons We Don't Want Buyers Moving In BEFORE Closing! - 01/28/12 01:26 PM
10 Reasons We Don't Want Buyers Moving In BEFORE Closing!
As Warren County listing agents, one of our primary jobs is protecting our sellers' best interests, and there's more to that than just getting the best possible price for them.  Now ultimately we provide the advice, but it's their final decision as to what to okay or not. 
And a request that comes up more often than you might think from buyers is a request to take some form of occupancy prior to closing.  It may be having appliances delivered early, it may be wanting to make repairs early … (51 comments)

selling your home: How Much Will My Home Sell For? - 01/18/12 10:49 AM
How Much Will My Home Sell For? Dear Liz, We've been thinking about selling our home, but need to know how much our home will sell for to help make the decision.  Can you help us determine what to expect?  We'd love to take advantage of the low interest rates to buy a new home, but we're not sure we can afford to leave the home we have. Thanks! Joe Public Dear Joe, First of all, YES, we can help you determine the expected selling price of your home, and that assessment won't cost you anything but some of your time … (80 comments)

selling your home: Can You Go Too Far Updating Your Home? - 12/17/11 10:06 AM
Can You Go Too Far Updating Your Home? The last couple of days we've posted about updating your home.  Our feelings on brass and why you should update long before you move.  However, you may ask is it possible to do TOO MUCH to your home?  And we'd say definitely YES if it's your intent to recover a significant portion of that expense. Every area has price thresholds where you start to expect to see certain design elements.  For Warren County single family residential homes, around $300,000 is the pivot point for solid surface counter tops of some sort:  Corian, granite, … (64 comments)

selling your home: Why Should The Buyer Be The Only One To Enjoy Your Updated Home? - 12/16/11 08:26 AM
Why Should The Buyer Be The Only One To Enjoy Your Updated Home? Yesterday we posted about our feelings on brass in your home if you're trying to sell.  For most buyers, brass is an indication of an outdated home.  SOME buyers can't see past the superficial and will scratch a brass home right off their list.
What we commonly see is home sellers making an effort to update their home JUST PRIOR to going on the market.  Which is fine, it's important to have your home optimized for the buyers, but why wait until you're ready to sell?  Why … (102 comments)

selling your home: Brass Can Kiss My...... - 12/15/11 09:00 AM
Brass Can Kiss My...... Okay, maybe we haven't had a buyer QUITE say that when looking at a home, but we've heard pretty close.  Buyers think they own the market, and will act accordingly.  If they see a home decorated from the 70s and the 80s, vintage fixtures and colors, they're probably walking.  It's funny how trends come and go.  Avocado and burnt orange appliances, shag carpet, sunken living rooms, all had their time in the spotlight....and who knows, maybe they will again!  But for now, they're going to shave MASSIVE dollars off your home's resale value. After watching HGTV and … (73 comments)

selling your home: Now Accepting Applications for the Fall 2010 Home Selling Term for Warren County Ohio School of Real Estate Sales! - 09/23/10 02:31 PM
Wanted:  Motivated home sellers in the Warren County Ohio area and adjacent counties! Enrollees must be willing to:
Have their home aggressively marketed on the Internet! Have their home listed by a Cincinnati BBB Accredited Business! Have pictures taken of their home that will make THEM want to buy it from themselves! Have a visual tour provided of your home! Have two professional REALTORs© work for them! Have the stress of selling their home reduced to the lowest possible level! Have full color flyers provided for their yard sign brochure box! Have their home featured in both Cincinnati and … (16 comments)

selling your home: Mr. Home Seller, Who's Your Buyer Calling? - 09/13/10 08:23 AM
Does the buying public have your agent's digits?  Selling your home isn't some Larry the Lounge Lizard bar scene activity, with your agent playing coy and only giving their precious phone number out to a very select few. You want the buying public to be able to talk to the agent who knows the most about YOUR home, not just what any agent reading the MLS knows.  The MLS has limits on what and how much can be put in, so no matter how great your agent is, there will ALWAYS be some info only known to your listing agent. Despite … (18 comments)

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