enthusiasm: Enthusiasm Divers the Champion - 03/03/14 05:41 AM
Enthusiasm Divers the Champion
“One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it
the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life.”
Edward Butler, Discount – Store Entrepreneur
As I see it . . . . . . .
Enthusiasm divers the champion
Each day when a champion gets up is ready to get out of bed in the morning they replenish their enthusiasm before their feet hit the floor.
They start their day with positive expectations . . . . and filled to … (4 comments)

enthusiasm: Dynamic Purpose - 02/04/14 02:36 PM
Dynamic Purpose
“Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purpose. Lesser
ones exist on wishes and inclinations”
Kenneth Hildrnrand , Author
As I see it . . . . . . .
Dynamic Purpose
Identify the dynamic purpose in your life . . . . and you will identify what fires your enthusiasm  and passion.
In your dynamic purpose will inspire you go to great lengths to successfully reach your objective . . . . and go the extra mile on your success journey to succeed.
With a dynamic purpose you will … (2 comments)

enthusiasm: The Mentors in Your Life - 12/31/13 11:07 AM
The Mentors in Your Life 
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a
spark from another person. Each of us has cause
to think with deep gratitude of those who
have lighted the flame within us.”
 Albert Schweitzer 1879 – 1955, German-born Theoretical
Physicist, Developed General Theory of Relativity
As I see it. . . . . . . .
The mentors in your life
At times the flame of your enthusiasm flickers . . . . and may go out. Be thankful to the mentor who … (3 comments)

enthusiasm: Put Your Heart in It - 12/25/13 07:59 PM
Put Your Heart in It
“Where so ever you go, go with all your heart.”
As I see it . . . . . . .
Put your heart in it
It’s hard to beat a person that . . . . puts their heart into what they do.
You can see in every walk of life . . . . one person makes an effort to get by . . . . and there are the people that put their heart in what they’re doing.
The person that puts their heart … (3 comments)

enthusiasm: Let the Winds of Enthusiasm Sweep You Forward - 12/13/13 07:00 PM
Let the Winds of Enthusiasm Sweep You Forward
“Today is life – the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today.
Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop
a bobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you.
Live today with gusto.”
Dale Carnegie 1888 - 1955, Motivational Author and Speaker
As I see it . . . . . . .
Let the winds of your enthusiasm sweep your forward
Today the winds of enthusiasm will sweep into your life . . . . You can recognize its … (4 comments)

enthusiasm: A Want is Not Enough - 12/12/13 06:40 PM
A Want is Not Enough
“It’s not enough to MILDLY WANT what you want. You must
WILDLY WANT what you want. No one ever got their
 greatest wishes by remaining WISHY WASHY.”
Karen Salmansohn BS, Self-Help Author
As I see it . . . . . . .
A want is not enough
A want is a like too . . . . A like too lacks the passion to achieve it . . . . and your like too slips to the back burner of your thinking . . . . In time your … (2 comments)

enthusiasm: Put Your Passion and Heart Into Your Business - 11/28/13 09:12 AM
Have a passion for what you do . . . . and you will become your passion.
Successful people have aconsistent attribute . . . . they are passionate for what they do. That passion will show in your attitude . . . . your enthusiasm . . . . your thinking . . . in your efforts . . . . and your activities.
Be committed to make the extra effort to create a successful outcome. Put all of your heart and passion into your business .and focus on achieving your desired outcome and continued success.

enthusiasm: The Mindset of Being Forever Young - 11/11/13 05:49 AM
The Mindset of Being Forever Young
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream
new a dream.”
C. S. Lewis 1889 - 1963, Influential Irish novelist, Poet,
Academic, and Literary Critic
As I see it . . . . . . .
The mindset of being forever young
You are as young as your hopes and dreams . . . . tells you . . . . you are.
Your dreams will focus you on your future . . . . and when you turn your dreams into goals . … (6 comments)

enthusiasm: Doing What You Love to Do With Purpose - 10/29/13 03:54 PM
Doing What You Love to Do With Purpose
“Ask yourself what you would do even if you never
paid. That’s a clue to what you should be doing and,
of course, still be finding a way to be paid for it.
You can attract more money from love.”
Joe Vitale, Writer
As I see it . . . . . . .
Do what you love to do with a purpose
You will find that when your doing the things that you love to do . . . . You will go about … (8 comments)

enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is the Spark - 10/18/13 02:55 PM
Enthusiasm is the Spark
“Enthusiasm is the kindling spark which marks the difference  
between the leaders in every activity and the laggards
who put in just enough to get by.”
Author Unknown
As I see it . . . . . . .
Enthusiasm is the spark
Your enthusiasm . . . . is the spark that gets your going in the morning . . . . and keeps your when you hit a rough patch.
Your enthusiasm  . . . . is the difference between being an achiever and being a talker.

enthusiasm: Be Determined to Make it Happen - 10/02/13 07:09 AM
Motivational Power Quote
Be Determined to Make it Happen
“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you
love; there’s only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”
Dr. Wayne Dryer, American Self-Help Author
and Motivational Speaker
As I see it . . . . . . .
Be determined to make it happen
There are those who would like it to happen . . . .  And there are those who are determined to make it happen.
Those who would like it happen are hoping for it … (0 comments)

enthusiasm: Someone Has to Do It - 08/13/13 06:23 AM
Motivational Power Quote
Someone Has to Do It
“The body of every organization is structured from four kinds
of bones. There are the wishbones, who spend all their time
wishing someone would do all the work. Then there are the
jawbones, who do all the talking, but very little else. The
knucklebones knock everything anything anyone else tries
to do. Fortunately, in every organization there are also
the backbones, who get under the load and
do most of the work.”
Leo Aikman 1908 - 1978, American Journalist, Humorist,
As I … (5 comments)

enthusiasm: The Beginning is the Start - 08/01/13 08:26 PM
Motivational Power Quote
The Beginning is the Start  
“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
Plato 427 BC – 347 BC, Greek Philosopher
As I see it . . . . . . .
The beginning is the start
To achieve your goals . . . . you have to start.
To succeed in life . . . . you have to start.
A journey of a thousand miles . . . . starts with the first step in the right direction. To get you where you want go you have to … (4 comments)

enthusiasm: Discover Your Purpose - 07/01/13 02:32 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Discover Your Purpose  
“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day
we are born and the day we discover why.”
William Barclay, 1907 – 1978, Theologian Author
As I see it . . . . . . .
Discover your purpose
You were born with music within you . . . .
That music is your purpose . . . . it’s there within you. Sometime it will come to the surface without much effort and you will know almost instantly what your purpose it.
At … (6 comments)

enthusiasm: Take the Responsibility to Light Your Own Candle - 06/23/13 07:59 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Take the Responsibility to Light Your Own Candle
“It’s better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”
Confucius BC 551 – BC 479, Chinese Teacher, Editor,
Politician, Philosopher
As I see it . . . . . . .
Take the responsibility to light your own candle
Too often we are waiting for someone to step in to light our way . . . . Take the responsibility to light your own candle and you will find your own way.
Taking responsibility for your life and career . … (6 comments)

enthusiasm: The Enthusiast Will Go Where Others Don’t Go - 06/08/13 02:02 PM
Motivational Power Quote
The Enthusiast Will Go Where Others Don’t Go   
“The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool.”
William McFee 1850 – 1924, Writer of Sea Stories
As I see it . . . . . . .
The enthusiast will go where others don’t go
The enthusiast will not go where others don’t go . . . . they will see things that others don’t see . . . . and will discover things that other can’t find.
They live their life with positive expectations . . . . and make … (3 comments)

enthusiasm: Your Driving Desire - 05/17/13 07:55 AM
Motivational Power Quote
Your Driving Desire
“You are what your driving desire is.
As your desire is, to is your will,
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny.”
Brihadaranyaka Upanishal IV 4.5
As I see it . . . . . . .
Your driving desire
Your driving desire is your self-conscious mind creating the thought process that becomes the basis for your actions.
When that driving desire is coupled with enthusiasm . . . . you will move in the direction and turning that need … (2 comments)

enthusiasm: 2 Key Principles For a Fulfilling Career - 05/09/13 06:39 AM
Motivational Power Quote
2 Key Principles For a Fulfilling Career
“The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it
is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you
find it put your whole soul into it – every bit of energy and
ambition and natural ability you have.”
John D. Rockefeller III 1906 – 1978, Philanthropist
As I see it . . . . . . .
2 key principles for a fulfilling career
It seems that as I travel through the country and meet people in … (4 comments)

enthusiasm: The Real Voyage of Discovery - 04/02/13 02:54 PM
Motivational Power Quote
The Real Voyage of Discovery
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new
landscapes but in having to eyes.”
Marcel Proust 1871 – 1922, French Novelist, Critic, Essayist
As I see it . . . . . . .
The real voyage of discovery
The voyage of discovery is having the VISION of what you’re seeking to accomplish . . . . and a clear understanding of the WHY . . . .
Your vision will tell you what you’re looking for . . . . and the … (5 comments)

enthusiasm: The Fire of Motivation - 03/26/13 08:27 PM
Motivational Power Quote
The Fire of Motivation
“Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries
to Light that fire under you, chances are it will burn
very briefly.”
 Dr. Stephen Covey 1932 - 2012, Entrepreneur Personal
Development Author and Speaker
As I see it. . . . . . . .
The fire of motivation
There’s a fire deep within you . . . . It’s the fire of your motivation that lights the fire of your enthusiasm to burn bright within you. It drives you into action the determination to stay the … (7 comments)

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