salem ct: Vote Today! - 05/13/09 08:48 AM
Today is Referendum Day in the town of Salem, CT.  This is the day that residents can vote to approve or disapprove of the budget for the town this coming year.
Traditionally, voter turnout for this vote has been poor.  VERY poor, in fact.  And when you realize that less than 1000 votes often decide whether the budge passes or not, it's a little scary.  If you don't vote, it means you're letting the minority decide your taxes.  Period. 
That seems like a pretty bad decision to me.  The poll is open at Salem Town Hall today from 6AM to 8PM, so … (0 comments)

salem ct: Roundabouts Come To Salem, CT - 05/03/09 03:57 PM
The illustration on the right shows you a roundabout like the one that is going to replace the four-way intersection with lights currently at Salem Four Corners.
Personally, I can't wait.  I think most Salem residents, and all the people who travel through town at some point during the day, are looking forward to this!  Unlike the big rotary in Stonington with multiple access points and higher speed, this roundabout will have only four access points. It will allow us to slow down as we approach the circle but not have to stop as we go through the intersection.  And no more line-ups … (6 comments)

salem ct: Coming Up at Salem, CT Library! - 04/10/09 07:08 AM
The Salem Free Public Library has a continuing round of great programs, and coming up in the next couple of weeks are these choices:
(from the Friends Newsletter) -
"Antarctica -Frozen Frontier  Wednesday, April 15th at 7 p.m.
Antarctic Historian, Richard Wolak, has lived in Antarctica for over 3½ year working at all the American stations there and aboard several polar vessels. He has wintered at the South Pole. Mr.Wolak will discuss history, geography, politics and the current science activity of Antarctica. "
A couple of other programs caught my eye, and you might want to check them out too.  There will … (1 comments)

salem ct: Henna Time Is Here Again! - 03/09/09 01:18 PM
The Salem Public Library in Salem, CT will be hosting a workshop on Henna designs on your skin. Anne MacFayden will be back on Saturday, March 14 between 1PM and 3PM at the library, and if past workshops are any guide, this one will be very popular.This is aimed at teens, with adults also welcome, permission slips are required for anyone under 18 years old. Slips are available at the Library Circulation Desk or at the beginning of the program. Please note that class size is limited.

salem ct: Irish Music Today At The Salem, CT Library! - 03/07/09 09:58 AM
The Friends Of The Library in Salem, CT are presenting a program today that's always popular.  The Gallaibh Ceilidh Band will be there at 2PM Saturday, March 7th - that's today - with a warm-up for St. Patrick's Day.  Don't miss the chance to be there, tap your toes, and dance a jig all the way back home.

salem ct: Open House Wisdom - 02/15/09 08:22 AM
Okay, so today is a sunny Sunday in Salem, Connecticut, and it's a traditional Open House day in these parts.  If you're thinking about trying to buy your first house, this is the perfect day to venture out and dip your toe in the friendly-to-buyers ocean called House Hunting.
Here's what you should do at any open house:  first, drive around the neighborhood.  Not just down the street, but around the surrounding area.  See what's one street over, what else might be for sale, write down the address and the phone number on the sign. 
Then go and see the house.  … (1 comments)

salem ct: Salem's Virtual Town Meeting - 10/31/08 09:19 AM
When you go to the poll at Town Hall in Salem, CT this election day, you will find Peter Sielman sitting at a small table in the hallway as you head to the main meeting room where the voting tabulators are.  He'll be there to collect signatures and sign people up who are interested in seeing future Town Meetings online instead of in person. 
To sign up, you'll need to give your name and email address, and fill out a questionnaire stating that no one other than you will use that email address to participate in a virtual town meeting.  Then … (1 comments)

salem ct: If You Don't Vote... - 10/29/08 04:27 PM
This sign was at the end of my street last year, along with others like it around town.  I think it's a good point, and as the Moderator at the polling station in Salem this year, I guess I should be reminding people to vote.
More people tend to vote during a Presidential election, but it's true every year for whatever offices have candidates running.  You can take a few minutes yourself to come to town hall and cast your own ballot, or you can let someone else decide for you....
If your voting in Salem, the polls are open on … (2 comments)

salem ct: What's Selling in Salem, CT? - 10/20/08 09:15 AM
Now that the spring selling season is over, and we're heading into the holidays - and traditionally fewer buyers in the marketplace - I thought it would be a good time to take a look back and see what has actually sold in Salem this past season. 
Right now there are 49 active single-family homes on the market in town.  Since April, 17 homes have actually sold, and there's one under deposit.  Now let's look at a couple of details:  the price ranges of the homes actually sold this spring/summer, for one. 
The most popular price range that resulted in a … (1 comments)

salem ct: HUGE Book Sale Coming Up in Salem! - 10/15/08 03:56 PM
When: this coming Friday, October 17 and Saturday, October 18
Where:  Salem School, Salem, CT
Why: To benefit the Salem Free Public Library Friends organization
Starting Friday afternoon, you'll be able to choose from something like 20,000 books of every imaginable genre and age, including some rare books (usually, anyway) and they'll all be going for a few dollars each.  The gym/auditorium at Salem School gets turned into a cavernous used bookstore, and the bargains are unbelievable.  Arranged by subject matter, there will be paperbacks, hardcovers, a children's section, and DVD's, tapes, and other things, too. 
Don't miss this!  It only … (2 comments)

salem ct: The Salem 45 - 10/12/08 09:43 AM
Recently, at a meeting at Town Hall attended by a couple of committees and the First Selectman, we talked about how over-committed people were, and how nice it would be to find some new faces that could start getting involved in the town and its various boards and committees.
I have called the small group of residents who always show up at town meetings to vote, and spend a lot of their time volunteering in town, the "Salem 45" for a few years now.  In a town of only 4000 residents, a high percentage of whom are college-educated and employed full-time, … (2 comments)

salem ct: Virtual Reality Comes to Salem - 10/01/08 08:44 AM
Tonight's Salem Town Meeting will be a first:  we are t4esting andf demonstrating the use of the internet at a town meeting, and registered voters will be able to participate from home.  It will be broadcast on COMCAST channel 12, and if you knew enough (ahem.....I didn't) to register your email address and fill out a questionnaire with the Registrar of Voters, you get to be on the "special" list of trusted participants.
Eventually, the hope is that we will be able to get more participation at town meetings (honestly - it's been abysmal for a while, and not a credit … (2 comments)

salem ct: Idle Thoughts (with apologies to Mike DiMauro) - 09/28/08 07:01 PM
Mike DiMauro's sports column in The Day is a Sunday favorite in our house, and when sports slow up, he writes one of his great "Mr. Idle" columns with random thoughts that just crack me up sometimes.
After the spring market (yes, we had one here) and summer tying-up-loose-ends market (yep - we had one of those too) ended, I find myself sitting here with my own idle thoughts.
The photo at left was from last year's Pumpkin Chucking contest in Bristol, CT - we went as a result of having one of those idle weekend afternoons when I didn't have … (1 comments)

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