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A jewelry store here in Lubbock is offering "buy a ring...get a gun."  Only in Lubbock, right?  You still have to pass a background check of course.  The ring has to cost more than$2900.00, and this promotion is leading into hunting season.  The store owner says it is really an offer...but just k...
I am determined to conclude this series and will wrap it up with 4 for the price of 1!  Read on about an article from the Wall Street Journal that suggested there were 10 things your Real Estate Agent would not tell you. #7 -  "I don't know anything about this neighborhood." It is best to have an...
A recent article put forth a list of things real estate agents might not share with their clients.  Number 6 says that agents won't tell you that another agent will make you more money.  It suggests that agents who over price a home just to get a listing can end up costing the home owner money an...
A recent article suggested that young home buyers do not want an old house.   The focus of item #5 was that young buyers don't want to buy a fixer upper - that you should make improvements before you sell.  And they prefer not to have dated I do occasionally find a buyer (age doesn't matter much ...
#4 - Your home isn't worth as much as you think.  The author suggests agents won't tell you your home is worth less than you think.  It is TRUE that some seller's think their home is their castle and let emotion cloud their pricing decision.  Some home owners want to price their home based on how...
3.  Real estate agent commissions aren’t set in stone. Let me just say this is…true!   It is also true that some real estate agents will never (never say never?) or rarely discount their commissions.   I know some agents who do, some who won’t, and seller beware because the old adage “you get wha...
Here is the second blog in this series!  (2)  “You might never get the chance to buy your dream house” This recent article proposes that homes for sale are kept off the MLS by REALTORS, cheating some buyers out of the opportunity of making an offer on a home.   The term for a home for sale that ...
My husband pointed out an article in Sunday's (3/30/14) Lubbock Avalanche Journal - 10 Things Real-Estate Agents Won't Tell You.  It was published in The Wall Street Journal and I found it to be more educational than critical.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to address each supposition. (1) "I...
  In recent years I have talked to many buyers who want to purchase a home in Lubbock, TX via owner finance (often due to credit problems but not always) and have just completed my second successful Owner Finance transaction.   The reason that there has been so few successful OWNER FINANCE transa...
If you live in the Tech Terrace neighborhood, adjacent to Texas Tech University, you certainly live in one of the most popular Lubbock neighborhoods.  I have been giving frequent updates on the real estate market in Lubbock in general and in Tech Terrace in particular and I've been amazed to see ...

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