Historical 30 yr Rates Interesting chart from Freddie Mac shows historical 30 yr mortgage loan rates since 1971 - For those of you that think rates are high this might help with some perspective - note Fall of 1982 and Winter of 1982
Make your home investmentWork for you. Home123 helps renters become homeowners with:•§         Low and no down payment loans•§         Loans for every qualified borrower•§         Straight talk about the home buying process•§         Competitive rates•§         A fast streamlined process•§       ...
   WHAT CAN ANINTEREST-ONLYMORTGAGE DO FOR YOUR CLIENTS?  An interest-only mortgage has many benefits that borrowers are looking for including: Lower Payments - The monthly payment may be interest only (not principal) for the first 3, 5 or 10 years affording customers the flexibility to control t...
01/26/2007                                                             "You Can't buy a Dollar for 99 Cents" By Anonymous Many of us make the age old mistake of thinking we can "get something for nothing". We all want the very best mortgage refinance d...
So what does it take to find a good foreclosed property with potential to make money? Well, I can answer that. A lot of research must be done about the area:     - How fast the area is developing    - What is the average property sale time in the area    - Is there new construction?    - Schools,...
There are hundreds of other professions out there, but why go in to the mortgage indutry? Why stay in it? Well, every mortgage professional has his/her own reasons. I will tell you mine. I love this industry because there is so much potential, so many ways to grow and make a lot of money. Money i...

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