sales: Be Prepared Go the Distance - 11/24/14 02:27 PM
Be Prepared Go the Distance    
“The real winners are not those at the top but those who
have come the farthest over the toughest roads.
Your victory may never make headlines.
But you will know about it,
and that’s what counts.”
Ernest A. Fitzgerald  
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Be prepared to go the distance
The winners in life start with the end in mind . . . . and will be prepared go the distance to achieve their goals and objectives.
When winners hit a roadblock they … (7 comments)

sales: Doing More Than Expected - 11/24/14 06:02 AM
Doing More Than Expected
“Your success in life will be in direct proportion to what you
do after you do what you are expected to do.”
Brian Tracy Self-Help Author and Motivational Speaker
As I see it . . . . . . .
Doing more than expected
Doing what’s expected . . . . is operation in the status quo.
Exceeding what expected of you . . . . becomes the gateway to a productive and unlimited future of opportunities.
Success in life . . . . is achieved by doing more then what’s … (39 comments)

sales: The Power of Your Thinking - 11/23/14 01:53 PM
The Power of Your Thinking
“The mind is its own place,  and in itself can make a
Heaven of Hell, or a Hell of Heaven.”
 John Milton, (1606-1674) English poet
As I see it. . . . . . . .
The power of your thinking
The power of your thinking has shaped your life . . . . and made you the person that you are today . . . .  It will also make you the person that you become in the future.
The human mind is a powerful computer that processes your thoughts into … (11 comments)

sales: Unchecked Procrastination Becomes a Roadblock - 11/23/14 07:14 AM
Unchecked Procrastination Becomes a Roadblock
“Everything you could have been, all the accolades you could a
have won and all the achievements that have
been nagging at your mind until now,
didn’t happen for one reason only
you procrastinated.”
Nisandeh Neta, Author, Speaker
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Unchecked procrastination becomes a roadblock
Procrastination becomes a roadblock of the mind . . . .  It will cloud your thinking . . . .  your actions . . . . and stop your forward momentum on your success journey.
Procrastination can … (11 comments)

sales: What You Will - Will Be - 11/22/14 09:30 PM
What You Will - Will Be
“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine
 what  you desire, you will what you imagine and at
last you create what you will.”
George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright
As I see it. . . . . . . .
What you will – will be  
Your will is the internal force that pushes you pass the hurdles in your life . . . . and gives you the extra strength to pick yourself up after a setback . . . . and to try again.
A person’s will … (8 comments)

sales: Getting off Track - 11/22/14 01:43 PM
Getting off Track
“I may find yourself getting off tract, but I will never be lost
when my life has direction.”
Lou Ludwig, Sales and Management Consultant,
Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Getting off track
Your success journey may be long . . . . and it will take you in many directions.
Throughout your success journey you may encounter ever-changing conditions. You will encounter detours . . . . and obstacles that may temporarily takes you off your path. At that point, you … (6 comments)

sales: Top Professionals - 11/22/14 04:43 AM
Top Professionals
“I have found that men and woman who got to the top were
 Those that did the jobs they had with everything they
 had of energy, enthusiasm and hard work.”
Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Top professionals 
You can spot them from a mile away . . . . there’re the top professionals in any field. They live their lives forward by a set of rules . . . . and have consistent characteristics that sets them apart from the other … (10 comments)

sales: Peak Performers Have a Mental Image of Their Results - 11/21/14 10:11 PM
Peak Performers Have a Mental Image of Their Results
“Peak performers develop powerful mental images of the
behavior that will lead to the desired results. They
see in their minds eye the result they want,
and the actions leading to it.”
Charles A. Garfield, Author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Peak performers have a mental image of their results
A peak performer sees them self standing in the winners circle. It may sound bold . . . . But they know that they will win before they start … (11 comments)

sales: Make the Most Out of Your Time - 11/21/14 06:59 PM
Make the Most Out of Your Time
“Many people die with their music still in them. Why is
this so? Too often it is because they are always
getting ready to live. Before they know it,
 time runs out.”
 Oliver Wendell Holmes 1809 -1894, American Physician,
Poet, Professor, Lecturer, Author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Make the most out of your time
Time goes by in a blink of an eye . . . . and as you look back on your life you realize that the years have slipped by. … (10 comments)

sales: Every Day is a New Day - 11/18/14 01:47 PM
Every Day is a New Day       
“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on
yesterday’s success or put its failures behind
you and start over again.”
 Bob Feller 1918 - 2010, Hall of Fame Baseball Player  
As I see it . . . . . . .
Every day is a new day
Yesterday success is the stepping stone into your future. With each successful day playing itself forward . . . . and creating a solid footing for your future success.
Every day is a new day . . .  which … (33 comments)

sales: Forward Thinkers Let Go of Old Outdated Thinking - 11/18/14 09:17 AM
Forward Thinkers Let Go of Old Outdated Thinking
“It’s easy to come up with new ideals; the hard part is letting
go of what worked for you two years ago,
but will soon be out-of-date.”
Roger Von Oech, Entrepreneur  
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Forward thinkers let go of old outdated thinking
The business world has changed. Hanging onto the things that are old and outdated is like carrying around an anchor. The weight of that anchor will drag you down and sink your business. 
Because something has worked in … (10 comments)

sales: Refuse to Get Trapped in the Status Quo - 11/17/14 08:37 PM
Refuse to Get Trapped in the Status Quo
“The first step towards success is taken when you refuse
to be a captive of the environment in which you
first find yourself.”
Mark Caine, American Writer
As I see it . . . . . . .
Refuse get trapped in the status quo
It’s comfortable to continue to do what you have also been doing. It feels safe . . . . and in most case it’s just part of a routine that doesn’t require much thought.
The question becomes . . . . is … (16 comments)

sales: One Life - 11/17/14 02:02 PM
One Life
“This is as true in everyday life as it is in battle! We are given
 one life, and the decision is ours whether to wait for
circumstances to make up our mind or whether to
act and , in acting to live.”
Omar Bradley 1893 - 1981, General US Army, Field
Commander in North Africa and Europe
As I see it . . . . . . .
One life
The days are yours . . . . to use in any manner you choose.
In your days you can … (8 comments)

sales: An Active Rain Success Story - 11/17/14 03:52 AM
An Active Rain Success Story
“The more I help others to succeed, The more I succeed.”
Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds
As I see it . . . . . . .
An Active Rain success story
Recently I received a telephone call from a California real estate professional.
They were calling me as a result of my Active Rain blogging to offer me a referral. After discussing the needs of customer with the real estate professional I discovered that the customer was interested in an area on the West Coast of Florida.  It’s an area … (22 comments)

sales: Becoming Complacent in Business - 11/16/14 09:21 PM
Becoming Complacent in Business
“Comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, and
then becomes a host, then a master and then it becomes a
tamer, and with a hook and whip it makes puppets
of your lager desires.”
Kahlil Gibran 1883 – 1931, Lebanese Artist,  Poet and Writer
As I see it . . . . . . .
Becoming complacent in business
Becoming complacent in business . . . . creates a strategic business disadvantage.  It takes the businesses competitive advantage away from the business . . . . as … (10 comments)

sales: Pressure is Just Another Word - 11/16/14 01:44 PM
Pressure is Just Another Word
“Pressure is a word that is a misused in our vocabulary.
When you start thinking of pressure, it’s because
you’re started to think of failure.”
Tommy Lasorda, Baseball Manager
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Pressure is just another word
If you’re in a situation where you’re feeling the “pressure” chances are more then likely that you’re focusing on the problem . . . . and not the solution.
Once you find yourself in a challenging circumstance. Focus your thinking . . . . and efforts … (7 comments)

sales: All Change - 11/16/14 05:58 AM
 All Change
“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their
minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”
 Williams James 1842 – 1910. American Philosopher
and Psychologist
As I see it. . . . . . .
All change
The inner reaches of the subconscious mind controls your thinking . . . .  Your attitude will control how you respond to the things you counter. A positive attitude will create positive direction in your life . . . . and one to the discovery of new opportunities.
A positive attitude . . . … (6 comments)

sales: Who Will Tell You the Truth - 11/15/14 09:57 PM
Who Will Tell You the Truth
“There are only two people who can tell you the truth about
yourself – an enemy who has lost there temper and a
friend who loves you dearly.”
Antisthenes 445 BC – 365 BC, Greek Philosopher
and  pupil of Socrates
As I see it . . . . . . .
Who will tell you the truth
There are two people that will tell you the truth . . . . but they come from a very prospective.
You enemy will speak the truth . . . … (14 comments)

sales: Your Future Holds Unlimited Potential . . . . - 11/15/14 05:33 PM
Your Future Holds Unlimited Potential . . . .
“The future has several names. For the weak, it is
the impossible. For the Fainthearted
and valiant, it is the ideal.”
Victor Hugo 1802 – 1885, French Poet, Novelist,
and Dramatist
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Your future holds unlimited potential . . . .
The future holds unlimited potential . . . . for those who believe that it does.
The person that believes in themselves . . . . Holds the keys in their hands to open the … (3 comments)

sales: Personal Responsibility - 11/15/14 03:08 AM
Personal Responsibility
“Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from
happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward
the inevitable misfortunes that darken life.
Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines
my character and the quality of my life.
I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized
by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise
from pain and treasure the most precious
gift I have – life itself.”
Walter Anderson, American Painter   
As I see it. . . . … (40 comments)

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